Monday, March 19, 2012


I got a new best friend this weekend...


His name is Benson and I love him. Although he is my BFF, he is not technically mine... he is really Eric's mom's dog. To me this is kind of like being an aunt to a cute kid, I get to enjoy him but I don't really have the responsibility of taking care of him all the time. We all know how much I dislike responsibility.


Benson was adopted from a shelter in South Carolina, and we met up with him in New Hampshire on Saturday. We immediately loved him. You are probably going to be seeing a lot of pictures of him in these parts. We don't know much about Benson's past or even what kind of dog he is, but he is probably about 3 years old.

After we tired the poor dog out, we left him to grab some dinner. I had been sort of looking forward to a low key St. Patrick's Day this year, and by that I mean not celebrating at all (other than wearing a green shirt to a class at the gym and to get the dog haha). So, I was not 100% impressed when we pulled up to one of my favorite restaurants and they were having a big St. Patrick's Day celebration. They even had attached a huge tent to the restaurant and had a live Irish band. Luckily I was easily persuaded to celebrate by green beer...


Somehow despite my many years of St. Patrick's Day shenanigans I have never had green beer before. A couple of these and I immediately forgot that I was not celebrating St. Patrick's Day :) Plus on the way home I found a newly opened frozen yogurt store... triple score.


Saturday was an ideal day, but Sunday was a bit less in my mind... though I have to admit I did go back to the frozen yogurt place. Sunday morning was spent getting work done and then I had to go to the first of 3 weekends in a row of showers. It was a Jack and Jill baby shower so Eric had to attend as well. I thought that would make it better but it turns out there aren't too many ways to make being stuck inside on a beautiful day watching someone open presents exciting... though green beer may have helped...

This time of the year in kindergarten things slow down a bit and I'm hoping to have some time to focus on things I want to at home. Here are some things I'm working on:

1. My Family Blog: I think I mentioned to you guys before that I started a blog to record family stories and history. I'd love to be someone who would make an awesome scrapbook but I know I'm more likely to stick with a blog. I've heard some awesome stories from my grandmother and others, and I found out last weekend that my grandparents were married in 1950 in the same town I live in, and I found some cool pictures of what the street looked like back then, completely different than it looks now!

2. Workouts. I owe you guys a recap of last week, but working out continues to go well- the weather has been perfect for outdoor workouts and then gym has really helped me change things up.

3. Wedding stuff. Guess who still has not done her wedding album? That would be me... finally started working on that process last week. I am also doing a lot of planning for other people's weddings because we have 7 this year! I sent out of my passport application (I need a new one because I changed my name) on Saturday so I can go to Canada this summer. My goal is also to book hotels for a May wedding in Vermont and a June wedding in New Jersey as soon as possible.

How was your weekend? What is going on in your life- catch me up :)


  1. I gasped when I saw the 1st puppy photo. So very cute! And being a dog aunt is so much better...all of the fun of a pet without the work. ;o)

  2. Dang, you do have a lot of weddings to go to!

    Well, you read all about my weekend. :) It was wonderful! Best weekends i've had in ages!

  3. Cutest dog ever! Can't wait to meet him!!

  4. I had green beer in college, but only because I Was forced (drinking the dye really freaked me out, and not because I' against it, but I kept thinking I could taste it!).
    My weekend was pretty great, I mean with this amazing weather who can complain!? We did have a BAD BAD BAD storm on Monday, but it ended with a beautiful rainbow!!

  5. Wow, 7 weddings! That is a lot! It gives you an excuse to travel! I have actually never had green beer. I have had red beer, but not green beer. I guess that is something I need to work on!

  6. What a sweet one!!

    That froyo looks amazing!!! I must have some now