Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wine and Love

It's time for another week of Wine and Love, brought to you by Nora <3



1. It's always a bit depressing coming back from vacation... or should I say going from sunny red rocks to gray snow...

IMG_0432.JPG IMG_0470.JPG

2. It was time for parent/conferences this week. I do like my parents this year, and I like the second conference because I get to show off all the progress of the kiddos, but it just makes the work week soooo crazy that I have to wine about them.

3. My tutoring kiddos are making me crazy right now. Two of them in particular are just checked out and no matter how much time I spend planning a fun things for them to do they are just not having it. There is a LOT that I prefer about older kids, but it can be said about kindergartners especially in the group environment it is not hard to get them excited about something. Sometimes I wish my older tutoring kiddos were the same way...


1. I told myself on Sunday that no matter HOW busy this week got, I had to make sure I still had time to work out at least a few times. I am happy to say I was successful with this plan even when it meant a bit of a rushed run outside on Tuesday afternoon.

2. On Wednesday I had my yearly dermatologist appointment and it was SO fast. It was snowing out so I think some people did not show up because the doctor took me on time to the minute, and I was in and out in 15 minutes. I got home so early I had time for an unplanned walk in the snow (see love 3).

3. Eric and I went for a lovely walk in the snow on Wednesday. Sure I'd rather it be a walk in beautiful spring weather, but I'll take the walk.


4. The snow that began yesterday has continued today, so both Eric and I had class canceled tonight. I was originally a little bummed because it's my photo class, but Eric and I decided to use a Groupon to get some Mexican food which ended up being a nice end to a long day. Plus, the Groupon was for $30 which we never spend at this restaurant so we got dessert too. Yum... my first time tasting churros!


I have to say, I was really dreading this week on Sunday night... a lot going on at work, coupled with a dentist and a doctor's appointment- I was just not excited. I have to say, it was a lot better than I expected! Wahoo!

What are your wine and loves this week?


  1. Looks like an overall great week for you! That dessert looks amazing!

    My love this week is my new job, for sure. I am really really enjoying it. Wine would be how exhausted I am though. It's definitely been an overwhelming week!

  2. 15 minutes? I was at a dermatologist appointment two weeks ago, which was scheduled at 3:30, but they didn't see me until 4:30. No joke. I waited an HOUR! I was piiiiisssssed.

    The dessert looks fantastic. Sorry you missed your class (or it was cancelled) but it looks like it was worth it!
    Enjoy your weekend. Give us some of your snow please (I'm missing snow so much over here in Ohio!).

  3. I am glad the week went better than you think it did! I can see how conference weeks at school are extra stressful!

    Wine: Work stuff. It has gotten worse, not better. My boss called me at home on Friday with a heads up about some changes that are coming and it basically ruined my weekend. :(

    Love: It was really great seeing my family this weekend. I sort of did not want to leave, actually.