Sunday, August 29, 2010

Twas the Night Before the Last Day of Summer

2 posts on my teaching blog this week, whoa, I'm on a roll!

Run Update

Tomorrow marks the big switch in Eric and my 5k training plan. We will officially start running for distance instead of time. When you do the Couch to 5K plan, you are supposed to choose to do it for either time or distance. However, I decided to switch between the two halfway through so I could make sure I wasn't increasing my running too much too quickly for my knee, but was also ready for the 5k in a few weeks!

Yesterday Eric and I did a training run outside at the Cape. We couldn't find a track around, so we decided to run on the sidewalk and hope the knees could handle it. We were supposed to do a 5 minute warm up and then 25 minutes of running. When Eric and I run together, I let him keep track of time but I do find myself asking, "how much time has it been?" and "how much longer?" often. We decided to do a there and back route, so the whole way there I kept wondering when it would be time to turn around. However, on the way back I found myself totally calmed because I didn't have to worry about time, I simply had to get back where I started.

After this experience, I started to wonder whether it's better to run for time or distance. I find on the treadmill I almost always run for time, but outside I almost always run for distance (I'm not going to stop running unless I'm home or close). What do you tend to do, run or time or distance? If you don't run, do you bike or elliptical for time or distance?

Birthday Celebrations

Due to the crazyness of summer and wedding relating events, we have been failing to celebrate birthdays in my family. Tonight we did a giant celebration, complete with a turkey, stuffing and this amazing bread and veggie dish my mom made...


I got my own special portion with no cheese...


and my own portion of stuffing, yum...


Then came dessert. Lemon Meringue Pie.


Then came the Happy Birthday songs...

Happy Birthday to Chris...


Happy Birthday to Dad...


Happy Birthday to Jake...


Happy Birthday to Mom...


Happy Birthday to me...


And then we got to eat...


I don't generally tell people I like lemon meringue pie because technically, I don't, unless my mom makes it. Literally never had a lemon meringue pie I liked made by anyone but my mom. Don't even try to convince me otherwise, haha.


So, tomorrow is the last day of summer. Remember my goal to organize/clean my house and car before school starts? I put the last touch on my house today with the pantry.





Yeah pretty shocking.

Hopefully I can fit in car cleaning tomorrow in between a bunch of other errands. I really wish all grocery stores could have the same items for the same prices so I wouldn't feel the need to go to 10. Bah.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. yay birthdays! based on those pictures i'd say you were having a great time!

    and i completely feel you on the grocery store thing. i end up going to every store within a 100 mile radius practically. i think the savings on the food end up being spent on gas haha

  2. I love lemon merengue pie and your mom's looks really good.

    I run for distance always. Not exactly sure why, but I do.

  3. ooooh i love getting something organized. you laid a big smack-down on that pantry! nice work. happy belated birthday, that pie looks amazing! and good luck with the running!

  4. What an awesome gathering! It must be so nice to be able to celebrate with everyone like that! :)

  5. Haha I love you guys celebrating all the birthdays at once! That's awesome!

    The marathon training plan I'm following has me running for distance. But I've heard of ones that have you run for time instead!

  6. I love all the bday celebrations!

  7. Wow awesome job on the organization!! I'm impressed.

    Loving chris' face when blowing out the candle haha, whatt?

    And lastly, I run for distance. It gives me motivation. I find whenever I run for time, I just keep looking at the time being like UGH go faster! But when I run for distance instead of doing checking the time every two seconds, I actually CAN run faster. Also, just in general when I'm on the treadmill I try to cover the time with a towel because looking at my progress makes it go by SO SLOW, this way I just allow myself to space out.

  8. Lemon meringue pie for a birthday celebration?! My dad would LOVE that! In fact, we typically do one keylime pie or carrot cake for him, but he also loves the lemon (I guess he's into the fruit and veggie cakes, I wish he was into fruits and veggies period!).

    It's so nice that you and Eric are training for this run together. I have never been able to workout with Nick because neither of us are runners, and we don't go to the gym together. We do walk sometimes, and I really enjoy that.

  9. About the running... I go for distance. I am a slow runner (I would consider myself and my very short legs to be a jogger, actually), so I just go for length.

    I run about 3 miles once a week-- I'm 6 months pregnant and used to run a couple miles 3x a week... but that's changed!

    If I run for time, I find myself looking at a clock, too. We have running trails around our house and I have to run the complete stretch, otherwise I can't get home! :)

    Good luck on your 5k. I've never ran a professional one because I don't want to pay! Haha!

  10. Mmmm, looks like some great food at the multi-Bday feast!! My Mom makes th ebest lemon meringue too. ;)

    Good luck with BTS!

  11. I run distance because I'm slow and if I run for time I might not cover the distance needed for whatever race I'm working toward

  12. I am so impressed with the organization!

    Love your other blog too! Very cute!

  13. I pretty much always run for distance. Before I started training for races, though, I always ran for time. Now I never do!

    Can't believe your summer is already over!! Where did summer go?

  14. Wow what a transformation to your pantry! I cleaned out all of my kitchen cabinets this month during summer vacation. It feels so good to be organized again.