Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cranberry Bogs and Easter Bunnies

Sorry about my random disappearance yesterday. I almost never miss a post on weekends when I actually have a bit of time, but I was down the Cape and I forgot my camera cord (does anyone else feel like they could pack an entire bag of chargers and cords for electronics? ugh!) which took the fun out of posting about my weekend. So now I'm home and I can post again- with pictures.

Highlights of the Weekend Included:

Gorgeous 13 mile bike ride with my sister through the cranberry bogs and lakes of the Dennis/Brewster area of the Cape.

I am basically in love with this bike trail so you'll definitely be seeing it again in the near future. Check out this scenery...

On Saturday, Eric and I decided to show Caroline and Chris a favorite spot of ours, the Zooquarium! Yup, that's a cross between a Zoo and an Aquarium haha.

Oh, and did I mention I held an alligator?

Haha, yeah...he's a baby, just the way I like my alligators!

Saturday night was Easter dinner #1. So much delicious food...

My plate:

honey baked ham + mashed potato + stuffed mushrooms + cooked carrots

and some fun Easter decorations...

Today, Eric and I drove home from the Cape to hang out with his family. It began with the Easter Egg hunt...

Eric totally rocked this year and found both of his green eggs before some of the other "kids" found even one. Go Eric! Frankly I am impressed I even managed to take a few pictures during the Easter egg hunt since I was seriously occupied with my Starburst Jelly Beans. Is it just me or are those things addicting?

Post Egg Hunt we went to Bertuccis with Eric's fam. It's basically like 20 of us and we completely take over the place and overwhelm everyone working. Speaking of addicting, Bertuccis rolls also have crack in them. I could EASILY go there and just eat rolls, but since I think that would be rude, I do order some minestrone soup haha.

The only cure for eating 100s of Bertuccis rolls? A nice rollerblade on this 80 degree Easter in Boston. I busted out a nice 5 miles in about 33 minutes...some people can run that fast, but hey, I had some rolls weighing me down :)

Also this weekend while the blog world was a bit quieter I had some time to come up with my April goals. I needed a break from the specific measurable goals, but I also need to be ready for my first dress fitting at the beginning of May, so, my goals for April are:

Slow down. Listen. Stretch. Read.

Slow down refers specifically to slowing down when I'm eating and exercising. Listen refers specifically to my body, knowing when I am full/hungry (specifically when it comes to ice cream), knowing when I need to take a rest day or do some extra foam rolling. Stretch and read are pretty self explanatory, right?

I already read a whole book this weekend, Spooky Little Girl isn't even released yet but I was lucky enough to be sent the advanced copy on a little blog tour~ Thanks Emily! was everyone's weekend? Tell me something great you did :)


  1. Did you know that you can buy the dough for the rolls at Bertucci's for super cheap and you can bake them at home. We did that last Thanksgiving. So good!
    We just hung out around here. Nothing too fancy. You're bike ride looked really nice. I miss my bike!

  2. I love that bike trail too. We usually rent a house in Eastham, so I go on the rail trail more often. The scenery on both trails is so refreshing and gorgeous. Happy Easter!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous scenery! I love the pictures and I'm a big zoo/aquarium person too!

    First dress fitting- how fun! Don't worry too much about being ready- I swear the weight melts off at the end whether you want it to or not!

    Enjoy your week!

  4. That bike trail looks so beautiful!!

    And yes, Bertucci rolls are crack.

  5. Well, I got our laundry caught up and our kitchen is FINALLY put together after we had it remodeled at the end of January. So that made me happy. Oh and I caught up on ALL the blogs that I missed when I was gone. Set up a dinner and a workout schedule for the week and hard boiled eggs for my lunches this week, so I was actually pretty productive. Wish the warm weather would have come with sun besides today when I was busy traveling from one family event to another!

  6. I'm sooo excited to start rollerblading lots this summer! And I think that 5 miles in 33 mins is pretty speedy :P

    LOVE that you held a baby alligator haha, that's so funny. Looks like you have a bit of a death grip on him, LOL.

    And the scenery on that bike trail is so gorgeous!

  7. The picture of Eric Easter egg hunting are WAY too cute!

  8. Looks like a great ride -- so nice being outside again! No more winter, please! :)

    My weekend was fabulous, the highlight being the 20km Tongariro Crossing. Challenging but so worth it.

  9. Great photos - looks like a wonderful weekend!

    The Easter Egg hunt sounds too fun!!

  10. I think not blogging on the weekends is good for most of us, we need a break from the computer.

    i miss having an easter egg hunt!

  11. What a nice trail for bike riding! Im jealous.

    i love your april goals--simple, but they could really make your life so much better ya know?

    The most exciting thing for me this weekend was my boyfriend of 3.5 years telling me Ive gotten prettier over the years :)

  12. Love the photos! I haven't been to that place since I was little. I should go back soon!

    Have a great week!

  13. Is that a local restaurant? Luckily, I haven't experienced these rolls you speak so fondly of. =)

    Gorgeous bike ride!

  14. Love the photos. Looks like you had a great weekend! I forgot my camera this weekend! So so annoyed with myself as I am kind of the 'family photographer'! Oops. Everyone said they'll send me photos so I can do a post when I return to blogging, but we'll see if that happens or not...

    Glad you guys finally got some nice weather!!

  15. ha, when we were training for a marathon we LOVED bertucci´s - we´d eat tons of rolls and salad and then split a small pizza...they probably hated us but we left a good tip :)