Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Case of the Slow Cars

So I have this job on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I tutor a second grade boy before I go to my "regular" job. I have a love/hate relationship with the situation because it's nice to get it over with so early in the morning (and we all know I am a morning person), but it is a bit of a rushed crazy morning twice a week.

This morning was no exception.

Speed shower. Speed breakfast. Speed lunch cooking. Speed tea making. Speed grabbing of all bags to become bag lady. Speed getting into car.

The car clock reads 6:51. I could've sworn the clock said 6:45 upstairs! Shoot, it takes exactly 10 minutes to get to tutoring. Hopefully if I hit all the lights just right, I can make it there on time.

The car clock reads 6:52. Almost missed the first key green light due to incredibly slow person in front of me. Please let him go straight when I turn right.

The car clock reads 6:53. Obviously he is going the same way as me. Road rage is brewing inside. Why would anyone be out at 6:53 if they don't have anywhere to go? We'll call him "Nowhere To Be."

The car clock reads 6:54. I could rush to get in front of this guy merging in, but why bother, who could go slower than this guy in front of me? We'll call the new guy, "Guy I Let In."

The car clock reads 6:55. Kelly, Kelly, when will you ever learn? "Nowhere to Be" is now speeding ahead but "Guy I Let In" is going below the speed limit. I'm getting very angry. Eric has rubbed off on me.

The car clock reads 6:56. "Nowhere to Go" obviously decided he has somewhere to be, he speeds right through the 4th traffic light while it's still green. I, on the other hand, am stuck behind "Guy I Let In". Man, I stink at aggressive driving. Eric was right.

The car clock reads 6:58. The red light finally turns to green. Let's gun it! Ha, yeah right. "Guy I Let In" is not gunning anything. Let's slowly creep to the next light. Who needs to be on time for tutoring anyways?

The car clock reads 6:59. We are stuck at another red light, but guess who is right in front of us? "No Where To Be" is stuck at the same light. So you do always catch up with them at the next light. My mom was right.

The car clock reads 7:00. Just one quick rotary and I'll be there. Oh! It's a game of let's see how slow we can go in the rotary? Wait a minute, why are we yielding for people coming into the rotary? Hmm, will I ever get to tutoring?

The car clock reads 7:01. Yup, it takes 10 minutes no matter what. Luckily my watch still says 6:59 and the family hasn't opened the door yet. Wahoo, I'm not late.

Another Tuesday has begun.


  1. those morning would stress me out hardcore with all the speeding around. lately i've been rushing to work and i think i'm going to develop an ulcer hahah!

  2. I cannot stand slow moving drivers in themorning or a 5 o clock. UMM HELLOOOOOOO GET MOVING!

  3. Hahaha I HATE people who drive slow, especially when I'm late and I get serious road rage - so I hear ya ;)

  4. hahaha funny story! I hate slow drivers.

    You should share this story with Eric, however, as a lesson in not getting angry at slow people. EVEN WITH the slow person you got there in 10 minutes, the usual time!

  5. hehe, I felt your road rage!! Or, at least "road rage for a girl". I always keep my anger inside, unlike Nick (and apparently Eric) who tends to yell. I tend to ride people's butts when I want them to go faster, which never works. When will I learn?!

  6. Ha, I get road rage, too. I do alot of yelling at people in my car, which is so juvenile, but it's how I cope!

    I am glad you made it on time, though!!

  7. Slow cars drive me BANANAS!!! Here on Cape it's mostly older people...they have all the time in the world!