Sunday, June 7, 2009

Quarter of a Century Old!

If this post makes no sense, I blame it on how exhausted I am right now. But I really wanted to post so the blogger will say "June 7th" because today is my birthday : )

Yesterday was an amazing day. It started with a bike ride in my new HOT bike shorts.
You laugh now, but trust me my butt never would've made it through my ride on my new bike without those shorts on. My new bike was absolutely amazing, I loved every minute of it, except for the butt pain. That is going to have to go.

I will say though, I had a biking buddy again this week (my sister Caroline, yay!) and we did in less than an hour, what it took Ash and I a LOT longer to do last week. I'd blame it on the mountain bike but Caroline still has one, so maybe I am just slow on a mountain bike. I've said it before and I'll say it again, biking is SOOOOOO much better with a buddy. I'm so glad Caroline is home from college for the summer so I can harass her into bike riding often (and steal her clothes occasionally!). Well plus I get to hang out with her more, which is also fun!

The bike ride made me a lot more confident about the biking portion of the triathlon. I easily could've gone for a run after yesterdays ride, except for that I'm not allowed to run. Glad to be confident about biking as my running ability slips away...

After the bike ride, I got all showered and ready for KELLY FEST.
Yup, it was a party held in my honor to celebrate: my birthday (25 today!), getting my master's and getting engaged (6 months ago, but it hasn't been formally celebrated yet!). The host was my best friend Katie who I have mentioned before. I know everyone probably thinks their own best friend is the best best friend there is, but I can promise you that I would win the contest if their was an impartial judge. In fact, I personally think that I would win the contest that ALL my friends are the
best friends there are. The great thing about Katie is, I am the kind of person who would definitely feel bad that someone worked that hard to get in touch with everyone, organize, plan, cook, buy food etc for a party just for me. But with Katie, she just has a way of making it seem like there is nothing in the world she would rather be doing than baking me a cake, facebook messaging all my friends and cleaning her apartment for a party. I'm sure she was probably quite stressed about it, but all week she kept telling me HOW excited she was. She even baked me this absolutely crazy fun cake that I had no idea how to cut :)
It was even delicious too! She also had a beautiful spread of food, including little notes about which chips were my favorite and which were Eric's :)
And...Gerry (another amazing friend of mine) got us pink and green (my FAVORITE colors) m&ms (definitely my top candy at the moment) that said our names on them!!!! I ate too many of these.
Can you see the Kelly and Eric on them? So amazing. And Katie "chalked" the wall.

The thing about my friends is, most of them are not really friends with each other (or at least they would not all hang out without me). When I was younger I used to get worried about things like birthdays because I did not know how everyone would mesh and get along. Now I don't even worry about it any more. Every single one of them is so social and great at just talking to whoever. It's gotten to the point where they all sort of know each other because of me and everyone gets along so well. I know they only do it for me, so I appreciate it more than they know. They are all so important to me that I love that they can be together and look happy about it. I really love them.

It's close to my bedtime so I can't really get into today (which is probably better, yesterday was way better and I'm going to pretend that was my real birthday). But, I will say- I got an amazing present from Eric. I've been complaining about my hatred for the treadmill and how boring it is. I've been plotting how I can somehow get a TV and cable into the room that it is in, but I hadn't figured it out yet. Eric got me a huge, beautiful, big screen tv and the proper cables so that I can have a TV in the treadmill room now. YAYYYYYYYY!!!!

So basically I am the luckiest person in the world and you probably hate me just reading this post. I leave you with a picture of me and Katie, the bestest friend in the world. I love you Katie!


  1. Happy Birthday! Glad to hear you had a fun celebration. I LOVE birthdays and think they should always be celebrated with style!!

  2. Happy birthday! It looks like you had a wonderful day - hope all the days of 25 are just as good!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looks like you had a fabulosu day - so awesome! Great friends and family you have.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I think you look great in the bike shorts! You're rockin em! And how cool that you have a biking buddy. It's fun to workout with someone else :)

    It looks like you guys had so much fun! I love the cake, and those m&m's are adorable.

    That's so cool you have a tv in the treadmill room now! Yay! And I totally don't hate you from reading the post, I'm happy for you! :D

    Have a lovely night, and happy birthday again :)

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It sounds like you had a totally awesome week end!!! The cake looks so awesome, like a huge cupcake! :)

    Btw, for the butt pain, I would get a comfy seat on top of the bike shorts. For me the comfy seat has made a HUGE in it never even hurts anymore! I think that the more you use it in one week the more your butt will get used to it :)

    ps: green and pink are totally my favorite colors also ;) great choices!!

  6. Happy birthday ! Welcome to the new age bracket!

  7. Happy Birthday!!!

    I miss being 25. 27 seems so old. :-)

    M&Ms are my favorite candy - a very dangerous treat for me.

  8. Happy Birthday! Twenty five was one of my best years :) The cake is fantastic, Food Network style. In regards to the bike shortsI have the same problem as you, I get butt pain majorly! So, do the shorts help with that? I think I should buy shorts with a butt pad, but I'm not sure if it's worth it!

  9. Aww, what a sweet post! A big Happy Birthday and Congratulations to you! You really do have some amazing friends. :)

    Glad the bike riding went well today. You're going to have so much fun this summer with that new bike! Enjoy having your sister around. I know how nice it is to have siblings around the house again... I have two older brothers who are in college.

    Have a fabulous week!


  10. Happy Birthday! What a cute party; lots of fun details. Great friends are such a blessing! Hope you enjoy your day!

  11. Happy birthday! :) And friends are the *absolute* best, so happy you have great ones.

  12. Happy birthday... nice birthday treats! :o)

  13. That looks like such a great FUN party!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


  15. Happy Birthday! It sounds like a great time...and those M&Ms are adorable. Congrats on your engagement!

  16. Happy Birthday!! Kelly Fest looks like a fun time, esp. that CAKE!

  17. June 7th is my Birthday. Happy Birthday to you.

  18. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Looks like you have some awesome people to throw you some fun parties :)

  19. I am so jealous you get to go to the Brad Paisley concerts! He is one of my favorite country singers!Take lots of pics for me:)

  20. Sorry that I'm late, I'm just catching up... Happy birthday!! :)

  21. Happy late birthday!!! Your party and friends sound amazing!

    And I have the same bike shorts! I think that pair is actually more flattering than most.. but still :) And they DO save your butt!