Sunday, March 4, 2012

Say it, Do it- Changin' it up

Do you guys read Jess from Fit Chick in the City? If not, you really should. Back when I first started blogging, I used to read almost exclusively healthy living/fitness blogs. In the last year or so I've cut down the number of blogs I read a lot, and mostly my blogging friends and a few photography, budget-living and life blogs have remained. However, I still read a few fitness/healthy living blogs and Fit Chick in the City is one of them. Every Sunday Jess posts "Say it, Do it" where she declares her workout plans for the week and encourages everyone to join her in committing to the week's workouts. I love this idea so I'm going to steal it, at least temporarily. Hopefully it's not stealing since I'm giving her credit...

I don't need a ton of motivation to actually work out. For me, that has been a habit for so many years that when I don't work out at least a few times during a week I feel immediately terrible and just overall weird, like I have way too much free time on my hands, ha. However, lately I've been feeling myself getting too comfortable with the zone out on the elliptical/treadmill routine, with an occasional good run thrown in the mix. I know zoning out on the elliptical is better than not moving at all, but it just gets boring for me and I'm sure it's not doing a ton for my body. So, today I took the plunge I've been thinking about for awhile. I re-joined the the gym! I quit approximately two years ago and have been running, walking, ellipticalling etc at home since. However, I'm ready to give spinning another try (I took a break for my knee, but it's been two years so I'm hoping my knee can handle more these days) and I want to swim again. Plus, the gym added a "young adult" rate which will save me over $10 a month, wahoo. Well, technically I was saving more by not being a member of a gym but you know I'm not a detail person. Going back to the gym this morning was one of those weird experiences where as soon as I walked in, I felt like I had not been gone at all.

So, in addition to joining the gym I'm going to try to recap my week's worth of workouts and post my plans for the week. Hopefully you will join in the comments! I love to get new work out ideas and just hear what you guys are up to.

Last week's goal was to squeeze in 4 workouts despite a crazy week. I managed to get three in, which I'm okay with. I would've made 4, but somehow Thursday-Saturday ended up being one giant fail after another, ending with Caroline and I having plans to go to yoga and her having to do something work related last minute. Clearly I could've still gone to yoga but since I was already at my parents house I decided to just chat with my mom for the hour instead. Worth it? Yes.

Last Week:

Sunday: Walk/Run on treadmill 35 minutes

Tuesday: Run 30 minutes outside

Wednesday: Walk 30 minutes outside

This Week Plans:

Today I went swimming for the first time in over 2 years! I set a goal to do 16 laps, and I actually made it to 20 laps. I probably could've done more but I didn't want to push it on my first day. It went significantly better than my first day of swimming at the Y almost THREE years ago, which you can read about in my 2nd blog post ever. Crazy! I actually made it to 23 laps that time, but my thoughts were much more negative. This time I was super psyched to be back in the pool and I got to watch adorable mommy and baby swim classes when I took a couple of short breaks. Additional plans for this week include:

Sunday: Swim- 20 laps

Tuesday: Spin class- 45 minutes

Thursday: Run- 2 miles

I also would like to get in a walk or elliptical workout and possibly another swim, but due to some unknowns in my schedule this week I'm not sure what day those will be on. I'll let you know in my recap next week. I'm so excited to get back to spinning on Tuesday. Fingers crossed my knee agrees! I'm going to take it very, very slow. Oh and, I am NOT going to get in trouble for talking, my lips are zipped.

What are your work out plans for the week? Do you tend to plan your work outs ahead of time or just wing it?


  1. Way to go planning out your workouts. I do this every week and it really works for me. I write them in my life planner! Last week and this week I am going easy on myself because of the new job stuff BUT I also have a sweet hotel gym here in Ottawa so I'm thinking I need to hit that up a bit! Hope you get in all the workouts you've planned this week!

  2. I NEED to get better at planning workouts! I usually just wing it and lately I have been working out more on the weekends. During the week my schedule is just nuts! Although, I really need to stop using that as an excuse... There always people busier than me that make it work!!

  3. I've always liked when Jess did this and thought I should start. I've been doing really bad and keeping up with my workouts, but even worse.. sometimes I wake up and can't decide what I want to do and end up not doing anything at all!

  4. Thank you for the compliments! I hope SIDI helps you stick to a plan!

  5. Your workouts look awesome. I'm in a weird place right now where I'm trying to figure out what works best for me- group classes, yoga, weights, running, etc. So in the meantime I'm trying a bunch of different things and hoping something clicks soon.

  6. Great idea to put your workout plans out there! Tues and Thur I plan on biking after work, Wednesday I will either run on my own or run w/ my running group, and then on Sunday I want to do a longer run. So 4 workouts hopefully!

  7. Looks like some really great plans there!

  8. I am with you in that I have been working out for so long that I don't really need motivation to keep me going, I RARELY miss a workout. That being said, I also have been getting sick of my workouts (I zone out on the elliptical too) and have debated joining the gym again. I haven't taken the plunge quite yet, but for now I am starting to do more yoga and power walking outside. So far, so good!
    I hope the spinning goes ok!