Thursday, September 24, 2009

End of Year Resolutions?

This morning I got to reading Tall Mom's post about having goals for the last 98 days of this year. I can't believe there are only 98 days left in the year!

2010 will be a big year for me. I am getting married and hopefully going on a fantastic honeymoon to Hawaii! However, 2009 has been huge so far too- I ran my first 5k, did my first sprint triathlon, got my Master's degree and got professional status at my job (tenure). I actually got engaged in 2008 technically, but I certainly have celebrated it in 2009!

Even with all of those accomplishments, there is still a lot more I want to do in 2009 before the year is over. Some of these will depend on outside circumstances, but some I can do if I put my mind to them!

End of Year Goals for 2009

1. I want to run another 5k. I STILL cannot run due to my knee, but I am hoping SOMEHOW I can still do this. If not, I will settle for a bike race of some sort- if there are anymore since racing season in Boston is definitely coming to a close right now.

2. I really want to commit to one week where I will post every single thing I eat in my blog. I would try to post 3 times a day, and include everything I eat for a snack each day. I have never done this before because of time constraints and because I tend to eat the same thing all the time. However, I wouldn't be doing this to show you variety in my diet, but rather to have you guys critique me. I want everyone to tell me what I am missing and I want to encourage myself to try new things. My diet is somewhat limited because of my stomach, but it shouldn't be lacking in nutrients or boring. I also think it may help some others with tummy troubles to get some ideas for meals. I am hoping this week may come in October, but we'll see :)

3. I would love to go somewhere I have never been before. It doesn't even have to be far, or expensive just somewhere I have never been. Any ideas for weekend trips from the Boston area? Maybe we will go to celebrate Eric being done with football (hmm...although it will be December then which could make for cold trips!).

Those are my top 3 goals. What are your goals for the end of '09? What better day to make end of year resolutions than today?


  1. Love love goal 3 and I am GLAD that I could inspire a post.. 98 days truly is not alot.

    MAN You have accomplished so much this year and 2010 will be amazing for you.

    So for Goal 3 you should look at a local map and find the dots on the map, state parks, points of interest, campgrounds, etc. The pick one you haven't been to..

  2. My goals are to learn some German, at least enough to understand a few words of what people are saying and to make my first term of doctoral courses successful so that my university continues to let me do them from Germany.

    Have you ever tried a website like It is a way to log your daily food intake and then you can see calories, fat, etc. It is not super time consuming, especially if you are a meal repeater. You can create meals which takes time to start but then each time you eat that meal you can just click on the meal you set up. I have done that when I really felt like I needed to lose a few pounds. It also gives you a pie chart with your protein/carbs/fat ratio in percentages of total calories.

    It's free to create an account. Worth checking out!


  3. I love this idea of end of year resolutions! I have been thinking about this myself a lot. It started with the Jewish new year (I am not Jewish but have several friends who are) and I thought that now was as good a time as any to make some resolutions.

    I'll probably do a post on this in the next day or so. I have some things I'm working on so I think it will all incorporate nicely. You should be proud of yourself, you're accomplished a lot in 2009! I love reading about how you are achieving these goals, from your first 5K to the sprint triathlon.

    I also understand the issue of posting everything you eat and timing. I have no excuse for not having the time to post pics of all my food but blogger usually freaks out whenever I want to add pics and I'm coming up to my monthly quota on flickr. What do you use to post pics? Do you use an outside host site?

  4. You could go on a skiing trip in December, that would be fun!

    You sure have accomplished a lot in 2009, that's great!!

    I once posted all my food several months ago (I think this was back in March or April on my old blogger blog). Anyways, I got some EXCELLENT feedback from people and even though I THOUGHT most of my food was pretty healthy I found out it actually wasn't - lots of sugar and stuff! Boo

  5. Courtney- I just post the pics on blogger. So far it hasn't gotten too angry with me, but maybe I'm crazy- also my blogger is not letting me link to your blog can you send me a link?

  6. Great idea - not sure why we all think we should only set goals/resolutions on the first day of the year!

    My goals:

    1. Run a 1/2 - will do this on 10/31.

    2. Get to my goal weight - I am 8 pounds away!

    3. Cook at least one meal a week.

  7. My goal is to turn 21 with my super awesome sister!! wooooo 72 days!

  8. I just learned a few things about you, for example, I didn't realize you just got your master's degree this year! I also didn't realize you had decided on Hawaii for your honeymoon. I remember the debate, but I must have missed your decision! That's awesome.

    I love your goals. I don't think I could ever post three times a day, but more power to you! My goals for the end of 09' are to get settled into my new job and really love it! Yep, that's about it, it's a major goal, so I only have one :)

  9. WOAH. I didn't realize there were only 98 days left! Where did the year go??

    You've accomplished a TON in 2009 - AWESOME! I might just make my end of 2009 list this evening :)

  10. What about going to Montreal or Nova Scotia, New Foundland, or PEI? I've always wanted to go there.

  11. someone told me there are only 10 saturdays between now and Christmas. And now you are saying 98 days til the end of the year.

    How has time flown by so quickly?!?

  12. Great post! Wow 98 days left in the year. That is hard to believe. Those are some great accomplishments and many things to look forward to doing.

  13. nice goals! i like #3, though i am a sucker for random trips. surely you can find a sweet deal on a cheap flight out of boston for a weekend! jet blue has "cheeps" on twitter on mondays...

    only 90 days til christmas too! :)