Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dare You To Run

I woke up this morning to absolutely pouring rain and began my usual Saturday morning routine of eating breakfast, catching up on TV shows and reading some blogs. All of a sudden I just had this overwhelming desire to start up running again. My knee has been feeling significantly better (I haven't even been wearing my strap all the time anymore) and I can go for hours without any pain at all. When pain is there, it's almost not even noticeable except that I am paying attention.

I immediately jumped in crazy Kelly mode of looking at 5k races that I could still do this fall, and I did find a few for the last few weeks of October and early November. Plus there are always Thanksgiving day races (although Eric will have a football game I may want to watch as well). I have no idea if I'll really be able to do another 5k this year, but I'd like to ate least TRY to get back into running before the winter. Enter: Couch to 5k. I LOVE this training plan for beginning running, and although I'm not a running beginner I definitely need to start up VERY slow so I do not bother my knee again. And if I do bother it again (even taking it slow), I am going to stop. Because it's not worth it.

Since it's pouring rain outside, I decided to start with the treadmill (plus I think I'll stick to as much treadmill work as possible to help the knees). I broke out my old sheets I had typed up which said when to switch from walking to running. The first week of the Couch to 5k has me warming up for five minutes and then alternating 1 minute jogging with 90 seconds of walking. I have it all typed up before hand because otherwise while I'm running I'll be wondering "what time did I start running?" and "when do I switch again." I taped it back up next to my treadmill.
Up close...
My promise to myself as I start up running again (besides stopping if it hurts) is that I am going to be very serious about foam rolling, stretching and doing all of my PT exercises every other day like I am supposed to be doing. This is no time to be a slacker. I was off to a good start today with foam rolling and stretching and I'll do my PT exercises tomorrow morning (I just did them yesterday).
After I was all foam rolled out, I started up my walk/run combination.
I LOVED doing this. First of all, the beginning of the Couch to 5k goes by so fast because it's only 25 minutes and you are constantly switching from running to walking so I barely had a chance to look at my magazine at all because I was so focused on switching the speed. I did get a chance to watch Samantha's Browns Passport to Great Weekends Chicago that I DVRed. It was fun to watch and it convinced me that I had the most fantastic tour guide on my trip to Chicago last fall..

Ash! She took Eric and I to basically all the same places that Samantha Brown went to. Except, she added our all time favorite Chicago Restaurant, Rosebuds on Rush into the mix. Yum. I want to go back to Chicago now.

Anyway, back to running. My plan for the next week involves a mix of 3 days of running, plus some strength training and other cardio. Hopefully I'll be able to make it through with no knee issues.

Sunday- Shred and PT exercises
Monday- Spinning
Tuesday- Couch to 5k Walk/Run
Wednesday- Kettlebell Class
Thursday- Couch to 5k Walk/Run
Friday- Off
Saturday- Couch to 5k Walk/Run

Tonight I have a Bachelorette party and tomorrow a Bridal Shower (for two different girls, both very good friends of mine from high school). It's going to be a weekend of preparing for tomorrow's shower, going out tonight for the bachelorette and preparing/going to the shower tomorrow. Good thing my master's classes are all over now and I can have weekends like this guilt free :)


  1. Good luck w/the C25K! And the bachelorette party and shower sound like so much fun. I totally know what you mean about being able to enjoy the weekends guilt-free.

  2. Good luck - I hope your knee doesn't give you any trouble. Injuries are so annoying!

    I need to look into getting one of those foam rollers. Everyone raves about them in the blogosphere!

    Have fun w/ all the wedding-related festivities! You sure have alot of friends getting married! Fun!

  3. Sounds like you are in for a fun weekend!

    You may have just inspired me in to doing the C25k! I love the idea of having it all typed out... I may have to do this in preparation.

  4. Good for you!! You're so motivated, that's a great quality. Enjoy your relaxing weekend :) You're gonna be all party-ed out by the end!

  5. I am trying to get back into running too! I got orthodics for my shoes and I think they are making a difference in my form which is good, but I have noticed some pain my knees too which I do NOT like. Maybe it is bc I have been making a huge effort to run *fast* and not like a turtle or maybe my body is just adjusting to my feet moving differently.

    Good luck with adding running back into your routine! I am impressed with your workout schedule given that you are back at work. I was always so unmotivated to work out after working the whole day. I am trying to run about three times a week now too.


  6. I love when I wake up ready to run! It makes everything just seem better. Congrats on a great run.

  7. YAY! Good job on getting back into running - I love those days when I just FEEL like running!!

    I think that taking walking breaks is SUPER important to avoid injury. And I've learned that just because you take walking breaks it doesn't make you any less of a runner! Good luck!!

  8. crazy how the urge to run just hit you like that! Sounds like you've implemented a great training plan :) good luck!

  9. Good luck with C25K! Awesome that you got the urge to run again.

    Great photos. I'd love to see Chicago!

  10. ooooo i want to start really running again too- and i totally printed out that program !!! yay!

  11. Glad to hear you are ready to start up with running again! I wish I was, but I am going to take my time. I might have to follow suit and do some training along the same lines... a run/walk method. I just want to be able to run pain free again!

  12. I definitely have to type up the time/distance calculations in advance when I do any sort of interval work on the tm. Glad you are able to get back into running a little! Slow and steady, keep that knee healthy!!