Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Love Boston Project: College Hockey

Welcome to the official start of the I Love Boston project. Eric and I went to a college hockey game! But before I get to the activity itself, let's listen to a funny story about kindergarten and hockey.

So last week I was reading with one of my little students. He is enthusiastic about many things at school, but reading is really not one of them. We were reading a book called "Canadian Animals" and each page had a different animal that lives in Canada. So in an attempt to get him to care about the book even slightly, I asked him if he knew where Canada was and anything about it. He knew where it was, but didn't offer up anything about it. Again, I'm trying to get him excited about the book so I tell him, you know what Canadians love? HOCKEY! His favorite sport his hockey so he was immediately psyched about this. "ALLLLL Canadians love hockey?" he asked. "Most!" I replied. I don't make a practice of stereotyping, but my goal was just to get the kid to read the book. So, fast forward a few days one of my other boy's mom was coming in to be a Secret Reader. Her clues about herself were she was born in Taiwan, grew up in Canada and her favorite sport is hockey. What does my first student say but... "Ms. _____ said EVERYONE in Canada loves hockey!!!!" She was like hmm... well not everyone...

+1 in the Kelly rocks at teaching column. Hopefully Canada will still take me this summer. Please?

Anyway, hockey! Eric and I went to see my college hockey team, the Boston College Eagles!



Like so many others in Boston, Eric and I love to go to sporting events. However, going to professional sports can be a bit of a production. It's actually an accomplishment to get tickets to the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics or Bruins game for less than $100... seriously. Plus, don't get me started on the parking at any of these games. College hockey is a completely different story. I can't really get into the parking situation since my Dad has managed to get probably the best parking on the entire campus. However, I squeezed my car into some questionable locations at BC while I went there and I can tell you even on it's bad days (other than football games), it's easier than any professional sporting event. Plus, you can get tickets to a hockey game for $10 or $20, which is a huge steal in my opinion for a fun night. It's a real family friendly environment and kids are constantly dancing and making faces up on the big screen.


Plus, BC hockey is good (even if I wasn't biased). They won the Beanpot this year, which is a special hockey tournament that features 4 Boston schools: BU, BC, Northeastern and Harvard. But even more importantly, they have a record of 25-10-1 and they are currently ranked #1!!!! Yes, you read that right, you can watch the #1 team in college hockey for $10. Have I convinced you yet? If you want more information or to buy tickets, visit the BC Eagles website.

Time for more Boston adventures! Well, probably should get through the work week first...

Do you ever go see college sports? Tell me what your favorite college team is!


  1. When I was a grad student at the University of Georgia, I went to a lot of football games - plus some gymnastic meets and basketball games.

    It was so much fun!

  2. Love Eric's jersey! I miss BC games : (

  3. I have two favorite sports: Baseball and football, both pro and college.

    My team is the University of Georgia Bulldogs! Going to a UGA football game is quite an experience. Its fun, crazy, LOUD.

  4. That looks like so much fun! I went to a big hockey school (University of North Dakota) but I actually saw more hockey games after I graduated than during my college years because I always waitressed on game nights! But they are so fun to go to. My favorite team is definitely my Fighting Sioux (or whatever the heck they will be called when/if they are forced to change the name).

  5. We're going to go see BC play UMass on Friday! We've never been to a BC hockey game, just football and basketball. There was a groupon last week.

  6. haha, great story! I mean...it is true, they do ALL love hockey, just like all Columbus, Ohio natives LOVE the Buckeyes (well....99.9% do!). And of course, the Buckeyes are my favorite team, whether it's basketball of football, I LOVE THEM!

  7. I LOVE live hockey games, Eric and I should really go to watch the Wolfpack (University team) or Blazers (Junior team) play more often. I don't know why we don't. I got to go to the Ottawa Senators game last night with my training group and it was SO FUN!