Thursday, April 19, 2012

New York State of Mind

Last weekend Eric and I went to visit Caroline at her new apartment in New York City. I've attempted to write this post already, so hopefully I can recreate it in a way that does justice to a busy and fun weekend. I've mentioned before my overall love/hate relationship with New York City. However, it's undeniably an exciting place to visit, and if I can just ignore the sometimes slight and sometimes overwhelming smell of trash, I can be completely relaxed reading and taking pictures in Stuy Town Square, and Union Square Park.


This weekend the one very touristy thing that I did with Caroline and Eric was a hop on, hop off boat ride that went by some of the more famous places in New York like the Status of Liberty, Ellis Island and the Brooklyn Bridge. I have to say compared to my experience actually visiting the State of Liberty this summer, I would definitely recommend the boat ride only to other visitors. It's so much more relaxing and you get just as good of a view!


Since NYC is home for Caroline right now, we tried to also enjoy some of the more off the beaten path places that NYC has to offer. Our first stop? Brooklyn Brewery. It's a short subway ride from Caroline's new apartment, and it was a first visit to Brooklyn for all 3 of us. Brooklyn Brewery is basically like a giant warehouse with picnic tables and a bar where you can try all of the different beers they offer. It was crowded and pretty loud, but we enjoyed meeting up with one of my friends, Matt, and catching up while trying their *really good* beers.


We also visited another park called The High Line which is a park built up above the streets on an old railroad track. One of my friends from work had recommended it to me and I was amazed and how unique and cool it was! Of course, like everything in NYC it was also really crowded, but I was happy I got to see it.



We also spent a lot of time eating, especially Italian food. Here are the restaurants we recommend:

Luzzos, a pizza place in East Village. I had the best veggie pizza maybe ever at this place on Friday night. It takes a lot to please me at 9 pm after a 4 hour train ride and a full day of dealing with kindergartners :)

Florios in Little Italy. My pasta was very clearly homemade and delicious. Caroline did not like her pizza though, and after looking at the reviews I don't think she was alone. I wouldn't go here if you are on a search for pizza, just sayin :) Go to Luzzos... obviously.

Basta Pasta, right outside Union Square. This Japanese/Italian restaurant (yes you read that right) we found totally randomly in a fit of hangry "we need food now" searching. We sat at the bar and we loved the atmosphere and the food.

Bodhi Tree, a delicious Thai Restaurant in East Village. Eric and I took a detox from the Italian cooking for lunch before our train left on Monday. The lunch specials were so cheap and the food was amazing.


Hopefully my temporary fight with my computer can end because I have some I Love Boston Project posts to get up, and I've already read 3 books this vacation so I need to do a book post as well! I hope everyone is having a good week.


  1. Woohoo! I've been waiting for this post : ) Love the pictures. I also like how pink and purple we are in that photo from high line park - we match the tree! And Luzzo's is the best, it's really unfortunate that I live so close to it.

  2. It looks like you had a great time! I think some of the best times I have had in NY have been where I just go and wander in some of the neighborhoods and stop to eat when I am hungry... sometimes the touristy places can get overwhelming, so I try to avoid them. I have wanted to go check out the High Line though! It's on my list!

  3. Sounds like an awesome weekend! I hope when we do our Boston/NYC trip ONE DAY Caroline is still living there and can show us around!

    I'm impressed with all the good food you found too!

  4. I love NYC. These pics make me miss it. PS I'm new here and really like your blog!

  5. So wait - are you on spring break right now? Way to go on the book reading!! :)

    Looks like you had a great time - those pictures are beautiful! I love NYC. I have only seen limited parts of it as my trips there have been too brief, but I think it's such a fun city to visit. I want to go back, but am not sure when that will happen as my vacation budget is depleted right now. :( Maybe next year!

  6. I seriously wish I Was closer to NYC. I have only been there once and I want to go back a million times. Glad you had a fun visit!

  7. awesome pictures! looks like a fun trip. ive never been to new york city and honestly, at this point in my life i cant get the enthusiasm into planning a trip there. maybe at a later date. whenever i try to think of a vacation/quick trip my mind immediately goes to a body of water and relaxing.

  8. I've always wanted to go to NYC and see the statue of liberty. The boat ride sounds awesome since you get to see it without all the crowds.