Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Trader Joe's Giveaway WINNER!!!

Hi everyone, I picked the winner of the Trader Joe's Giveaway! I had 71 entries and I used the random number generator (thanks to everyone who recommended that, much easier this time!). It picked number 11 which was.....

AMY!!! from Will Run For Fun

So Amy- please e-mail me your address at
I will try to send out the package tomorrow or Friday at the latest!

Everyone else- Thanks so much for entering. This was really popular so I'll probably do it again, especially because so many of you don't live near a Trader Joe's and I can walk to one- I have to spread the wealth! For all of you Canadian bloggers~ You can absolutely enter, I'm sure it costs a bit more for me to ship but since there are so many of you I can't possibly leave you out :)

In other (less exciting) news, I tried my FIRST green monster yesterday. I had read enough about them I had to try it. I was skeptical that I would not taste the spinach, but I actually like spinach so I figured it really wouldn't be that horrible if I could taste it.

The Kelly Green Monster consisted of:
2 handfuls of raw spinach (I know, so scientific, but I didn't measure it)
1 frozen banana
1 cup frozen mango
1 cup of soy milk

It was delicious. I could not taste the spinach at all. Unfortunately, my stomach was less than thrilled, probably because spinach is full of insoluble fiber. I felt a little sick to my stomach all day after that. So Green Monsters may not be in MY future, but they should be in yours because they are SOOOO good. I think I will try to make one again, later in the day with a lot less spinach and see if my tummy can handle it. Oh, and the other thing- I really am not much of a smoothie person because usually they have enough calories for a meal but NEVER fill me up. I was completely full until snack time just like I am with oatmeal, so I found that amazing as well. Seriously, try these, you will not regret it.

Sorry my work outs/training this week are so non-existent. I have been mostly resting because I cannot run, and I was scared to swim (I have a cold, and I thought clogged up ears may equal ear infection!). I have also been spending so long doing my PT exercises every day, I barely have a moment to get in some cardio. I am going to try really hard to go to my first spinning class EVER tomorrow morning. Hopefully I will do it...and not die in the process. Wish my luck :)


  1. I'm SO sad I didn't win! Haha, but it was a GREAT giveaway, Kelly and I can't wait till you do another one. I'm dying to try some Trader Joe stuff!!

    I LOVE green smoothies, I have one for lunch almost everyday. I had a bit of protein powder to mine and since I drink it at my desk over about a half hour period it ends up keeping me full right through till supper time!

  2. I tried my first green monster today too and while it didn't give me a stomach ache, I wasn't too thrilled with the needs a little something! haha

    Yes, please spread the wealth! But congrats to Amy!! :D

  3. LOVE green monsters :) have fun at spinning! and feel b etter soon, i just got over a cold that lingered for 2 weeks :(

  4. well, i like amy so i guess it's ok that she won :)

    the beauty of smoothies is NOT measuring. i think that's the one recipe i can't screw up. or, at least i haven't yet anyway, lol.

    hope you are feeling better and get in some good workouts later this week. how is the yoga coming? i still haven't gotten in a routine... sigh.

  5. ooh, I'm scared of spinning! Let us know how it goes, best of luck!

  6. I guess I seriously need to try these green monsters, then! Sorry it hurt your tummy, though.

    Good luck spinning! Go for it :D

  7. I've been resisting green monsters for a long time now. I really need to just try it rather than assume that I won't like it.

  8. I've done a few spinning classes and I think they're awesome! I hope you like it. They're really hard, but you'll feel great after!

  9. Congrats Amy!

    (Thanks for including us Canucks, by the way!)

    Hope you feel better and get back to your usual workouts soon.

    I love Spin!

  10. Haha, thanks Lindsay :).

    Kelly, I'm so excited! Thank you SO MUCH! I just sent you an email with my address :)

    I hope you liked spinning! I went to my first class last week, too, and loved it. I think the instructor totally makes the class, though, so hopefully you had a good one :) Let us know how it went. :)

  11. Have fun spinning! I have always wanted to try it but haven't spent much time looking into in my area...let us know how it goes!!

  12. Good for you for trying it out!!! I also love them :) I sometimes have trouble eating enough veggies, so it's such an easy way to get some!! :)

  13. Every where I look there's green monsters. Are they really that good? Should I attempt one?

    CONGRATS to the winner, boo hoo to me.