Saturday, August 7, 2010

In Praise of Facebook

Good morning! Thanks for all of your comments in regard to my name change dilemma. Eric and I have decided that it is this year's version of the August Breakdown (which is basically my stress breakdown before school starts again every year- it always manifests itself in different ways). Still don't know what I'm going to do about it yet, but my current plan is to keep old last name at work for now (already told a class of 20 children including 3 children with autism, not a good idea to switch that up I don't think) and see if it annoys someone with authority enough to let me change my network name/e-mail back. Yes, I am not going down without a fight.

ANYWAY, I had some great pictures to post for you this morning of delicious Hawaiian pineapple oatmeal but I am at the Cape and left my camera cord at home so... we'll have to wait until Monday for that. Instead, let's discuss Facebook. Have you ever noticed that people tend to have very strong opinions about Facebook? Particularly if they don't have it and refuse to get it?



I remember when I first got facebook (over 6 years ago now!) I didn't really get the point of it. Some days...when someone has posted a ridiculous status message that I don't want to know about, I still wonder that. But overall, I'd say I'm a lover of facebook. I love that it is a quick way to say hi to someone or ask them a quick question without necessarily knowing their e-mail address. I love that I can see pictures of the party I was at on Saturday without someone having to send each individual picture out. I love that it is a quick way to invite people to something, or in Eric and my case a quick way to get all of our friend's addresses for wedding invites.



The biggest argument I hear against facebook is that it is an invasion of privacy. People say they talk to everyone they want to talk to and everyone else does not need to know anything about them. To this I say, #1- you choose what to put on facebook. You could put absolutely no information but your name on facebook if you want. I made myself completely unsearchable so that I don't have student's parents trying to friend me (I also keep nothing on facebook that would be a big deal if they did find me!). #2- Do you really talk to everyone you want to talk to? I mean truly? Maybe I just like more people than the average person but I barely have time to talk to my close group of friends on a regular basis. There are people that I went to school with from age 5 to 18 and I like them, I care about them, but I simply don't have time to stay close with every friend I've ever had.

I find this is particularly the case with guy friends I have had over the years, especially those that were attached to my old boyfriends or my friends old boyfriends. We had a blast hanging out for years, we have tons of hilarious stories and memories. But, unfortunately gone are the days of drinking on Tuesday nights (usually) and we don't have as many mutual friends anymore, and maybe someone moved away, etc etc etc. I wouldn't really say we are truly friends anymore. But we were, and so therefore I care what happens to them. I want to know when they get married, and see pictures. I'm curious if they got a great new job that they are really excited about, or graduated from med school. It's not that I want to know so I can gossip with Sarah (okay FINE, we do sometimes gossip about high school people), but also because once upon a time they made sure to include me in their crazy get togethers, and once upon a time I worried if they would get home from the party okay, and it's not that I don't care about them now, it's just that there are not enough hours in the day for all the people I care about now. So that's why I love facebook. It's an easy way to stay "in touch" (aka somewhat aware of) a large group of people.

What are your thoughts on Facebook? Do you have it? If not, why do you not have it? (and by the way, there are awesome reasons out there for not having it, I'm just saying I like it for me)


  1. I have facebook, but i use it way, way, way less than i used to. Sometimes I debate deactivating my profile because I am on it so little... but, it's a great way to share photos of my nephews w/ my siblings & other relatives...

    My biggest annoyance when it comes to Facebook is people and their cryptic statuses..... It's the attention seekers that annoy me. And I guess I am giving them what they want by commenting about their f'ing ridiculous cryptic statuses - but I def do a whole lot of eye rolling when I read people's cryptic statuses...

  2. I am a FB lover- and I do spend time on it. But I am particular about who I friend. If you weren't my friend before fb, you still aren't. The only thing that sucks is when someone constantly posts negativity...I have about 20 people hidden!

  3. I agree with you! This is exactly the reasons why I love facebook, you put my feelings into words! I've had it for just about as long as you. I have a friend (older) who constantly knocked facebook, didn't want her pictures shown to the "world" but has recently joined, and is now asking me to post pictures of a latest event. A 100% change in attitude - which was crazy to see. All the reasons against facebook suddenly dissapeared. Anyways, I've been a fan from the beginning and probably always will be.

    I do NOT know of a cork track on cape. I can't even remember what my high school has (DY). How bad is that? I haven't run on it in about 11 years though. (yea i quit track sophomore year...) My Mom is an avid runner on cape and even she didn't know. sorry i am no help and good luck!

  4. I'm a huge facebook fan although I do keep my profile hidden. Having moved around so much in the last 10 years, facebook lets me keep in touch with those people who are friends, but aren't really a full-email worthy. I wish there were a couple of rules that everyone just knew to follow (passive-agressive status updates aimed at people who are not even on your facebook are annoying and stupid; just because you took 200 pictures in one night does not mean all 200 pictures have to go into the album; if I've ignored your last 18 requests to join farmville and you keep sending them... I'm just going to ignore you completely) but for the most part, the good far outweighs the bad.

  5. I really don't spend all that much time on my Facebook. I go on it for maybe 2-3 minutes a day just to check status updates and comment on some if I need to, but I don't think I'm addicted to it and honestly, I wouldn't die if I deactivated it. It's a great way to keep in contact with people, but sometimes it just annoys me more than not. ;)

  6. I don't spend *as much* time on Facebook as I used to. But I Looooveee stalking people on it! Hehe. Sometimes I go through phases where I just stare at it for HOURS stalking people's photos and status updates and blah blah.

    It's not like I'd die if I deactivated my profile, but I just don't want to! I'm totally with you - a great way to stay in touch with people and see what everyone is up to!

  7. I have a love hate relationship with FAcebook. I just don't find it very fun, but I DO love to look at everyone's pictures! I love that you guys used it to find addresses. Did you just message people and ask them? I don't think addresses are recorded...right?! I've never heard anyone say it's an invasion of privacy. You are right in saying it's only an invasion if you MAKE IT one! That's what I love about facebook. You can be as active or inactive as you please. I am right in the middle.

    Great comics! Those are toooo funny.

  8. I like it. For someone with such a far flung family, it's nice to wake up to see that my sister in law in italy posted some adorable photos of my nephews. Feels like we are all much closer!
    And I will admit I find it hilarious to be able to check out high school "friends" and to see the drama going on in their lives. Soap operas!

  9. Brown was the second school to get on Facebook, and it happened my freshman year, so I've been with it since the beginning, which has been kind of interesting. I think it's a great way to stay in touch and see what people are up to. I try to keep my privacy settings in check though!

  10. I love facebook but I am really interested to know how you made yourself unsearchable??? I actually just went through my list of friends yesterday and deleted some friendships that aren't really friendships. I have rarely ever said no to friend requests, but I have started posting more photos since it's such an easy way to share with friends/family that I do care about so I am realizing that there are certain people I was "friends" with that I didn't really want having access to all those photos and comments between me and other people who I actually keep in touch with. I doubt anyone I removed will actually even realize it and it felt good. I feel like when it first came out I was all about getting as many friends as I could but now that has changed.

    I really love it though as a great way to "stay in touch" with people that I would not actually email or send a formal message to. I can know what they are up to and vice versa.

    PS Thanks for the info about what else you do with The Kissing Hand. I have to check in with my teaching partners, but that sounds like a great first day activity! (is it bad that the thought of Kindergartners and paint kind of makes me cringe??? I will have to get used to it!)


  11. Personally, I love facebook. I think that it's a truly incredible development that makes human connection easier - and I think that connection is beautiful!

    My problem with facebook is my own, however. I think that sometimes is has the power to bring me down at times rather than up. When I'm feeling low, I don't always want to hear about everyone's latest joys. Call me Ms. Negative, but I can't always be happy that you have enough money and time to tour Europe for three months while I'm checking facebook from my phone in a meeting at work. So sometimes I just have to shut it off and remember that I need to stay focused on my own life - including all my own blessings!

    On a lighter note, I love the comics in this post!

  12. I have Facebook, and I love it. I have two sets of uni friends, plus ones from home, and family all over, so I find it really helpful in having time to contact them all.

    The privacy thing is only an issue if you aren't smart enough to make sure you have rigid security settings, and If you decided to put to much information on it. As with my blog, I am VERY careful about what I put of Facebook.

  13. I like Facebook. I'm not as "addicted" as I was in high school or early college, but I definitely think it's a good way to stay connected to someone you may not reach out to otherwise.
    I use it to stay connected and share pictures, but I don't really understand the people that are obsessed with all the weird applications/games facebook offers..