Sunday, April 29, 2012

Triathlon: 1 Week Away

I know I've mentioned it, but I haven't talked much about the sprint triathlon I'm doing next weekend. Yikes! It's been almost 3 years since my last (and first) sprint triathlon. Here are my thoughts with 1 week to go.


1. Even though this is a shorter sprint tri than my last one, I am much better trained this time. I have been swimming and running twice a week and biking once a week pretty regularly. I can easily do each of the individual sport distances, and I've done two brick workouts with a bike followed by run. I survived them both!

2. I really don't understand why USA Triathlon does not allow headphones. I get not having headphones on while biking, but I always wear headphones during 5Ks so I don't understand why I can't during the running leg of a tri. I know it's not a big deal but the music really calms me down mentally and I need that during the run which is definitely the hardest part for me.

3. Even though I feel confident I can take on the distance, triathlons are always stressful because there is so much stuff to remember. I made myself a new checklist for this race and I've included it a the end of this post in case you are thinking of doing a tri :)

4. This week I need to pick up my bike (it's getting tuned up), buy a new bike water bottle and a running belt, go swimming with my tri suit on, run one more time and probably bike one more time (maybe). I'm taking Friday and Saturday off from working out.

5. My goals for this race are: finish, get a great picture of me and my friends as triathletes, and remember to unclip from my pedals before leaving my bike. Yes, aiming high as usual. I'm not going to be beating any records and there is no point in trying to beat my own since my last tri was longer in all 3 sections. Well, what I mean is, I will beat myself without putting in much effort at all. Wahoo! I'm doing the race with two friends from work who have never done a triathlon. I'm psyched to get others to love this as much as I do. I hope!

6. Speaking of hope, I hope I do another triathlon this season- possibly in the late summer or early fall. Caroline, are you in?

Have you ever done a triathlon? Would you? What do you think would be the hardest part for you?


Things to Bring To Tri:

Before- Don't Forget to:
-foam roll

-pump bike tires

-pack all this stuff

-put on trisuit

Swim -goggles-towel-swim cap

Bike-bike-helmet-water bottle *need to get a new one

-bike shoes


-long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt depending on weather

Run -running belt *need to get a new one

After-banana-more water-phone/camera


  1. I remember reading about your last tri! WOW that was ages ago. Exciting that you have another one coming up - good luck!! I am with you on headphones/music. I so wish we could use it! (same rules up here)

  2. Wow your triathlon came up fast! How exciting! I did a tri last August and LOVED it but I didn't really like the training for it because biking is not my favourite thing.. I think I'm still going to do another one this summer though!

  3. Wow, that's exciting! It sounds like you are pretty much ready. Except don't forget your running shoes! They are different from the biking ones, right? I always wanted to do a tri, but am intimidated by all the transitions and THINGS you have to bring! Good luck!

  4. Holy smokes, this tri came up SO fast! Is it an outdoor swim??? BURR. It's nicce that it will be an automatic PR, though! I am sure you will do great, though.

    I've never done a tri. I don't have a road bike, so that is sort of what is holding me back. They kind of intimidate me... Doing different sports + all the stuff you have to remember just makes it seem daunting!

  5. How fun! I ran my first sprint biathlon (I didn't swim) last year and it was SO FUN! I was very nervous going into it, but once I started the adrenaline pushed me through. I'm sure the same will happen to you. GOOD LUCK! And of course, enjoy it!

  6. I'M IN! I think we should do the July one in Falmouth again! haha : ) No, but I'm serious... forget the fact that I currently cannot run, haven't biked in a year and haven't swam since the last triathlon.

    Good luck this weekend! This sounds so fun. I also love that your goal is to get a good picture, I thought I was the only weirdo who had picture goals : P

  7. im SO glad you posted this!!! this weekend is my very first tri and im freaking out just a little bit (blogging about said freak out later this afternoon). im excited but really nervous. good luck to you!!! and youll do just fine without music, just sing! :)