Sunday, April 8, 2012

I Appreciate.

I'm taking a little break from Say It, Do It this Easter to focus on one of my other goals for the month of April: appreciation. Well, technically I said I want to enjoy the small moments, but it's all along the same lines. Truly, there are so many things in my life that I appreciate. It's probably telling that one of my biggest worries in life is how to make time for everyone I love. I've mentioned before that I've lost 3 wonderful people in my life in the month of April so I like to make sure I tell everyone how much I love them this month. So, here is my current list of things I appreciate:

I appreciate my family and friends. I appreciate the times you have frustrated me. I appreciate the times you have forgiven me. I appreciate the times you have given me hugs, no matter whether I wanted one or not. I especially appreciate the times you have made me laugh.

I appreciate my students. I appreciate the times you have asked questions I could not answer. I appreciate the moments when you have taught me more than I have taught you. I appreciate that moment when you can do something you couldn't before. I appreciate when you say something that gives me a glimpse into who you will be in 10 years, especially when it makes me laugh. I even appreciate the times you have been too busy chatting with your friends to listen to my directions... truth be told, your teacher is still guilty of this now :)

I appreciate memories. I appreciate the pictures of silly moments. I appreciate driving to work and suddenly flashing back to driving down the same road in high school on the way to go bowling. I appreciate when we have moments where I feel like nothing has really even changed, or even the moments when I know how much has.

I appreciate songs. I appreciate when they come on the radio unexpectedly and bring me back to a moment or a person. I appreciate when I hear a new song and think "wow, this is so true." I appreciate the moments that music has comforted me. I appreciate when music has made me want to sing and dance.

I appreciate the little things I love: the color pink, frozen yogurt, Not Your Average Joe's peanut sauce, my camera, my kindle and all the people who never forget about these little things.

I appreciate everything.


What do you appreciate?

(Anyone else feel the need to break out into 2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate chant while reading this post?)


  1. I love this. I forget to take the time to appreciate things sometimes. I'm reading a book right now that makes me appreciate my sense of smell. Sound strange? It is. The book is called Season to Taste and it's about a wanna-be-chef who loses her sense of smell. It's VERY interesting and has taught me a lot about why I need to be thankful for my sense of smell!!

  2. Aw, I love this! I am going to do something similar in the month of May!

    "I appreciate the times you have given me hugs, no matter whether I wanted one or not." - ha, this is so me! :)

    I appreciate that I am able to run, even though I sometimes grumble about running before or after. I appreciate that I live close to family and friends. I appreciate the fact that I have friends who are always willing to help out (even if I totally suck at asking for help). I appreciate that my work hours are reasonable and that my boss is understanding of the stress of CFA exams since he's taken and passed them all.

  3. Love this. It's so true that we need to appreciate the small things in life more often. Right now I appreciate long weekends because not having to work for 4 days is glorious, but I also appreciate having a job that supports us and I enjoy. I appreciate sunshine. I appreciate it when Eric cleans up without being asked (or even when he is asked as long as he's helping!) I appreciate having family around because I don't realize how much I miss them until they're here. I appreciate running and the fact that my body can carry me for long distances without rebelling.

  4. Love this post : ) That picture is beautiful!

  5. What a great post! I think it's important to take the time to "stop and smell the roses" and to appreciate what we have in life! I appreciate my family and the fact that no matter what, they will put up with me and love me! I appreciate living in a place that has beautiful weather 90 percent of the time. I appreciate my body and the fact that it gets me through the runs without complaints most of the time!