Sunday, March 25, 2012

Say It, Do It- Baby Take Over

I've just completed my second weekend in a row of baby showers. Next weekend I have a bridal shower and engagement party so I'll be back to weddings, which is a little more where my mind belongs these days. Babies freak me out. But, man are their clothes just SO much cuter than any wedding present could ever be. Thank goodness for that.

Yesterday was Tiff's bridal shower- one of my longtime friends and bridesmaid. She looked beautiful! Definitely one of those lucky pregnant people who is all belly.



My mom and I got Tiff a bathtub (shaped like a whale), some bath towels and toys, books and a pink Snuggles. Snuggles is actually really named Snuffles and he is made by Gund. My aunt Laurie got me a Snuffles which my mom renamed Snuggles for my first birthday. I carried him around and slept with him every night until college (and would still now except he was lost, sob story for another day). Here is me + Caroline + Snuggles:


I have decided I am going to bring back the amazingness that is Snuggles by giving a Snuggles to all of my friends who have babies, and Tiff is the first one. This is fitting since she is probably one of the only ones who needed no explanation when she pulled Pink Snuggles out of the tissue paper. She and Snuggles enjoyed much time together in the middle school days. Clearly I was never ashamed of my teddy bear...

For those of you who may have baby shower or birthday parties to attend in the future, the books I got were Goodnight Moon, Pat the Bunny, Ten Little Ladybugs and We Are In a Book (Elephant and Piggie). The kindergarten teacher in me was on excitement overload buying these books. Thanks Lisa for giving me the idea to buy books!

Anyway, time to recap last week's workouts and set my goals for this week. Last week was a great week in life. The weather was BEAUTIFUL, work somehow did not stress me out at all and I ended up being more social than usual during the week. Let's see how I did with my workouts.

Last Week's Workouts

Monday- Ran 2 Miles

Tuesday- off

Wednesday- Swam 32 laps

Thursday- off

Friday- Ran 2 Miles, Eric's crazy ab bootcamp

Saturday- off

So, not my best week, but not my worst either. The weather was so nice that Eric and I went on several walks, so at least even with those days off I was still moving a bit. I'm definitely happy with how my running and swimming is going right now and I hope to get my biking in the same place shortly.

This Week Plans

Sunday- Swim

Monday- off

Tuesday- Spin class

Wednesday- Run

Thursday or Friday- swim

Saturday- off or maybe run depending on how the weather is

It's going to be a busy week so hopefully I can get everything in that I want to!

In other great news this weekend, I booked my flight to Seattle this summer so Eric and I can see the Pacific Northwest and go to Amber's wedding! SO excited.

What are your workout plans for the week? What do you like to give for gifts at baby showers? Were you attached to a stuffed animal or dog?


  1. I give books and clothes. My favorite things to buy. ;)

  2. Sooo exciting you booked your flights!

    I've never been to a baby shower! None of my friends have babies and I'm the first of my group of friends to get married so the only bridal shower I've been to is mine :) I'm sure I will have LOTS of that kind of thing to look forward to down the road though. Love that you gave your girlfriend a snuggles like you had!

  3. That looks like a fun weekend! I think books are a great gift too!

    I had a cat named brownie that I carried with me everywhere. I still have it. It's pretty ratty. I don't carry it everywhere anymore though!

  4. Aww, Snuggies, how cute! I was attached to a blanket, and I can still remember my mom throwing it in the trash when she thought I was too old to have it :( So sad.
    How cool that you get to go to Seattle for a wedding!! I would LOVE to travel there one day.
    My workouts this week will hopefully include many long walks outside. I get two days off in a row so I need to get some outside time!

  5. I always try to give books as part of my baby shower gift! I love that you are giving your friends a Snuggles. So sweet!

    And hooray for booking your flight!!!! :)

    I did good on workouts last week. This week I will run Mon/Wed, bike Tues/Thur, and do a long run on Saturday. My run club is doing the long run WAY the heck out in the burbs because there is an Easter Egg hunt in the area we usually meet. So I will have to do my long run alone becuase I do not have time to do the 40 min commute each way for the meet up place they chose. :(

  6. You definitely made having a stuffed animal cool. I wanted my own version of snuggles

  7. I love snuggles! And I know Baby D will too!! Such a special gift thank you so much :)