Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Eats

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Have you ever wrote half a post, decided you don't like it and deleted the whole thing? Haha...cuz I just did. My weekend was crappy but nothing terrible happened so it's really not worth an entire post of whining about it. No one would enjoy reading that right?

"That Guy"

I do have a "that guy" of yoga story though. I went to a yoga class this morning and I open up the door to the studio and BAM a guy has positioned his mat RIGHT next to the door even though the rest of the studio is pretty much open.

I'm recovering from the shock of him being SO unnecessarily close to the door when I realize he is lying on his back with nothing but extremely short shorts on. AND...he put a yoga block under his butt. Can you picture this now?

Yeah, that's right, he is literally thrusting his crotch in the air. Sick.

THEN, he proceeds to do absolutely nothing the class does the entire time. I know that is SOMEWHAT acceptable in yoga but I mean...what is the point of being there if you are literally going to just lie in different positions with your yoga block in different spots? I mean I'm sure it's great meditation time but you could probably turn on your heater at home and do it there for less money, right?

Then, at the end of class he was telling the teacher what a great class it was. I had to really work not to giggle. Some people just crack me up.

Weekend Eats

In other news I tried savory oats tonight for dinner, it was not very photogenic...

1/3 cup of oatmeal
1/4 cup of black beans
scoop of salsa
sprinkled with nutritional yeast

Yeah, not going to lie to you, this is not for me. I didn't even finish it that's how much I didn't like it and I definitely like all the ingredients, just not all together. I guess I am more of a sweet oats girl... or did I do something wrong?

Luckily I had a yummy and nutritious lunch of leftover teriyaki tempeh and roasted sweet and yellow potatoes...

I've mentioned before that I am really trying to eat more veggies since I think that's the one area of healthy eating that I struggle with the most. So far I've been doing really well but my weekend eating leaves something to be desired. Not only do I tend to eat more in general on weekends, but I eat shockingly less veggies. Part of this is that I tend to not eat vegetables at restaurants (I can't do the soaked in butter veggies) and part of it is that I tend to prepare veggies for the week but get to Friday and have enough of it. This weekend I made sure I had baby carrots on hand, and roasted some sweet and yellow potatoes on Saturday that I could reheat throughout the weekend as needed.

How is your eating on the weekends? Do you eat better or worse than during the week?

Tomorrow night I'll be posting about grocery shopping. Hope everyone has a good Monday!


  1. I've tried savory oats, blech, not for me!
    I eat less consistently on weekends. Some days way less, some days way more, some days all veg, some days almost no veg. It's strange, but I figure it all balances out in the end.

  2. I eat fairly well on the weekends, but only because I have weigh-in early Sunday mornings. But Sunday is my "cheat day" so I eat pretty terribly anyway, haha.

    As for fruits/veggies, I do pretty good on getting those in. I think I probably eat more fruit than veggies, even though I like veggies more! Fruit is just easier to transport. ;)

  3. I eat pretty well on the weekends when I don't eat out much. If I have a meal or 2 off, then I do so-so. Today I made a couple of recipes that I could have as leftovers this week. Yum! I am really looking forward to my lunches & dinners this week!

  4. Okay, WEIRD on the yoga man.

    Nice eats for the weekend. I always struggle to keep it clean on Saturday & Sunday. So many temptations, and too much time in the kitchen, not to menton social stuff.

  5. Depends on the weekend, honestly. Usually I have the same eating habits but if I go out with friends to a bar, that changes. Last night, I definitely indulged more than usual (basically ate a second dinner) but it's all in good fun and will balance out.

  6. Oh, I do so much worse on the weekends. It's not pretty atrocious.
    Love the yoga story. :-)

  7. That guy sounds like a freak! Haha. What a waste of money!!!

    I can't bring myself to try savoury oats. I have tried A LOT of random/new foods in the last couple of years thanks to the blog world but savoury oats I just cannot do. LOL

  8. oh my gosh the yoga guy sounds scary :) i usually eat better on weekends because i have more time, as opposed to through the week when sometimes i don't prepare ahead of time very well and end up in drive-throughs...

  9. LOL We had that guy in our yogalaties class. He would always stay in the back and do very little. I thought he was just there to check girls out!

  10. I am better with veges during the week because I back carrots and peppers with my lunch or a mix of cooked veges. I am the same on the weekends--I don't eat as many! Something about going to the fridge in a moment of hunger makes me less likely to pick veges than when that is just what I have packed for myself in advance.

  11. I never tried savory oats- but I think I'd stick with just using grains, like brown rice, in that dish and call it a day :)

  12. That is too funny about that guy!! It's almost like he was trying to get women to look at his giant crotch or something. Some guys are....well...sick like that, in the head. Eww. What a wierdo.

    Your savory oats sounds so delicious. I have yet to try Nutritional Yeast in my oats. I love it on popcorn though so I imagine it would taste great on oats!

    At restaurants I order PLAIN veggies, with nothing on it, steamed. If they don't bring me what I want, I send it back and ask for PLAIN again. I get what I want :) I used to be a waitress so I know the customer is always right! And, there is NOT RESTAURANT that can't make plain veggies. If they say they can't, they are lying.

  13. I was just thinking the same thing about my weekend. It was productive but not a whole lot of fun, so I'm not sure what to write about!

    Sorry the savory oats didn't work for you. I experimented a little before finding something I loved...but I think sweet oats will always be my favorite :)

  14. my nutritionist tried to get my to eat more veggies too so she recommended drinking some v8s.. I have to say, I didn't hate 'em.. didn't hate 'em at all!

    so sorry about the savory oats fail. I definitely prefer a good sweet bowl any day!

    thanks so much again for your LIFT post, girl. It was such a pleasure to read! You and Eric just make me smile so much!

  15. Love that yoga story!

    I love savory oats - so sorry they aren't for you - but I do agree, sweet oats are probably my favorite.

    I have a hard time buying a lot of fruit and veggies because with my work schedule, I never know if I will eat them all...then I will be home and have nothing good to eat...its always a dilemma for me.

  16. Your "that guy" story had me laughing out loud. I really don't know if I'd be able to control myself from giggling if I saw him...

  17. i tried savory oats once, I dont think they were meant for this foodie. I was not a huge fan! I think i prefer my oats SWEET :)

    hahahah THAT guy...i have been there before too!!

  18. "That guy" is gross!!! I usually eat about the same during the weekends, but the wine tasting yesterday kinda ruined my healthy eats.

  19. I used to be the same way and still definitely eat more on the weekend but I always keep some raw washed broccoli in the fridge. So when I get nibbly and want a snack I can grab that instead of something I'll regret later!

  20. "that guy" sounds exactly like "that guy" at my yoga class!!! Seriously what is up with those weirdos????

    He was there at today's class... Someone must've told him something because he was wearing underwear. But seriously when he was lying on his back I could see the full frontal of the underwear... just imagine if he hadn't been wearing any like last time???

  21. I definitely laughed out loud at yoga guy. I think I would've laughed during class too!!