Friday, April 20, 2012

I Love Boston Project: Blue Hills

In my mind, I always have a ridiculous list of things I want to do around the Boston area. For the past year or so, I've really wanted to go hike in the Blue Hills. Well, actually I just really want to hike around home in general since almost all of my hiking is done in Sedona.

Blue Hills is a large reservation area located south of Boston, with a series of several hills. The space has a ton of hiking trails, but Eric and I decided to do the Red Dot Trail which leads right up one of the hills to Eliot Tower and the Weather Observatory. We parked right at the Trailside Museum which was perfect because they had some animals to visit on the way up like an owl and a sea otter, random combination I know!


The trail is only about a half a mile up, but it's definitely up :) When we reached the top, we were rewarded with a gorgeous view of Boston.



The way down lead us a different way which was a little longer but a lot less steep and my knees definitely appreciated this. Overall, a really fun hike :)

Do you ever hike near your own home?


  1. Cool! The Boston area should have more places that look over the city from afar. My favorite place is driving on Route 2 into the city right when you hit the top of the hill. Too bad I'm usually driving and can't soak in the view.

  2. Yes! We hike ALL the time and trail run! I love being surrounded with so many great trails!

  3. Beautiful! I love that view of Boston from afar!

    There are not many hiking trails around me, so I do not do much hiking. I did do a trail run a couple of weeks ago, but was not sold on it, mostly because I hate running up and down hills. ;) But it was very pretty and a nice change from running on paved paths and roads!

    There is great hiking about 2.5 hours north of Minneapolis - I just have yet to make it up there. It's kind of ridiculous. I've seen so much outside of the US, but very little in my own 'backyard'. I'll get there eventually, part of my problem is not having people to go there with. I feel totally comfortable going to Paris alone, but do not feel comfortable hiking alone, which is kind of silly!

  4. That looks like a great hike! I am lucky to be able to walk to hiking trails from where I live, so YES I do a lot of hiking! I think it's a great way to be one with nature, get good views, fresh air and exercise! An all around Win!

  5. There aren't many great places to hike around here, but Nick and I have a goal this summer to start playing tennis at the courts near our house. I hope we stick to our plan!

  6. Can't say I'm big on hiking but definitely enjoy walking and running around my neighbourhood. We went on an awesome bush walk out west in the ranges a couple years ago and have been bugging T to do it again!