Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Workout Motivation

Every time I read a magazine it seems there is someone recommending working out with friends. I have had some great work out buddies over the years including Tiff, Timna and basically all of my college roommates. However, to consistently end up at the gym I have had to be a lot more independent about my work out schedule. Don't get me wrong, I love working out with my friends but we are busy people and if we went by both of our schedules- we'd never work out again!

However, this year I have gotten a lot more into the work out buddy system. It began this summer when me and a friend from work started attending Spinning class on Monday night. Another friend from work joined us and now three of us go every Monday night at 6:20. With the way my Monday's go, I usually don't have time to go home before that class and I have been gone from the house for at least 12 hours by that point. I can safely say since the school year began I NEVER would've attended that class without these girls. I am pretty sure that none of us are really DYING to go to that class on Monday nights but we all go because no one wants to be the "one" who didn't go. It's perfect. Monday always used to be my rest day because I could never get myself up early to work out, or motivate myself to do it in the afternoon. Rest day no more. One of those spinning buds and I also signed up for the kettlebell class on Wednesdays. I never would've thought of taking that without a little pushing either. Since I had to pay for that class it motivates me to go a little more, but it certainly wouldn't be as fun without a Workout Buddy!
Do you guys have workout buddies? Do you prefer working out alone or with friends?

Another big workout motivator for me is the workout playlist. Knowing I have great music to listen to can motivate me to do basically anything. During the triathlon we were not allowed to have ipods and I was REALLY missing it during the running portion. There was a girl who happened to be running in the middle of the tri, but wasn't in it. She had an ipod and I seriously considered stealing it. If I thought I woudn't get disqualified I definitely would've done it. My awesome sister helped me create an awesome playlist this afternoon that I am looking forward to using during my next work out. Here is my newest playlist:

There are a few songs I don't know, but I think that's even more fun because it will take longer for me to get sick of them! I have kettlebell tomorrow, but I am hoping this will be my motivator on Thursday! It's showing up small on my computer but if you can't see the song names, click on it and it will open bigger. Sorry about that technical glitch.

Okay, I must be going- I have a meeting with my running coach tonight! Does that make me sound like a serious athlete? Anyway, really its just a free consultation with a running coach to see if they can fix my knee. Can you tell I am one of those people who does not give up until I find a solution?

Oh and finally- thanks for the positive comments yesterday! I have not been officially diagnosed with Celiac, I just *may* have it, and hopefully don't. I think it's going to be a little bit until I know anything so I will keep you updated, but in the meantime we are going to talk about more fun stuff :)


  1. I am jealous you have workout buddies. Besides Husband, I don't have any. None of my friends are interested in working out. It is one area of my working out life that is sad.

  2. I think having people to meet at the gym would definitely keep my @$$ in gear.

    Good luck with the coach consult!

  3. You know, I really love having a workout partner. However, I also like my "alone" time when going to blow off some frustration. But, when it comes to trying new things, it's fun to do with others!

  4. I haven't had a workout buddy for a long-time! WELL, unless you count my running groups, which I do guess kind of count! Haha

    I used to work out with a girlfriend in high school, and one of my roommates would go to the gym with me my second year of college. But I've been working out solo for the last year or so. I kind of want a workout buddy though, it's definitely more motivating!

  5. I am good with working out on my own but having one definitely makes me push myself harder and go all the time!

  6. Regarding the celiac, it may be helpful for you to go on a low gluten diet, even if you don't have celiac. I know it helps me with my bloating, very much.

    I love your idea of having a buddy when you workout. I think that can work in a positive way, or a negative way. In college I used to go with my roomies to the gym and they would talk the whole time (not good). But if you go with someone who is serious about working out, it's tremendous help and motivation!

  7. love having a running and a triathlon group, people to train together with. I'm also a lot like you in the fact that i don't give up and always need to find the answer... or resolution. good luck with the coach and the knee!

  8. I am a solo gym goer. But I don't have anyone to go with either. I guess I have just gotten used to motivating myself.

    I'm sorry the doctor didn't have a definite answer for you today. I think waiting is the hardest part. You need to be eating gluten in order for the tests to show whether or not you have Celiac. But if you have already had the tests, you might try going gluten free for a bit, just to see if you feel better. If you consistently feel better, then whether you have Celiac or not, you will know whether gluten is causing you problems. (You can have a gluten sensitivity and not have Celiac). Anyway, that's what I am doing now...trying out gluten free to see if it helps. So far, so good.

  9. I am so terrified of having a workout/running buddy besides my husband. I'm extremely picky and strict with working out--and feel that it would turn into a disaster! Which is sad--b/c the IDEA of having a workout buddy sounds like so much fun!!!