Saturday, September 19, 2009

Caroline's First 5k!

I woke up SO early this morning because I was just TOO excited about my engagement party tonight to sleep. I am not normally the type of person who likes all the attention to be on me, so I am a bit nervous about making sure I say hi to everyone etc but I am hoping the fact that it is for me AND Eric will help. Plus I have been to so many wedding related events for people lately that I haven't had a lot of time to see my own friends and I have had to make a lot of small talk with people I don't know. I'm excited that I will know every person there tonight! Yay :)

It was okay that I woke up so early though since I was headed to watch Caroline's first official 5k today. I headed over to BC around 8 am and I was reminded how beautiful BC can be on a Saturday morning when most of the students are still asleep. I missed college a little bit. Not as much as I missed RUNNING though, ah!!! Here is everyone getting ready for the race. You can see the gold eagle, GO BC!

As they got started, I turned my stopwatch on so I would know when to look for Caroline at the finish line. I got a very blurry picture of her passing by at the beginning.

She is all the way to the right with the shamrock Boston College shirt, which I want to steal haha. As she headed off I speed walked to the BC Bookstore, aka heaven on earth. The only thing that could make it more heaven is if everything was free. However, I did find a gorgeous and soft BC fleece in bright pink for $20 which I had to buy.

The only thing that was weird is that the size small is like HUGE on me. There was no XS. The only logical explanation I can think of is that they are mens sizes, but really- what guy would wear this? Maybe they make it in black? Still seems girly... But it's incredibly comfortable and it still looks nice even though its a bit large.

I wandered back to the finish line at about 17 minutes and some of the top people were starting to come in. The top girl came in about 19 minutes. Soon later my speedy sister came running in...

She did it in 25 minutes and 25 seconds. Her goal was 26 minutes so WOOOO she beat it! Here she is running in with the timer behind her:

Yay!!! And finally we got a picture of us. And yes I am aware that I look like it is winter. I swear it is not THAT freezing here (yet) but it was a little chilly in the shade this morning.

I am not really sure why this picture is blurry. The good thing is, my new camera has been really blurry lately so I used my old one cuz I was getting annoyed. I guess my old one was blurry too and I just never noticed. The pink camera will be back in action tonight! Speaking of tonight...the dress:

So excited! Stay tuned for tomorrow's post :)


  1. Have fun tonight! Take in the moment and walk around while people are eating. Most people are seated during this time so it makes me much easier to go from different tables/groups.

  2. Wow, 25 minutes! What a GREAT time!!

    Have so much fun at your party tonight!

  3. Great dress!! I really like it, a lot. Congrats to Caroline on her time, and first race :) I can't believe someone ran it in 19 minutes, impressive.

    Have a blast tonight! I am the same way when I am really excited about something the next day, I can never sleep!

  4. That's an awesome 5k time for a first timer. She set the bar high:)

    Have fun tonight. Your going to look amazing in that beautiful dress!

  5. you deserve the attention, girl :) have a great time!