Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Optimism

It's already Monday again and all I can say is, is it vacation yet? Sometimes I feel like people might actually be conspiring to get me to quit my job. And no, I don't mean the kids. Though I did have to spend an hour long meeting this afternoon entering data into a spreadsheet (yes massive waste of time I am aware) and realized you couldn't pay me enough to do that all day. Enough about that... let's get optimistic...

Anyway, it's been awhile since I discussed my old favorite subject: weddings!

Guess what? My cousin Kristen got engaged this weekend!!!!! Whoa hoooo! I'm 1000 million times excited for Kristen, and also a very excited for another family wedding one in which I am not the bride. She's getting married next September a few weeks after Eric's cousin's wedding so wedding season is beginning again, wahoo!!!! So yes, the days of my declaration, "I hate weddings!" are over.

In other good news, I stole these fun Christmas questions from Katie. Feel free to answer a few in the comments :)

Wrapping paper or gift bags? I like the ease of gift bags, but wrapping paper is more fun to open. I'm a terrible wrapper though. I used to work at a chocolate store in high school and I would dread when people wanted gift wrapping!

Real tree or artificial? I've always had a real tree and I don't think I could ever go fake. But to be honest there is no way I'll ever have to make this decision because Eric would probably die before ever having a fake tree.

When do you put up the tree? As early as reasonably possible :)

When do you take the tree down? Eric and I tend to take it down on Christmas night, which is kind of sad but we go away right after Christmas so it makes more sense to take it down.

Do you like eggnog? Not a big eggnog fan, but I make up for it in my Christmas obsession with peppermint.

Favorite gift received as a child? Hmm, so many great gifts to choose from. My Stephy cabbage patch kid that I received at my first Christmas (right?) was a great one. I also loved my dollhouse and any American Girl doll/accessories. Hmm, this makes me sound extremely girly.

Hardest person to buy for? I think Eric is hard to buy for. He says this is an insult, but I don't mean it that way :) I also think my parents are kinda hard to shop for as well.

Do you have a nativity scene? No I don't, but I tell lie and tell someone I do last week... don't ask, being a teacher is a weird job I'm telling you.

Mail or email Christmas cards? I mail mine, but that's cuz I'm on a personal mission to revive snail mail!

Favorite Christmas movie? Love Actually

When do you start shopping for Christmas? It really depends on the year. This year I started shopping/researching around Thanksgiving.

Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? I haven't really recycled, but I will sometimes give people presents I was given if I think they will enjoy them more, but I'm honest about the fact that it was a gift.

Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Totally agree with Katie on this one, HONEY BAKED HAM!

Lights on the tree (colored or clear)? Colors

Favorite Christmas song? Mele Kalikimaka is my all time favorite. I also love "All I Want For Christmas Is You" and the Irish version of "Christmas in Killarney." I also love the Kenny Chesney Christmas cd especially, "Thank God for Kids"

Travel at Christmas or stay home? I've always been home at Christmas, but my top priority is to be with the people I love, wherever that is (WOW this is getting corny).

Can you name all of Santa's reindeer? Haha yes I can!

Angel, star, or ribbon at the top of the tree? We have an angel at the moment and for as long as I can remember the top at my parents house was my toilet paper roll Angel from 1st grade CCD, so I guess angel it is!

Open present Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? I think 1 on Christmas Eve, the rest on Christmas morning. You need a little tease. Pretty sure I was responsible for starting that tradition... patience = not my strong suit

Favorite children's Christmas song? Hmm... which songs are for kids?

Most annoying thing about this time of year? Traffic near any stores, finding a parking space, crowded stores, the fact that the mall takes so long to start holiday hours- the mall still not opening til 10 am in mid December is ridiculous to me.

Favorite ornament theme or color? Any ornament with meaning/memories behind it.

Turkey or ham on Christmas day? Ham

What do you want for Christmas this year? Quality time with amazing people... and trips, I love trips.

Does anyone in your family dress up as Santa? I think Pops used to... or did I make that up in my mind?

Age you discovered who Santa was? who's Santa?

Egg nog, hot chocolate, or apple cider? peppermint hot chocolate?

Traditional colors (red & green) or other colors? red, green gold and silver are all Christmas colors to me

Do you have any Christmas decorations on your roof? no... and that is okay

How does Santa get into your house? Chimney or magic key? Yeah so for some reason this year it occurred to me that Eric and I don't have a chimney! I consulted with the experts (aka children) and they said Santa can come in the front door if I don't have a chimney. Few!!!

Do you prefer gifts or gift cards? I like both... it's always nice to shop after Christmas. I used to get a lot of gift cards from families at work... but who knows this year since they encouraging parents to donate to the school instead of giving us gifts... yeah... I have nothing to say about this.

Favorite children's Christmas cartoon? I think probably The Grinch. I put the Grinch on my tutoring game for this morning and the little boy kept singing "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch" throughout the game. It was a pretty awesome way to start a Monday morning.


  1. hahahh love this :) i might steal it right before christmas :)

    and i mail christmas cards because i love snail mail too!

  2. This was a fun one! I wish I could try having a real tree but they are banned by my condo association. :( Fun haters.

  3. I have always wanted a real tree! Maybe next year :) I love this litte Holiday Quiz! Hope you have a fabulous week!

  4. Yay! I loved reading your answers. I love everything about Christmas and I want to fast forward to Friday night!!!

  5. I agree, one present on Christmas Eve, for sure! Nick and I always do that.
    It is sad that you take your tree down so early :( But, it makes sense. Heck, ours is already drying out and leaving little needles EVERYWHERE. Ugh.

    Nick and I were just talking about the movie Love Actually. That Christmas song by John Lennon (sung by Melissa Etheridge) is in it, and it's our favorite Christmas song!

  6. I've been stockpiling cards all year and am joining you in your quest to revive snail mail as my 2011 New Years Resolution.

  7. Absolutely HUGE fan of the movie Love Actually!!! It's a great soundtrack too! And I am a snail mail girl! I send notes to my nieces on their own stationary so they can still get mail. My cards were mailed out on the day before Thanksgiving....a little obsessive yes!

  8. ahhaha I almost died when I read about the toilet paper roll angel at the top of our tree. I'm not sure if it's there yet this year (because mom decorated) but I will be sure to get it there. I'm pretty sure I'm the reason it gets up there every year. Love. it.

    Also love that santa can still visit you! thank god!

    I'll be doing this on my own blog when i go home hehe


  9. Hahahaha "I think Eric would die before having a fake tree"

    Oh I love you guys!

  10. ohh those are way fun questions! i may not feel like christmas is here but I sure do love it and you made me think of all kinds of good things!

  11. Great answers! I'm new to your blog, but it seems really nice<3 I'm a huge Love Actually fan, I actually know most of it by heart. Such a great movie!

    Kind wishes,