Thursday, December 2, 2010

Music Randomness- Day 25

It's going to be a quick post, but I didn't want to leave for multiple days in a row when I'm supposed to be blogging every day, oops :)

I started my class last night that I have been dreading. It's definitely not going to be that bad, but it was weird to be back in a class. You know how there is always, "that person" in your classes? You know... the one who talks a lot about things that aren't relevant? Or is just weird in general? Yeah... we have that woman. Why can't these people just stay at home and not take classes?

For the blog challenge today I'm supposed to put my ipod on shuffle and tell you the first 10 songs. I am using my itunes since it's closer, but this is probably a bad idea. You never know what crazy Kindergarten song is going to come up... oh well, here it goes!

Def Leppard- When Love and Hate Collide

Counting Crows- A Long December

Brad Paisley- Wrapped Around

Dr. Jean- Addition Pokey (and that's the first Kindergarten Song!)

Olivia Newton John- Hopelessly Devoted To You

Tim McGraw- Drugs or Jesus (first time I heard this song at a Tim McGraw concert I was like what is going on, but I actually really like it haha- crap now is my blog going to come up on really weird searches?)

Kenny Chesney- I'll Be Home For Christmas

Billy Joel- Uptown Girl

Toby Keith- I Love This Bar

Shaggy- Mr. Boombastic (I mean really, could I end on a better note?)

Wow, I'm not sure that really reflects my actual taste in music at all, but it's pretty random, which I guess in fact does describe my taste in music! But isn't everyone's taste in music pretty random? I love music. I can't sing or play an instrument to save my life, but there is really not much better than music. As some of you mentioned in my post on life lessons the other day, there is music to go with any possible feeling/experience you could have. So good.

Plus I'm kind of a music nut in kindergarten. I have songs for basically everything. My class this year basically will not clean up unless I put on a clean up song, so I downloaded some pretty awesome ones including "The Clean Up Robot."

Anyone want to tell me 10 random songs on their ipod? Come on, spread the randomness!


  1. Ha, I love the randomness of that!

    I'll do the first on my iPod:
    1. This Bitter Pill by Dashboard Confessional
    2. When the Stars Go Blue by Tim McGraw
    3. Dear John by Taylor Swift
    4. Ladies' Choice by Mandy Moore (I've never even listened to this song, I stupidly bought her CD a couple of years ago)
    5. That's why I'm Here by Kenny Chesney

    So 3 of the 5 songs were country ones... Which is so not representative of my music collection but oh well!

  2. 1.Barely breathing by Duncan Sheik
    2. I like it by Enrique Iglesias
    3. Killing me by Sugarcult
    4. Warning signs by Coldplay
    5. Everything by Michael Buble

    hmm that was actually a pretty good sum of all my different tastes.. much better than i thought it would be, except where's country? ..and spice girls.

  3. Love this songs...thanks for sharing's lovely..

  4. If Nick didn't have my i-Pod I would do this (yeah, I am getting him his THIRD ipod for Christmas, he always ends up losing or breaking his...). I love Uptown girl, and trust me, my list would be TOTALLY random too.

    I just started a diabetes class last week and have two of "those people" in my class. Ugh, I always feel bad for the others who paid good money to take the class. They get so annoyed with the talkers!

  5. Such a timely post! On my long run yesterday I marveled at the randomness of my ipod. Here are the first few that came up on mine
    Living in the 60's Still- Sawdoctors (Irish band)
    Touch of Gray- Grateful Dead
    Single Ladies - Beyonce
    Carolina in my Mind- James Taylor
    Teenage Dream- Katy Perry
    Up on the Roof - James Taylor & Carole King
    Leavin on a Jet Plane- John Denver :)
    The Old Black Rum- Great Big Sea

  6. I love uploading music to my ipod. But this time, I would love to save them at my external then if I want something new, I I will just have to upload new ones again. :D