Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 in 2010

A list of my top moments of 2010... in order of time, not importance :)

1. The first time I saw the beautiful Red Rock of Sedona. It was like nothing I have ever seen before, with a small hint of my beloved Australia.



2. Exploring the red rocks. Eric and I took a couple of really cool hikes into the red rocks. We also went on a "Pink Jeep Tour" which was a thrill in itself, though the views made it the most amazing.



3. My Bachelorette Party. My sister and my best friend worked their butts off to give me the best bachelorette party ever. Friends have always been a big deal to me (blew all my money on them in a sixth grade adolescent issues aution, in hindsight I probably should've considered buying myself some more money or at least a career, but hey!) and I've spent a lot of time picking the very best friends I could ever want or need. Therefore, it was a very special moment in my life to have most of my friends in one place.



4. Our Rehearsal Dinner Day and Night. I'm not going to lie, this was definitely a stressful day and I was really nervous all day, mostly about how my stomach was going to handle the next day! However, there were some amazing moments in this day that have to be recognized. The rehearsal dinner itself was just what we wanted; amazing people, amazing view and a gorgeous view of the ocean. Also, we got to listen to Katie's amazing speech (for more details click back to my rehearsal recap) and watch a slideshow created by Tiff of pictures of us. At the end, we got to head to the Welcome Party to see tons of people. Probably my only regret from the wedding is that I did not enjoy this day more because I was just antsy to get to the next day. But you know me, I don't do regrets so life goes on.



5. The Wedding. Well obviously the ceremony and reception were going to be on my top moments of 2010, right?

kelly_eric  0399.jpg

kelly_eric  0902.jpg

6. The Day After the Wedding . I know, I know, enough moments about the wedding already, but I think I might be in the minority when I say the day after the wedding was amazing, so I'm gonna say it. I loved eating breakfast with friends at the hotel, going over to Eric's parents hotel to recap the weekend with them, going back to my parents house to recap the weekend with them, tailgating at our own house so Caroline could take a picture of Eric carrying me over the threshold. Awesome.


7. Swimming with the manta rays. Still 6 months later I can't find the words to describe this experience except for absolutely zen. Ask anyone who knows me, I don't find zen easily- I get impatient in yoga class and getting my nails done and yet, in the cool Hawaiian water with giant manta rays swimming all around, I cared about nothing else in the world.


8. Helicopter and Hike the Volcano. The volcano was definitely the second coolest part of our honeymoon. Between the doors-off helicopter experience and the hike into a volcano, this is definitely one of my top moments of the year.


9. Crossing the 5K finish line with Eric . Obviously it meant a lot to me that my knee allowed me to run again towards the end of this year. But it meant even more that Eric decided to put aside his dislike of running and actually start to enjoy running with me. Wahoo! I'd also like to add all the times that Eric and I walked or ran around the reservoir near our house, beautiful.


10. Gingerbread house making with the kiddos. This was one of those instances where you do something for someone else and it ends up being the best for you as well. Like I always say, in the day to day teaching can be the most annoying, non-rewarding job ever... but once in awhile something happens and you are like, oh yeah- this is why I do this.



There were many other top moments this year, and overall it was a good year :)

What were your top moments this year?


  1. You had such a wonderful year! I hope 2011 is amazing too for you!
    My top moment was meeting my son :)

  2. You had such an amazing year! I would imagine your wedding and honeymoon would make the list a few times. :)

  3. What an amazing year! I like that you included the rehearsal day/dinner & the day after. When I am in a wedding, the rehearsal dinner is one of my fave parts of the weekend because it's a smaller, more intimate group. :)

    Top moments for me were PR'ing my marathon, meeting up with bloggers, road tripping from Vancouver to Portland with Amber, and becoming an aunt to my friends' babies this month. :) And meeting 1 of them (I'll meet the other one in 2 weeks when I am in AZ!).

  4. What a great list. It's my first time here, and wow, you've had quite a year. Wishing you an amazing 2011!

  5. What a great year you had!!! I enjoyed reading your blog all year and am looking forward to more in 2011! :)

  6. 2010 has been awesome, huh!?!? I'm glad you took us along for the ride! :)

    2011 will no doubt be even better!!!!!!!!!

  7. I love that picture of the two of your crossing the finish line, holding hands!! You've had an amazing year Kelly, thanks for sharing your memories with us!
    My best memory of the year was buying this house. It's been a lot of work, but also a lot of fun.

  8. Aww I LOVE this post! Cool idea - I might steal it next week ;)

    My top moments were definitely Europe - so much of Europe it would probably take up half of my top moments haha! Plus running my marathon and graduating university!

  9. I can't believe all of that happened in one year! Can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for you! Hopefully a trip to Philadelphia will be involved...

  10. What a fabulous year for you :)