Sunday, April 1, 2012

Say It, Do It- Social Marathon

This weekend was definitely a whirlwind! Friday night Eric and I went with his brothers to see Second City perform in Boston. They are a comedy group based out of Chicago that is *awesome* so it was great to see them again and laugh so hard my face hurt. Saturday I woke up bright and early for a bridal shower and finished the day with an engagement party. As much as I love social events, I have some anxiety about marathons of social events and I think I'm going to go ahead and blame my stomach which can only tolerate so long of eating/drinking. Of course everything ended up being fine even though I worried about it irrationally. I would love to stop doing that. Need to store this quote in my brain:


Anyway, I failed to take many pictures this weekend but the highlights were:

1. Obviously laughing so hard my face hurt at Second City... they are so good. I should probably mention I'm not big into comedy shows and usually stare confused when I see stand up. Second City is a mix of improv and skits and they are just so good.

2. The shower I went to on Saturday was crazy nice/big- I got to catch up with Eric's friends wives and girlfriends, and I got to eat a delicious cupcake. Oh... and they freaking rocked at fast present opening. This is a big thing with me, I like people more the faster they can get the RIDICULOUS tradition of present opening out of the way. Plus there was more than 1 dessert table and just one of them looked like this:


3. I got to see some old friends/acquaintances at the engagement party which is always fun. We also got to hear an awesome story of how the couple met. I did know that they met through her sister, but I did not realize that they were completely set up by her sister who thought they would be perfect together. I am truly amazed by people who are that good at setting people up. I don't think I've ever once set someone up... I live in fear that they would hate each other and it would be my fault. Another irrational fear.

Time to get serious. Say it, do it.

Last Week's Workouts

Sunday- Swim

Monday- Off

Tuesday- Spin class

Wednesday- Run 2 Miles

Thursday- Swim

Friday + Sat- Off

Good week, pretty much what I planned to do. Hope this week goes as well!

This Week Plans

Sunday- Swim + Run

Monday- Off

Tuesday- Run

Wednesday- Swim

Thursday- Off

Friday- Bike

Saturday- Yoga?

It's going to be yet another busy week. Is it ever not a busy week?

How was your weekend? What are you work out plans for this week?


  1. Glad you had a nice weekend!
    So, that is my LEAST favorite thing about showers....watching people open gifts. I think it's just SO STUPID! And in fact I told my mom I wasn't going to do it at my own shower but she insisted that people enjoy it. Ugh. I feel so dumb and greedy opening gifts at a party.

    My weekend was nice. We did yard work and actually made dinner together once. haha, it was great!

  2. Wow, that dessert table is amazing! What a whirlwind weekend for you! Mine was busy, too. I had sushi with friends on Friday night and then hosted friends for dinner on Saturday night. Add in studying and a long run and it was a busy weekend! Not quite as busy as yours with the multiple social gatherings!

    I need to focus on that quote more these days. I am not doing such a good job of keeping my anxiety at bay. Mostly it has to do with work. I think everything will be fine, but the unknown just makes me so anxious!

    This week I am planning on running with my running group tonight and Saturday, and then hopefully running and biking one other day!

  3. You know SO many people having babies or getting married lately! Wow!

    My weekend was super busy but so so great. Though it left me feeling a little frazzled and behind on things this Monday morning.

  4. I can't wrap my brain around how many friends you have to be going to all these parties! Popular girl. My weekend was busy, as you already know. This week my workout goals are 3x yoga, 2x 30 day shred.