Sunday, August 1, 2010

So It's August...

Hello and Happy August. Um..AUGUST? Can someone please tell me where July went? I feel like July was 3 seconds long. It was, second 1: July 4th weekend, second 2: wedding, second 3: honeymoon. Over. August is going to be one giant catch up on life because school starts for teachers the last day of the month. Hopefully I'll be ready by then.

So this weekend as I mentioned, Eric and I headed up to NH with Eric's family. It was a little crazy getting home the day earlier, but the whole family was going up so we had to rally and go. Life = one big rally.

Friday night we celebrated Eric's brother Mike's birthday with one of the famous family cakes...


and obviously the Captain Zoom birthday song, cuz what's a birthday without it?

On Saturday we took the boat out to a place called Loon Sanctuary where you can swim around and stand on rocks...


Apparently it's a family thing to enjoy swimming under the boats (when they are turned off obviously) so I had to participate in that.


I can swim for awhile, but holding my breath, boy do I suck at that.

The boys then did some crazy flips off the boat. In case you haven't noticed, Eric comes from a family of acrobats.


and drinkers...



I love this picture of Josh and Erin. Like me, she's always cold and everyone in Eric's family is always hot haha.


On Saturday night we had a nice fire going outside.



Great weekend, and what's even greater will be my own bed tonight. I'm hoping I can fall asleep before 2:30am!

Don't forget that tomorrow I have a fun announcement, key word being "fun". I know I just got married so "announcement" = pregnancy, but since you all know me so well you know that if I was pregnant now, it would not be fun at all haha, ask me again in 5 years.

How was your weekend? What was your high and low of your weekend?


  1. i had a fabu weekend like you getting to see lots of friends and enjoying the outdoors!

  2. Looks like a great weekend but sounds like you need some time at home to catch up.

    I loved reading all your honeymoon recaps - I am now dying to go to Hawaii!

    Hopefully you get some good sleep tonight.

  3. Looks like a fun weekend! i bet it was nice to spend time with Eric's family and just have fun and not have the wedidng/wedding planning hanging over you. Like you can just be the fun married couple now! :)

  4. Have people started asking you about kids yet? People ask me all the time. I'm just like, "I've only been married for a MONTH!!"

    Your weekend looks fun.

  5. haha you're going to LOVE being asked about having kids every two seconds. and I love how much clothing Erin is wearing

  6. What a fun weekend! We spent the weekend doing more work than play, but we have a fun weekend coming up next weekend.

  7. How much fun was your weekend!? Best part of my weekend was going to NJ to see some friends.

  8. fun weekend!! i love your statement that life is one big ralley. couldnt agree more. and as for July? wait? July who? what happened to that month?!

  9. Awesome weekend! I want to hang out with you.

    p.s. Your honeymoon looked like so much fun. Congratulations again!

  10. Looks like a great weekend!!! I can't wait for the announcement!!! YAY! I love surpises!

  11. What a fun weekend- I love hanging out at the lake :) Can't wait for your announcement!

  12. Your weekend looks SO FUN! It screams SUMMER to me :)

    Can't wait to hear what your FUN announcement is ;)

  13. haha, I never would have guessed the pregnancy thing, ever! But I'm curious as to what it is...

    Glad you had a fun weekend. I love being outdoors! Also, thanks for your foam roller link. Check out who wrote the first comment on the post ;)

  14. I totally hear you on feeling like July just happened in 3 seconds. I'm still recovering too. :-) Maybe we can fit in a meetup in August before I go back to Maine. :-)

  15. July was about 3 seconds long for me too but I'm pretty sure it was the best 3 secs of our lives :) LOL about the pregnancy comment!! Hilarious. Now I must go catch up on my reading so I can get the scoop.