Friday, September 18, 2009

Mood= Happy!

One full week of five year olds has left me completely exhausted but I am also SO happy and here is why:

  • It is Friday!
  • My engagement party is TOMORROW woooo! (yes I did get engaged about 10 months ago...but we are still going to celebrate).
  • Cristina is here from NY!
  • Caroline is running her first 5k tomorrow (unless you count the fact that she ran a 5k at the end of our sprint triathlon, hmm)!
  • I absolutely LOVE my kiddos this year. Sure, there are a few minor annoyances, but they are also incredibly adorable and listen MUCH more than my kids from last year ever did. Hopefully this will continue, I don't want to jinx it.
  • Eric has Sunday OFF from football- whoa hoo!!! I figured I must still have a fiance still we are having an engagement party tomorrow but I certainly don't see him too often.
I leave you with an adorable kindergarten quote:

J: Who is that? (points to picture)
me: That's my fiance?
J: What's a fiance?
me: that means the person I am going to marry- will soon be my husband
J: (with an absolutely shocked look), YOU ARE NOT MARRIED YET? I CAN"T BELIEVE IT!

Haha, apparently he thinks I am like 80 and clearly should be married by now. Stay tuned for a recap of Caroline's 5k tomorrow and then a recap of the engagement party on Sunday :)


  1. hahaha kids say the darndest things :)

    have a GREAT party tomorrow, love! Can't wait to hear all the deets :)

  2. aww, doesn't that make you feel young?! Which of course, you are. But I understand the little girl, because every one of my teachers in elementary school was either married or divorced.

    HAve a blast tomorrow at your party! Can't wait to hear about it :)

  3. cute kid!

    have fun at your party tomorrow!

  4. OH my goodness, have an amazing time tomorrow! You deserve it :)

  5. That is funny. Kids are so honest aren't they.

    Have a great time at your party - wich is today and since your on the East coast, probably happening right now. So, I hope your having a good time right now :)

    Hopefully we get to see some pictures.

  6. hahaha. hope your engagement party is going well, you old un-married grandma ;)