Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Food Memories (and Chia Seed Winner)

Hi all. It's Day 2 of Cape Cod Fun. Today involved a group trip to the gym and some 18 hole Par 3 action. Par 3 is the only kind of golf I tolerate, because otherwise it takes me 10 strokes just to get my ball to the green. Today, like usual, I had my up and down moments- one of my ups was hitting off the tee to...

Sweeeeeet. I'd love to tell you that my normally fantastic putting skills were on target today, but I totally missed that putt. BOO. I guess I can't have it all when it comes to golf. I did get to wear my yoga pants to play today, that brings golf up a few points in my book. Just a few. There is still a long way to go.

On the way home from golfing Eric and I stopped a local country store with all sorts of cute gifts and a fantastic candy section. Seeing the baskets of 5 cent candy brought me back to being a kid at the Cape. We used to come down to the Cape once a summer and stay in a rental house. Biking distance away was a little market place with a candy shop. I used to ride my bike down and get tons of candy. I loved candy when I was younger.

My candy memories could probably go on forever...

-buying Skittles from the vending machine at summer camp
-getting strawberry candies from Market Basket when I went grocery shopping with my mom
-once my babysitter gave me $5 for my birthday? and I decided to buy candy...I was AMAZED at how much candy I could buy with $5 (this proves my mom indeed was monitoring my candy intake and even though I thought I was eating a ton, I really wasn't)
-working at a chocolate store in high school and somehow not gaining 300 pounds (I miss my high school metabolism)
-making Reese's Pieces soup in college made out of a tiny amount of vanilla frozen yogurt and tons of Reese's!

I could go on.
I know that as a kid I ate really well most of the time. My mom always made really nutritious meals for me, and I do remember snacking on grapes and cantaloupe, making tuna sandwiches with half yogurt and half mayo, etc. However, so many of my food related memories involve candy or cake (specifically delicious ice cream cake from Carvel) or lemon meringue pie made on my Dad's birthday or chocolate mouse cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory eaten with friends or my mom's delicious oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips.

What is it about these less healthy foods that provide more lasting memories? Is it that they taste yummier? Is it that we tend to eat them when we are celebrating? (holidays, birthdays etc) Is it that we eat them less frequently?

Think about your food memories, especially those from your childhood. What foods do you remember? Why do you think those specific foods stick out more than others?

By the way, I did not forget my chia seed giveaway (well I did, but only for a second). The winner, according to the random number generator is Lisa from Lisa's Yarns! Lisa, drop me an e-mail with your home address and I'll get you your chia seeds! Can't wait to hear how you use them. Maybe in that cereal for infants? haha.


  1. We used to have a par 3 near us, but it closed. Now that Patrick is learning and I was thinking about learning too I really wish we had something like that around here.

    And I love sweets. Maybe a little too much. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that we celebrate with food.

  2. Cake for my birthday : ) Yum.

  3. oh my childhood is defined by my consumption of candy. Reeses and butterfingers were my fav. Clearly, my love for PB&chocolate hasn't change. For me, I think these foodie memories have resonated with memore because they were always a "treat". If I did well at my basketball game my dad would take me out for a candy bar or some ice cream. If I helped my mom in the grocery store she would buy me a reeses or a slurpee. I think it was the experience rather than the candy itself that made it so memorable!

  4. Kelly, I think I have similar food memories as you. I remember riding my bike or walking to the nearest gas station, titled "Pony Express" the night of a sleep over and buy a couple different things. Sometimes we would get laffy taffy (the big ones), or werthers, or Lik-a-maids. There were also the days that we would stop there after softball or golf practice, grab a hotdog, chips, and small soda for less than a dollar. It was a great treat once a week during the summer months!

    We too grew up in a pretty healthy household - with the occasional treats and I don't think we really had soda in the house until I was in upper elementary/middle school. I sometimes think that I remember these food memories because they didn't happen all that often and were usually tied with friends or things I did on occasion.

  5. My mom always mixed peas with mac & cheese as a way to sneak in veggies. Even today, I can't have mac & cheese without peas mixed in.

  6. I remember not being able to drink soda and sometimes my mom would let me take a can to school as a special treat for lunch. I remember being so excited. I think (similar to how some people see their parents smoking and associate it with being grownup) I always associated drinking soda with being grownup and old enough to make my own choices...hence the Diet Coke love affair I have now...hehe

    I also remember a lot of good comfort food growing up...mac and cheese, chicken pot pie, spaghetti and meatballs. My parents cook and eat a lot better now than they did when I was growing up.

    Enjoy your time off!!!

  7. I definitely loved candy as a kid - My friends and I would make "starburst balls" where you unwrap starburst and roll all the different colors into a ball :)

  8. One of my most vivid memories is going with my Grandpa on Mondays to do his banking and he'd always take me to McDonald's after.

    I think maybe we remember the "junk food" most because it was a special treat, outside of the everyday routine.

  9. We lived in the country but our best friends were city kids. I remember walking to the corner store and getting brown paper bags of candy - popeye 'cigarettes', Pink Elephant popcorn, Big Chew gum...such a vivid memory for me. Probably why I have cavities now....

  10. Ohh, you are good! I am the worst golfer! I think I'd much rather ride around in the cart eating snacks from the club than actual play golf. I guess I just haven't had enough practice? The last time I actually tried I was in high school, and that was EONS ago :)

    I have food memories of both healthy and non-healthy foods. But mostly, I think they are of the non-healthy kind. You bring up a good point about remembering the 'treats' and 'special occasion' foods. Typically, we celebrated with high-sugar cakes, cookies, candy, etc., as well as the greasy fries, pizza and other fried food. But you know what? I'm so glad that my parents let me have those foods. If they kept those things from me, I'd probably crave them even more today. It's all about moderation, right?

  11. Wow, awesome golf shot! That's on my list of things I need to learn how to do. I had a nervous stomach growing up so I wasn't a huge eater but I do remember loving cheddar cheese slices on club crackers with yellow mustard. Weird but oddly delicious, haha.

  12. Yay Lisa!!!! So happy she won!!

    I can't believe you made Reese's soup. I never even THOUGHT of doing that... props!! ;)

    Food memories... I remember dreading my lunches because my mom would literally put one slice of ham between bread and that was it... it was gross and cold!! And I remember going to the market when we lived in France and sometimes getting a little candy :)