Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Love Boston Project

I think you guys know I love travel, right? Ha ha. I'm having one of those moments though where I realize that I cannot live from one trip to the next. So I think, what do I really love about traveling? I really love planning fun things to do, doing fun things, exploring new places and most importantly I love spending time with whoever I am traveling with. Why can't I do these things now... when it's not vacation, even maybe when it's not a weekend... whoa, a school night? Seriously, I need to always remind myself to appreciate the smaller moments in life.

Enter: The I Love Boston Project. To complete this project, I will do at least one fun activity with someone I love (or at least like a lot) every two weeks and blog about it. Hopefully I'll do it even more, but I do want to make it realistic. There is no specific end date to this project but I'd like to keep it going at least through the summer. Of course the main purpose of this goal is for me to spend quality time with the lovely people in my life, but I also hope I give you guys some good ideas of things you may want to do if you ever visit me in Boston, or maybe even give you an idea of something you could do in your own city. So for that, I hope you join me and enjoy!


Here are some of the things I have in mind:

Hiking and Walking. I think I mentioned the other day, I really, really want to do some hiking around Boston. Please make sure I start this, soon. I also really want to do at least part of the Boston HarborWalk.

Brunch and Dinners. I never need to be convinced to visit new restaurants. One thing I really want to do is a trip to the top of the Prudential to eat at Top of the Hub but the question is will I eat brunch or dinner... tough decisions!

Breweries and Wineries. Can you believe I still have never visited Sam Adam's Brewery?

Shows and Sporting Events. Did you know Chicago's Second City is coming to Boston in March? Awesome. Plus you know I love my Boston sports. In fact, I think a college hockey game might be first on my list this weekend!

Road Trips. Yes, I know I said Boston, but forgive me if I sometimes extend it to short trips from Boston. I'd really like to see the Portland Maine Lighthouse. As usual, I'll use the term "Boston" liberally to mean anything you can reasonably get to from Boston.

How do you always make sure to appreciate the ordinary days and not live from one vacation to the next?


  1. Great idea! That's what I attempt to do with my Staycation series -- especially living in great cities like we both do, it's important to take advantage of everything they have to offer. And now I'll have even more things to add to my must-do-in-Boston list!

  2. Mr. Sneaker was just in Boston for work. He had fun visiting some local breweries and such. He's in Nicaragua now and thankfully he gets back on Thursday because he's been gone for over a week now!

  3. I love this project! I've been trying to find things to do close to home while I'm saving money for my wedding. Can't wait to see what adventures you undertake!

  4. I love this idea! And now I can refer to your guide when I plan my trip to Boston one day in the future. Not that I'll need it since YOU'LL hopefully be my guide ;)

  5. I love this! my husband is in school so it's rare he has an entire day "off," including the weekends. When he does though, I call them our "vacation days" so we can do things similar to what we would do on vacation- go out to eat, explore a new neighborhood, go to a museum, etc. They're usually really low-key and involve a lot of walking around and I love them! :)

  6. That is a great idea!! I think you guys seem to do a good job of being tourists in your own city, but I think it's good to have a focused approach to that perspective. I feel the same say - I can't live for my vacations (especially when my next one is in July which seems like a long way off). I'm not really able to enjoy much about Minneapolis these days w/ all the studying, but once this test is behind me, I am going to work on falling back in love with my neighborhood. I mean, I haven't fallen out of love, I am just sort of 'meh' about things lately.

  7. I do this by NOT going on vacation! haha. We haven't been on a vacation in way too long. Since moving into our house we just haven't had the time, nor the money. I can't wait for our wedding, simply because we'll be getting OUT!
    I can't believe you haven't been to Sam Adam's brewery! Nick and I want to rent an RV and take a trip up and down the east coast to visit each and every brewery. We will do that one day!

  8. As a suggestion for breakfast/brunch, you should try the Chocolate Bar at Cafe Fleuri in Boston. It is amazing they get away with calling it brunch. I can't remember how much you like chocolate, but if your stomach can handle it, it's well worth it. I went a couple years ago for my birthday. A little pricey, but delicious. http://boston.langhamhotels.com/restaurants/chocolate_bar.htm

  9. L.O.V.E! Can I copy this for my city? One of my goals for this year was to get out and experience Atlanta aside from the typical tourist attractions.

    Get started...NOW! I want to hear more about Boston. Ive never been, but would love to go!

  10. Awesome idea, and I can't wait to see what you end up doing! I have to say eating at the Top of the Hub is a must-have experience, as is visiting the Sam Adams Brewery (knocked both off my list in 2011)!

    May I suggest a BU Terriers college hockey game? ;-)

  11. Great idea! Hopefully I can join you on some of your adventures.

    I'm going to rebut the comment before of me and say you should attend a BC EAGLES COLLEGE HOCKEY GAME - even though I already know you will.

    I vote Top of the Hub for Dinner - time it with sunset! My friend went to dinner there for Valentine's day and said it was awesome!