Sunday, December 5, 2010

Productive Weekend- Day 26

Good morning!

It's been a few days :) On Thursday night we celebrated Eric's mom's birthday...


Too bad her oldest son is a bit of a brat... he got his mom trick candles :)


And notice how happy Eric is about it. Haha. Don't worry though, we did get her the Captain Zoom Cheryl song, so she didn't have to miss out on her favorite birthday song :)

This weekend began with some delicious apple crisp...


and continued to with beautiful Christmas decorations everywhere we went...



Last night for dinner we went to Dante, which is a delicious Italian restaurant in the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge. I love hotel Christmas decorations...



If you live in the Boston area and haven't been to Dante you should. The food is amazing and the view into Boston over the Charles River really cannot be beat. Unfortunately I did try to take a picture but it didn't really work with all the lights and the glass :)

Anyway, the rest of the weekend so far was spent Christmas shopping. Yesterday I got Eric's present, some books for the boy I tutor, presents for my classroom assistants and I ordered the "event gift" for my family. Eric and I also did some serious wrapping last night. Most of what I have left to do is finish organizing our present for Eric's family, stocking stuffers for Eric and that's about it. I started early this year and the event gifts thing definitely makes things easier. I don't think it was necessarily a money saver, but it takes a lot less time (time is money right?) and I think they will remember the present for longer because it's going to be a memory instead of another thing. I hope so anyways!

Speaking of family, day 26 of the blog challenge is supposed to be a picture of my family... this may sound simple but apparently it's more complicated than I thought. On Friday I was starting my Family Traditions journal with my kiddos and on the first page the kids were supposed to draw a picture of their family. I wanted to show them a model but I also wanted it to go quick because they had already been sitting for awhile and with kindergartners, the less sitting the better. So I drew a really fast picture of me and Eric and I said, "ok that's my family!" Silly me I thought I could get away with drawing what is now just my immediate family. Wrong! All of a sudden my child with autism starts yelling, "JAKE! JAKE! WHAT ABOUT JAKE! DON'T FORGET JAKE!" haha, so I had to add my mom, dad, sister and brother before he would be satisfied. Fortunately he did not think of Eric's family that is also my family or we would've been there all day with me trying to draw everyone in the tiny box! So, my student approved family pictures:

Family 1:

kelly_eric  0178.jpg

Family 2:


Family 3:


Hopefully I didn't forget anyone or I will face the wrath of the 6 year old :)

Now I must go clean my house and then head to yoga & lunch with the birthday girl (actually her birthday was technically yesterday but why not get a whole weekend of fun?)

As I ask my students every Monday morning, what was the BEST thing you did this weekend?


  1. Well the weekend's not over yet! ;) But I was pretty psyched with how my bread turned out yesterday and am looking forward to a day off tomorrow.

  2. I love the Captain Zoom birthday song!

    Sadly, the best thing I did all weekend (although as Erin pointed out is not over), was clean our apartment. It was so gross and needed a good cleaning. Clean makes me happy!

  3. I think it's GREAT that you have so many little families :)

    I consider my immediate family to be my mom, brother, dad, aunt and her daughters and my grandma since they all live in FSJ and we all spend a lot of time together - have big family dinners etc. - when I'm up there!

  4. Psh. Clearly I need to come and visit your classroom because they forgot about ME!
    haha just kidding. yayy family : )

  5. I really need to get my butt in gear with Xmas shopping!

  6. I LOVE that picture of Eric and his mom! Hilarious.

  7. Aww, that kid was right, you gotta draw your whole family!! hehe, I would have tried to get away with drawing as little as possible too :) I can't draw!

    Your Christmas tree looks great. Nick and I did ours last night and we had to use colored lights because our white lights were on white wire, which I HATE! It looks good though, I'm happy.

    I started wrapping last night too. I'm so ahead this year, yet I feel so behind still!! It's crazy. I have 7 pepperoni breads to make and a bit more shopping to do, and of course WORK has to fit in there....I'm off today though!

  8. We saw some gorgeous Christmas decorations this weekend, too, but I stupidly did not take any pictures! I was bad about that and didn't take a single picture this weekend! Oops!

    You are so on track w/ Chrsitmas! Wowsers!! I bought a couple of gifts last Thursday but that's it.

    It's tough to pick my fave thing I did this weekend... but I think I have to say dinner on Saturday night. We went to this great Spanish Tapas place that was SO good. :)