Sunday, December 19, 2010

Revenge of the Anti-Ugly Sweater Girl

I'm happy to say that I officially got revenge on ugly sweater themes everywhere on Friday afternoon. I managed to come tie for second place in a contest for "most festively dressed" without an ugly sweater at all! (I promise I changed out of this outfit except the uggs before attending a normal 30th birthday party after).


Take that ugly sweater parties. Apparently, a dislike for ugly sweater parties runs in the family. My brother says he'll never understand why we host parties that put pretty girls in ugly sweaters. And if that doesn't rest my case, I don't know what does.

The rest of the weekend was spent mostly on Christmas related tasks. Eric and I stocked up at the grocery store for our Christmas Eve party. While Eric started some of the cooking, I wrapped the rest of the presents.


Today, I finally used this baby for the first time...


I was a little scared at first, but using the mixer wasn't nearly as scary as my kitchen looked after the baking experiment...


And by baking experiment, I mean Mama Pea's Dough Balls. Eric calls them "Hippie Cookies" because they are vegan (well, except the ones with milk chocolate chips in them haha). Whatever you want to call them, they are amazing and I only care that they are vegan because that means they don't have eggs, and no eggs = safe to eat the dough. Not that it matters because they taste like you ARE eating the dough anyways. Sadly, my stomach does not agree with my enjoyment of these cookies, but I'm glad others will enjoy them.

I packaged them all (well not all...) up for the office/custodial staff at my work.


I didn't really grocery shop this week for much other than the party, so I had to get a bit creative for my lunch...


Yup, that's 2/3 of a pizza dough I had leftover from last week + some random veggies/beans also leftover + a sprinkle of leftover mooshi chicken from Chinese dinner last night. Interesting combo I know, but I plan to make random meals like this all week as part of operation use all food in the house before Florida + save money because Christmas is seriously cutting into my trip fund and/or bill paying fund, whichever comes first :)

In other news, it's officially engagement season again (Eric and I got engaged 2 years ago today!). Last weekend my cousin Kristen got engaged and yesterday Eric's good friend Dave got engaged. I'm so excited about all our weddings for next year and really hoping somehow they can all be different days! Engagements seem to come in my life in threes, so I'm wondering who is next out there...

Finally, I spent a lot of time this weekend scanning some of my old pictures into my computer... two photo albums worth. It's a very time consuming process but at least I can bake, cook and wrap at the same time. Let's just say I may have engaged in ugly adorable Christmas sweaters as a child...


Well, that and cute Christmas dresses...




How was your weekend? Any festive attire?


  1. Congrats on coming in 2nd! Love the outfit!

    Sounds like a fun and productive weekend! Love the improvising w/ the leftovers on your pizza - very creative!!

    We stayed in on Friday night and cooked dinner, which was yummy. Saturday I got dressed up in an actual dress and we went to a friend's 30th/Christmas party which was a lot of fun!

  2. The dough balls are my favourite thing EVER! Ever! So yummy. I have already made them three times and they were a HUGE hit at the yoga Christmas party last night :)

    I like your outfit! Especially your white sweater dress!

  3. i LOVE that festive outfit. i wish i had a party to go to because i want to get all festive now. i don't mind ugly sweater parties because i like to think that my beauty can shine through an ugly sweater ;)

  4. You have sparkly Uggs? That's awesome.

    I was the same way with my mixer. I didn't use it for like 3 months and now I use it all the time. So much easier than mixing by hand.

  5. Your outfit rocks!!!!! Way to NON conform :) LOVE IT!

  6. Aww, I love seeing younger Kelly pictures!! You were so adorable with your head of curls :) My mom always kept my curly hair short, so I looked like a boy.

    I had to help my co-worker pick out an ugly sweater yesterday, for a party. I definitely thought of you! Your festive outfit looks much, much better.

  7. I miss wearing those pretty dresses for Christmas! :-(
    And how could you just now be getting around to using your mixer?!?!? Please tell me you got it recently... I'm addicted to mine.

  8. Those Uggs? Amazing. I definitely miss Christmas dresses! My mom used to make us Christmas pajamas too...

  9. GREAT outfit for the party! Although I love your little kid pics too. So cute!

    I ha da very festive weekend... including an 18K run dressed up in costume! Pics to come on the blog.