Sunday, April 18, 2010


This weekend kicked my butt. My head hurts, my stomach hurts and I'm ready for bed at 8:02. Pretty scary considering towards the end of May we have two weddings and one rehearsal dinner in one weekend...I need to start training for that weekend!!!

The main events of this weekend were a jack and jill bridal shower + a surprise 30th birthday. Other than that we mainly just ran errands, cleaned, packed and drove to the Cape. Somehow it felt like a ton of stuff.

The 30th birthday party was for one of Eric's friends. I think he was completely surprised which is great, and he was completely appreciative. Obviously he's an awesome kid since he completely filled up a whole house just with friends that wanted to celebrate with him.

Here is Eric and the birthday boy. It's a terrible picture of both of them but oh well...

Looks like Eric has had a few too many beers huh? Yeah, two...that's our limit these days apparently.

The best part of the party was definitely the cake...

Sorry about the weird photo, but Dave's super amazing girlfriend managed to get it from the Cake Boss place. Cake + my tummy are not normally good friends, but frankly I was going to at least taste the Cake Boss cake. First of all, the cake itself was set up to be my favorite. It was yellow cake with white frosting, my favorite- but then just to add a bit of greatness in between the first and second layer was some chocolate frosting. Chocolate and vanilla frosting on one vanilla cake = heaven. Well worth any stomach pain today. It's not just any day that you can eat a famous cake :)

Of course we sung Happy Birthday too, with no cha-cha-chas (this is a big thing in kindergarten, the kids get to choose if they want cha cha cha in their birthday song or no cha cha cha- this makes me classroom assistant nuts as she HATES cha cha pooper!)

Dave was the first of Eric's friends to turn 30 which means there are probably going to be a lot more parties to come...and a lot more of their girlfriends, fiances and wives making fun of them since most of us are a few years away from 30 :) All in good fun though, they are still young at 30!

Today was Eric and my first Jack and Jill bridal shower experience. I was semi looking forward to introducing Eric and his friend who was going with us to the world of watching people open presents, but they did it SO quick at this bridal shower that I don't think they quite got how painful it can be haha. Not too mention that I'm not sure either of them were aware presents were being opened at any point...

They also had wicked cute chairs to sit in haha

And cute favors...

They promised to put their chair covers at their head table at the wedding next month. I hope they do! Especially since I'm going to need some entertainment...Eric and his friend, the only people I know at the wedding, will be sitting at the head table. Stay tuned for pictures of me sitting at a table with lots of people I don't know. I wish I had a dollar for all the new friends I've made at wedding related events. I'd be a rich.

In case anyone was keeping track of my wedding related opinions (which grow each day) my thoughts on head tables are: they suck. The bride and groom aren't at their table anyways so please let your poor already-done-enough-for-you bridal party sit with their dates and friends. If you don't like sweetheart tables, sit with your maid of honor, her date, best man and his date. Those are your only options in Kelly-land. But it's cool, I enjoy making new friends.

So anyway, we are finally at the Cape and in major relaxation mode. Ready for a week of fun, relaxation and a healthy dose of wedding appointments and planning, but not too much.

How was everyone's weekend?

Good luck to all the awesome marathon runners tomorrow!!!!

Random Fun Fact of the Day: Last April vacation I was also at the Cape. That was when I decided to do a sprint triathlon and when I started my blog :) What will I do this year?


  1. Enjoy your vacation....the cape sounds wonderful right about now!

  2. I have full faith in your ability to have a WONDERFUL week!

  3. Those chairs and favors are so adorable! I want them for my own bridal shower in the far, far future! ;)

    Also? Your wedding opinions are hilarious! Haha, they crack me up.

  4. I totally agree about head tables. We are not having one and our bridal party will be spread out with their respective groups of friends. Have fun at the cape! FI is on vacation from student teaching, but I still have classes. I'm trying not to be too jealous! :-)

  5. When my sister got married last August, she did what is referred to as a "harvest table". All of the people in the wedding party sat at it & their dates. I thought it was great! Granted, it was my idea! I agree - it sucks to stick a date of a person in the wedding party at some table by his or herself where they won't know anyone!

    Enjoy your day off tomorrow! Wish we recognized that holiday around here. Although I really shoudln't say that because I had time off between the two jobs. it's just always nice to have a 3 day weekend. :)

  6. What will you do this year indeed? Can't wait to hear about all the plans ;)

    What a fun week-end :) Mine was pretty relaxed - didn't do any school work but I think I deserved an official day off - i don't remember the last time I had one (I think it had been since Florida honestly!). The favors are so cute btw!!

  7. yowza,lots of fun happenings! Need a break from all that fun, eh? That's how I get too. It will be nice to have a relaxing week :) My weekend was good and too short as usual!

  8. Enjoy your week on the Cape. I hope you can relax and recharge :)

  9. I can help you train for your wedding weekend marathon..
    I'm good at that. I think we should go bowling soon. Just saying.
    Oh, its 8:26am and I'm about to start drinking (while reading blogs apparently? ..what has the world come to), you should be here. training starts today.

  10. Even as a Giants fan I have to admit, that's a cool cake! :) I love those chairs, too cute!

  11. Sounds like a busy weekend! Mine was pretty busy, but low key at the same time.

    Don't you worry, they still do the cha, cha, cha here in 1st and 2nd grade for sure.

    cha cha cha, cut the cake and say "hi ya!" ... lol

  12. Hahaha. Oh man, I NEVER tire of the Kelly wedding-opinions. They crack me up every time ;)

  13. Sounds like a very fun weekend! I've never seen a Jack and Jill bridal shower - what a neat idea!!

    I am with you on the head table at weddings! Our wedding we did the harvest table (like Lisa said - her idea :D ) - and itwas so much fun. We seated people alll around the table, so it wasn't everyone facing the crowd. It was great to be able to have all the dates at the table.

  14. One day, I will get to the Cape!!

    The things that you discuss about your wedding planning that you don't like are the exact reasons, I didn't have a traditional wedding.

  15. How cool you got to try a Cake Boss cake! Sounds like such a fun weekend :)

    And I agree about the head wedding table thing. We did just us and our best man and maid of honor at our table with their dates.