Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snapshots of Florida

I always love vacations because I have a lot of time to blog compared to normal work weeks where I'm lucky if I check my e-mail at all before 5pm. However, I don't have a ton to blog about on this vacation, it's been mainly relaxing. Have I mentioned I don't miss one single thing about snow, cold weather or work at all... vacations really need to be longer.

Some Delicious Eats:

miso glazed pacific black cod with brown fried rice, edamame ragout, pea and mint emulsion


seared yellowtail snapper with pumpkin ravioli, sweet corn puree, and crispy sage


Some awesome Christmas decorations (I have an obsession with Christmas decorations in warm places):




Outdoor heaters are nice too... cuz obviously I need a fleece jacket in Florida


But I promise it really is Florida:




We've basically been doing a lot of relaxing... the boys have been playing golf, the girls have been reading, going to the gym and playing tennis. Last night we took the whole family to Cirque du Soleil, Kooza in Miami. That was Eric and my present to everyone and I think it worked out well. Everyone loved the show, and it was really crazy to watch. If you haven't been to Cirque du Soleil show you really should... honestly nothing can compare to the ridiculous stunts they can pull off. I'd love to show you one but the "anti camera" people inside the tent took their jobs very seriously, there was no hope of me getting a picture. So, you'll have to go yourself. You won't regret it.

I'm off to a yoga class at our hotel. I'm a little nervous because I usually don't like anything but my studio at home, but I'll let you know.

How is everyone's week going? Do you prefer relaxing vacations or sightseeing vacations? Have you ever seen Cirque du Soleil?


  1. That's awesome that it's been a relaxing vacation thus far! I hope it warms up a bit, but I suppose anything is better than the ridiculous snow/cold you've had in the NE. Yikes.

    I like a blend of sight seeing + relaxing. Well, I say that, but then I tend to sort of over extend myself on vacations... I really do not want to do that when I go to Paris. I want that trip to be a good blend of sight seeing + reading/relaxing in cafes, etc.

  2. I love that your present to the family was going to Cirque du Soleil! Very cool!

    I'm also glad that your trip has been relaxing so far. Like Lisa said above, I enjoy doing things/being busy some days on vacation but also getting lots of relaxing in. Yesterday I had a bunch of plans so today I am just laying low and relaxing!

  3. Your making me wish I was on vaction right now! :-P Glad you're getting in some hard earned relaxing time. Relax for me to, ok?

  4. i want to go on vacay now! yay for relaxing. i want that too ;)

  5. I always like to think that I like relaxing vacations, but I start to get antsy and need to DO things!