Sunday, September 13, 2009

With a Little Help From My Friends

Say what you want about wedding related events: they take over your life, they cost way too much, they force you to hang out with a lot of random people, they aren't what you yourself would choose....and believe me, I have said all of these things (to myself at least), but I always leave them in the BEST mood. Why? Because basically what it is, is a bunch of girls (or guys I'm sure) getting together saying yup, these are not my friends, this is not my choice of activities, this is way more than I can afford but we love this future bride so much that we don't even care for 1 night/1 day/1 weekend because all we care about is that the future bride has one of the best times of her life. What could be better than that? And...for all my complaints, I actually end up having a great time at all of these events, so I don't mean to say I am tortured so good thing I do it for my friends. The whole mood of love for the bride and fun is completely contagious and it ends up being way more fun than I ever expect.

Last night I went out of an old friend's bachelorette. We met in 9th grade, so we have officially been friends for 11 years! I don't think we've ever had a fight in those 11 years either, which is pretty impressive. I can't even ever recall being annoyed with Timna. She is just one of those very flexible, relaxed people who just goes with the flow :) Some the high points of our friendship include suffering through lifeguarding class together, working at Boston Sports Club on Sunday mornings pissing off ever member by eating breakfast behind the desk and talking about our Saturday nights, fun visits in college and one million and one coffee dates at Starbucks in 11 years.

She is not a big "going out" person and there was at least one under 21 in our group. So we went on a Margarita Mystery Cruise. It was a boat in Boston harbor where you basically are part of a murder mystery. To be honest, no one had any idea that the mystery was even going on, but we did eat a nice buffet dinner and dance a lot, so thats all that matters.
This is the girls all ready to go out, dressed in our "tropical" outfits. This is not even everyone, but this is all the girls that went to my high school. I am top row, second from the left.

And a picture of me and Timna with Boston in the background. Of course my hair is blowing in her face haha.

Yes, dearest sister Caroline- that is your dress I am wearing...two can play the "you are at college so therefore everything in your closet is up for grabs" game, mwahahaha. I am just not quite as good at the game as you because I do not live in the house with the closet anymore- but its close enough for a little stealing action.

On an unrelated note, my knee did hurt yesterday after my "running" (aka mostly walking with 5 minutes of running) so I'm not sure if the Couch to 5k will continue (I am not going to get into how ANGRY that makes me right now because I want this to be a happy post). Although, it's back to fine today so I will see how things go. For now I am off to go Shred and do PT exercises. Will have a recap of today's bridal shower tonight.


  1. oh a mystery cruise sounds awesome....i've always wanted to do something like I want to look into it for NY :-)

  2. I love those rare pure genuine friends... definitely shows that quality is much more important than quantity :)

    Enjoy the shower!

  3. hahahahh i love how i'm just reading your blog and then all of a sudden i'm like hey thats my dress, and then i read on : ) i laughed out loud haha

  4. Sounds like a fun time.

    In regards to your knee... I too feel your pain. How frustrating! After reading your previous post about Couch to 5K, I too looked at it thought maybe I could try it.

    If we were in the same area, I would suggest you and I going out for a drink to vent. grrr.

    What kind of PT exercises are you doing? What did your PT say was the cause of your knee issues? I am thinking that I might NOT go back to my PT. I went to him twice, he felt my knee and legs a bit, gave me some exercises and sent me on my way. I wasn't completely satisfied, but it worked for the time being and I thought he knew what he was doing. I think I might end up seeing this chiropractor, to have him look over my whole body. I truely think it could be an ITband issue, but I also think it might be stemming from my hips. who knows.

  5. Great positive attitude! I know what you mean about hating to sort of be forced to hang out with a bunch of people you aren't that great of friends with. The last couple of months I have gone to about four wedding events with Nick and his friends and I usually dread them, only to end up having a ton of fun! It does get expensive though, and there is nothing positive about that. But what goes around comes around, so hopefully you will be very happy with your own wedding adventures, and gifts! You will :)

  6. fun times!

    what kinds of pt exercises are you doing? those really helped me ALOT when my knee was problematic last year, but I also took off a few months of running at the time.

  7. What a fun night!

    Hope the knee is okay.