Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Say It, Do It- Still Truckin'

A Look At Last Week...

Sunday March 11th- Run 2 miles

Monday March 12th and Tuesday March 13th- off, but I did go on nice walks at night- enjoying the sunlight later in the evening!

Wednesday- Swim 30 laps

I had another dream swimming session at the gym this week. When I arrived at the pool, it was so empty I had a lane to myself for a couple of laps and then someone joined me. I was so "in the zone" swimming that I actually thought to myself that Wednesday was a great day to swim because I thought the place was so empty. When I stopped to take a break and the water was finally out of my ears I realized it had actually become SUPER busy while I was completely zoned out. The last few laps I had to circle swim which was a bit interesting with the group I had, but I was just so happy that I was able to do 30 laps without really killing myself that I didn't even mind.

Thursday- Run 2 miles

Friday- Eric's crazy ab bootcamp

Okay fine, this was basically an off day. I wasn't feeling the best and my knee was acting up a bit when running on Thursday so I planned to do nothing. Then Eric asked if I wanted to do some abs so I headed down to the basement to get my ab muscles killed by my husband.

Saturday- 1 hour Circuit Training class

I joined one of my friends for a Saturday morning Circuit Training class at the gym. The best way to explain this class was a mix between step aerobics, kick boxing, boot camp and some kind of weight training class. I liked this class because it was always changing and felt like a good work out. The only part that was really tough was when abs were involved, mine were less than impressed to have to be in a 90 second plank after the day they had on Friday...oops!

This Week Plans

Even though it's already 3 days into the week, I'm still not sure of my exact days for everything but I'm hoping to get in 2 runs, at least 1 swim and at least 1 bike. This means I'll be getting up tomorrow morning for my first morning work out in a long time. However, I'm going to swim so hopefully the cold water will wake me right up!

If you can't tell by my work outs right now, I'm really hoping to do another sprint triathlon this summer if my knee will allow it. I'm not sure which one yet, so if you have any recommendations, let me know!

What are your work out plans for the week? Have you been getting the summer weather we've been getting?


  1. I can only plank for 50 seconds! And that is tough for me - can't imagine doing it for 90 min!!!

    I have been getting my workout in pretty well. I did 4 instead of my target of 5 last week, but I still think 4 is decent. This week I am shooting for 5. I ran yesterday, biked this am, will run tomorrow, bike THur, and do an 8-10 mile run on Saturday!

  2. I would love to join a gym with a pool some day (or even better, get a lap pool in our backyard!). My knees have been hurting and I know I won't be able to run for much longer, or even walk at a really fast pace (yikes, I'm getting old, weird). Lately I've been using the elliptical and today I plan to use my parent's spinner! And yes, our weather has been AMAZING!

  3. hahaa Eric's crazy ab bootcamp! love it : )

  4. Nice job on the 90 second plank! I got up there a few weeks ago but I recently dropped back down to about 60-75 seconds again. I really want to work up to planking for 3 minutes!

    This week I am running 4 times, going to yoga twice and possibly doing my first Zumba class!

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