Friday, August 20, 2010

Random Thoughts on Friday

It's going to be a Friday of random thoughts. That's just how my mind is working right now :)

On Tuesday night (wow I haven't blogged in awhile), I got to meet Shannon, Heather, and Morgan at the Whole Foods in Dedham.


We had a lot of fun chatting about everything from being slacker bloggers (though I think I am the biggest slacker this week!), to where we've lived, to babies (don't get any ideas people- Shannon and Morgan are both pregnant, not me!). I'm looking forward to seeing them again sometime soon.

In between Tuesday night and last night, it was all just a lot of tutoring, and attempts to be productive in my classroom though I think the most productive thing I did was bring a ton of laminated stuff home and have Eric help me cut it haha. This week I started with a new tutoring kid and this child is the definition of hilarious. I show up yesterday morning and he let me in and then goes right back to the TV where he is putting together a lego truck and swaying back and forth while singing "the way I like it." It was one of those funny moments but there was NO one around to laugh about it with me, so I just giggled to myself and eventually had to pry him away from his fun to work with me. I'm glad he is so much fun because I had to say goodbye to another of my tutoring kiddos yesterday. She is going to a school now where she'll get tutoring at school so I won't tutor her again until next summer. Two years ago when I had a really tough group of kindergarten kids I'd leave work in a terrible mood, go tutor her and my mood would be totally changed- she's would make me like kids again. But I know she is going to love her new school :)

Last night Eric and I went to the Red Sox game, with our friends Brian and Cassie (Brian is the one who married us).




It was a bad game for sox fans, but obviously we had fun anyways. This weekend is the Jimmy Fund Telethon so they were kick starting it at the game last night. Mark Herzlich, a BC football player, threw out the first pitch.


Mark is a personal hero of mine, not because he's a BC football player (though I like that), but because he beat Ewing Sarcoma (a rare form of bone cancer) and will be back playing football this year. Since my cousin passed away from Ewing Sarcoma less than 2 years ago, I am hoping that Mark is going to use his "fame" to create more awareness for this particular form of cancer, raise more money and hopefully help more people get diagnosed early and survive it.

In other news, Eric and I are in the Boston Globe today!


We were interviewed at Fenway last night about our thoughts on Roger Clemens indictment. I find it hilarious because #1- Eric used the word "bonehead" haha, and #2- They spelled our name wrong twice, and gave us different wrong forms of our last name. Oh well, at least I don't have to worry about putting it on my blog since neither name they gave us is actually our last name at all!

In a few hours Eric and I are leaving for our first trip to the Berkshires (well Eric did football camp there several years ago but I don't think he wants to remember that). We are going to a wedding on top of a mountain, so stay tuned for pictures!

What is everyone up to this weekend?


  1. Too bad about the last name mix-up, but how awesome that you are in the paper!! Glad you had fun at the game.

  2. I am excited to see Mark back on the field this year! I hope he does well (although not against Virginia Tech or Clemson).

    Can't believe they gave you different last names. That's hysterical!!

  3. Ha, that's awesome that you are in the paper... and wow, poor reporting on their part to get your names so wrong! :P

    Tomorrow I am working for a bit, volunteering at a church festival, and then going to a baseball themed 30th bday party which shoudl be fun (it's for my best friend's husband). Then Sunday I am doing an 18 mile training run! Yikes!

  4. I love that you were in the paper. I was thinking funny their last names both start with H and end with Z...they are very similar last names. clearly that's not the case and the person who took your names was the bonehead ;)

  5. Hahahahaha. I am laughing out loud about them spelling your name TOTALLY wrong and also giving you each different last names. That is hilarious.

    Also, it's a good thing you popped up in my reader this morning because I was thinking about you and totally was planning on emailing or bbming you today and being like "did you die or something!?"

  6. Well, you're not as big of a blogger slacker as I've been, so it's all good.
    Love the newspaper story! Hehehe...

  7. Sounds like a fun blogger meet-up! LOL about the appearance in the paper and the miss-spellings!

    This weekend I will be heading back to Fargo, slipping into a better routine, and prepping for school to start!

    BTW, you had asked me what grad class I am taking. This coming semester I am taking Supports Across the Lifespan - which is a special education grad class in regards to Autism. I am working towards my Autism credential which will consist of 12 credits. That is 6 classes total... and I will be taking one class per semester until I am finished. The state of ND has a traineeship program that some teachers can qualify for to continue their education - teachers in a specialized area. They will either give you a certain amount of money depending on whether you are a part-time or full-time student. I chose the part-time student, bc if I were to want the money for fulltime I would have to take at least 3 classes to get my moneys worth and not have to pay a dime! :)

  8. awww yay for being the paper! so cool. you should frame it :) although the sox totally broke my heart last night! very disappointing indeed.

    i was a tutor during college and i think that you are so awesome for being a tutor. it's such a hard job but soooo rewarding :)

  9. It was so great to finally meet you! Can't wait to do it again.

    That's so funny that you made the Boston Globe...and they got your names wrong!

    Have a great time in the Bershires. Looks like a nice weekend ahead :)

  10. hahah this is funny, because now the bloggers STILL don't know your last name.. see it was all a plan by the globe.

    A) I can't believe you're in the globe. That would happen to you when I give you my tickets haha
    B) WT* You saw Mark Herzlich? I'm so jealous. Clearly I made the WRONG choice.

  11. I hope we can all get together again soon!
    So fun that you were in the Globe! Maybe the misspelled name is another option to the name dilemma?

  12. That's so awful! The least they could do is to spell BOTH of your last names the SAME! Even if it's spelled wrong. Pathetic. Either way, great photo, and I LOVE that he said bonehead!

    Have a great time at the wedding. Nick and I are going to one tonight (yeah, Friday, weird). Neither of us are looking forward to it because we both have to work tomorrow :( Oh well, at least there will be cake!

  13. Hahaha! Two last names, so funny. Excellent editors...
    I am going to Newport Winefest today. It's beautiful out!

  14. Haha! Funny quote, even funnier mistakes by the newspaper.