Saturday, April 17, 2010

Indian Food and Quinoa Flakes

Good morning all! I don't know why since clearly I do not control the weather, but I feel the need to apologize to everyone visiting Boston this weekend for the weather. It's just yucky, especially for this time of year, rainy and cold. We swear, Boston can be nice :)

I woke up this morning freezing and all I could think about is hot yoga. I was going to go to the hour long class at 11, but I decided to brave the hour and a half class to go earlier. I usually avoid the long classes because of my short attention span, but I know I have to get used to a few long classes each week if I am really going to make it to 31 classes in the month of May. My arms hurt just thinking about it...

I know you guys probably think I live in a food bubble since I confessed to never really trying Mexican food (except chips and salsa) until I was in Arizona. Now I'm going to add to those thoughts because last night was my first try at Indian food. I think I've at least tried most of the major cuisines of the world now, at least I hope.

I was a bit nervous about Indian food because I'm never a fan of the smell of it, but I decided at the very least I hate it and I go to TCBY and have frozen yogurt for dinner (obviously I was hoping this would happen!). Eric and I went to Punjab in Arlington on a recommendation from a 3rd grader I tutor. Don't worry I did double check some adult reviews.

When we walked in, I was shocked at how big the place was. I mean I know this isn't downtown Boston, but still.

We got a nice table at the front of the restaurant with good views for people watching.

It took a little while for our food to come, which I probably wouldn't have noticed except that I never really order appetizers (unless I'm ordering one for a meal) and at places that don't give you bread or soup first, I start to get pretty hungry.

Eric ordered one of the dosas, which is a thin crispy crepe stuffed with spicy mashed potato and some kind of meat. I thought he got the chicken, but I don't exactly remember at the moment and he probably wouldn't appreciate me waking him up to ask :)

I ordered the chicken tikka, which is chicken marinated for 24 hours in low-fat yogurt and "exotic spices" and then cooked in the tandoori oven. It came with dal soup (which is lentil soup with Indian spices)...

Both of our meals came with a side of Naan...

The meal was different than anything I usually eat but I really enjoyed it. The chicken was so flavorful and moist and I loved the Naan dipped in the dal soup. Yum. I think Indian food can go on my list of things I like now, though I think I like Mexican more if anyone wanted to keep track.

This morning I ran out of oatmeal and decided to try something new, quinoa flakes...

I'm a big fan of quinoa so I figured I'd cook it like oatmeal. It needs a bit more water than oatmeal, which they tell you on the box but of course I didn't listen so I had to add some extra in the middle of cooking, oops. This is what it looked like cooked, with some cinnamon and chia seeds...

Then with chopped apple on top...

I really enjoyed the quinoa breakfast actually, probably not as much as I enjoy my oatmeal but definitely nice for a change. Perhaps some of my gluten free friends may want to try this? or everyone?

Alright, I'm off to go run some errands. Eric and I have a weekend filled with social events, and then we are headed to the Cape for April vacation (teacher perk). I know it seems weird to leave Boston when so many exciting things happen around here, but I think when you've been fighting Patriot's Day traffic, and watching people run for 25 years sometimes you just need a little break away from all the crazyness. I do wish a triple good luck to everyone running the marathon on Monday- I know you guys are going to be awesome! I hope the weather is going to be perfect for you :)

What are you all up to this weekend?


  1. sounds like you have a busy weekend planned, have fun! i slept in and am gearing up to go to weight watchers and then the gym. then it's taking out the recycling and going to the grocery store, and then attending to the needs of the house and the yard :) it will be nice, actually. the weather is gorgeous here today. i think there's a chance i'll be a golf-widow this afternoon since it's so pretty out!

  2. I really like Indian food. Sometimes I get the Amy's Organic frozen meals when I am short on time and they are really good. I was nervous to try Indian food for the first time, but I love it! It's so good and it's usually pretty gluten free friendly (except the Naan of course), so it's a good cuisine for me!

    I think Mexican is definitely my favorite, though. Or seafood. Yum.

    I have never seen quinoa flakes! I need to check those out!! Lately i have been eating this cream of rice cereal, which is pretty good. But I always feel a little bit silly eating it because on the side it says how it is great for infants!

    I have a pretty quiet weekend. Just going over to my brother's tonight to grill! Can't wait. The weather is a little cooler here than it has been, but it's still really nice! Hope the weather improves for you! Enjoy your much deserved time off!

  3. I have a friend who is Indian and I was able to sample a LOT of Indian food during her wedding process. (I was a bridesmaid.) Some of it I loved, some I hated. I can't say I'm a big fan of Indian food but I would try it again.

    And Naan? LOVE. IT!

  4. I have never really tried Indian Food either actually (other then from Wok Box, which I don't think counts, ha!) but I have been meaning to check out the Indian restaurant in Kamloops. Apparently it's really good!

    Your meal sounds delish!

    I have more HOT YOGA this weekend, in an hour is my third class, I'm REALLY not in the mood this morning but in the name of the challenge I will go *sigh* Haha

  5. That looks delicious -- I'd have that for breakfast if I could! Love, love, love Indian food.

  6. Hey, can you recommend a good place to park on marathon day?!!

  7. At first I thought the chopped apple was butter! haha...
    And I love Naan. Yum!

  8. OK, honestly Natick is fine! I so don't want to have to fight traffic and drive around forever and never find a parking space. So, please e-mail me at and Natick parking info. and if you know, how far along the marathon course it is. Thanks!!

  9. never mind, I found a great website:
    Thanks for your help!

  10. I only recently tried thai food but now love it!

  11. The restaurant looks nice! Same goes for the food! It's fun to try new places.

    Not too much going on here this weekend. I have family (my god-daughter) in town so I will be spending some time with them and doing a bit of swimming at the hotel. Other than that, a bit of homework and a run tomorrow !:)

  12. your blog just made me hungry...

  13. Great new breakfast idea! Thanks!

  14. though I adore my beloved oats, I'm very tempted to switch it up with Quinoa. I've seen it all over blogworld, but I'm just nervous it won't have the *staying power* of oatmeal.

    Happy Saturday beautiful!

  15. Enjoy your mini-getaway!! I don't blame you for escaping Boston during a crazy crazy weekend!!

    I may have to try the Quinoa for breakfast ordeal! Quinoa is so versatile - I love it!

    Never tried Indian food, but have always wanted to! Your chicken sounds delicious! There is not a great abundance of Indian restaraunts in Tucson, AZ.......Mexican is a better-choice cuisine around here!! I will have to try it some time!!

  16. I have some quinoa flakes...I have tried them yet.

    Have fun on the Cape. I think the weather is supposed to improve.

  17. We had Indian for dinner last night too. Indian is definitely one of my favorite cuisines :)
    I've been looking for quinoa flakes. Where did you get these?
    Oh and boo to this weather!! Hopefully tomorrow will be nicer :D

  18. I'm not gonna blame you for the lack of indian food because i've rarely had it as well! I think it just depends what you grow up with... Chinese food is also something I've VERY rarely had!

  19. I tried hot yoga for the first time this weekend. Amazing! It was sooo challenging but I felt so great afterwards. It seems like my skin has gotten really soft from just that one class. Have you experienced that? It may just be in my head, haha