Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Love Boston Project: Yard House

In between the shower marathon that has been the last two weeks (and to continue this weekend), I managed to fit in a little I Love Boston Project. I'll give you a clue, it was in my favorite area of Boston, well at least one of my favorites...


Yup, that's Fenway Park. I'm not often in this area when it's not for a Red Sox Game so it was fun to see it a bit more quiet. The Kenmore Square area is home to more than just Fenway Park though, including Boston University (a school that holds a special place in my heart after I spent a summer taking classes there- but I won't forget they are my college hockey rivals too so it's a love/hate relationship), and many, many restaurants and bars.

This weekend Eric wanted to try a restaurant called Yard House, which he had heard has the most beers on tap in the world... whether or not that is true was really not a concern of ours, at least we know it has a lot, right?


Yard House is a quick two minute walk down Brookline Avenue from Fenway Park and I can only imagine how packed it must be before games. It's a huge bar/restaurant and probably has at least 15 big screen TVs up on the wall. They also have an outside patio and a section of the restaurant that can open up during nice summer nights. While we were there, my college hockey team BC was playing on some of the TVs and March Madness was taking up all the other TVs.

Eric and I started off with some drinks- Eric ordered a 6 beer sampler and I got a Thomas Hooker Blonde Ale.


I have to say that I am overall a big fan of big pub type atmospheres with good beer. However, I'm usually not a fan of the food since it's usually greasy and makes my stomach unhappy. Well, Yard House was not your average bar food. I ordered an amazing veggie sandwich with mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini, red peppers and basil.


If you are wondering why this restaurant is called Yard House, it's because of their 1/2 yard beer glasses, of which Eric so nicely ordered next- for blog purposes of course.



Okay fine, it was fun to play with.

After dinner I was going to stop to take some pictures of the other side of Kenmore Square where you can see the Charles River, but I couldn't find a good place so you'll have to wait to get that another time. I will definitely be back to Yard House. It's also worth noting that Yard House locations can be found throughout the country, so you may want to check if there is one near you!

Do you tend to like bar/pub food? What's your favorite random kind of beer? Do you like to try new-to-you restaurants?


  1. I want to go to the Yard House!! This is definitely right up my alley (and Nick's). We love going to places with multiple beer selections. We were just discussing which beers we will have at our reception, actually, and Sam Adam's Summer Ale made the cut :)

  2. Ha, how kind of Eric to order the 1/2 yard beer for blog fodder. ;) That reminds me - in Australia, I hung out with this group of guys and when someone had a birthday, they drank out of a similar glass, except it was actually a yard long. Obviously other people helped them. It was weird because they are obviously on the metric system so I don't know how a yard-long glass became popular?

    I like the atmosphere of those kind of places, but I can't drink beer because of my gluten intolerance (and never liked it even before I found out I was gluten intolerant) and the food tends to be greasy/fried, which is off limits for me as well... but that place looks awesome! Amber and I went to a cool brewery when we were in Portland - they had a bunch of microbrews but we had wine and the most delicious veggie burgers - and they even had a gluten free bun!! :)

  3. I have been to the Yard House in Dedham - such a great restaurant. Matt and I tried to go last weekend but the wait was almost 2 hours.

    Need to go there again soon!

  4. Fun!! Love the photos. My favorite bar food is grilled cheese : )

  5. I really love the pub atmosphere! I would rather go to a pub and have drinks than go to a bar any day. I don't really like pub food that much though, it's OK every once in a while. I had it like 4 times the week I was in Ottawa and was SO burnt out and veggie burgers and yam fries (my go to pub food) by the end of that week!

  6. That looks like a fun place to have a beer or two. I have only been to Fenway when the area nearby is PACKED with people. I bet it's a totally different vibe when it's quieter!

  7. I had no idea there was a Yard House on Brookline! That's awesome! Sounds like a great spot. I've been to the one in Legacy Place in Dedham a few times, but my first visit was actually in San Diego, CA, where I discovered it -- before it came to Mass. I'm going to have to try that veggie sandwich next time I go! It looks delish.

  8. Hi Kelly, Thank you for such a great blog post about our Boston location. We're so happy to hear that you and Eric had a great time sampling the different beer options and had an overall great time! We hope that you'll come back to visit us again soon and try some more things on the menu. Cheers!