Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Grand Canyon Photoshoot

Monday of vacation is a bit different than Monday of a work week. This Monday we decided to do a day trip to the Grand Canyon, which is about 2 hours from Sedona. If you are a longtime reader of the blog, you may remember that Eric and I have visited the Grand Canyon before, and we actually left early in favor of more time in Sedona. I think the Grand Canyon is absolutely something everyone should see once. Pictures do not do it justice, you just cannot fathom really HOW big the Grand Canyon is until you see it. That being said, I'm still a Sedona girl at heart.








Small view of the Painted Desert in the distance...


Tell me about some of the natural wonders you have seen- I know there are many others I need to see. Let's hear 'em :)


  1. I went to the Grand Canyon a few years ago and you are right, pictures do not do it any justice. I couldnt believe how amazing, beautiful, scary it was. I jumped the fence to hike out to an area that was off limits (but everyone else was doing it) and my legs were shaking the whole time. Its a long way to the bottom.

    We didnt stay long either for the same reason you didnt. I Heart Sedona! I have been there twice and both times have been amazing!

  2. Love these pictures! Especially the jumping ones :) I really want to go to Arizona..
    As for natural wonders, I don't think I've seen anything you haven't seen.. except maybe San Diego. Pretty beautiful.

  3. AH! You guys jumping on that ledge and Eric and his family holding his (brother?) up is terrifying me. Are you not on the edge of a really steep cliff????

    I can't wait to visit the Grand Canyon next year!!! :) Also, what is with the toques?? Is it cold out? I thought Arizona was supposed to be warm!

  4. That jumping picture makes me NERVOUS. I do not think I could have watched you take that photo!

    I think the only natural wonder I've seen is the Great Barrier Reef, and I am pretty sure you have seen that!

  5. AWESOME PICTURES!! They are making me sweat, actually, because it looks like you're about to fall over the cliff!
    I would love to see the Grand Canyon. I haven't really seen many natural wonders....and at the moment I can't think of ANY that I've seen! Sad. I've seen some amazing caves at a local place called the Hocking Hills. But, it's not worth it to make the trip here! I need to travel more :)

  6. My parents went to the Grand Canyon before I was born and my dad took soooooooo many photos that are in their album and I was like ummm... that looks like a boring trip, what do you do? just stare. yeah i am not a scenery vacation person, unless it is looking at beautiful blue water from the beach!

  7. Sedona is really becoming your spot isn't it!?!?! :o)

    I've seen lots of natural wonders but still nothing thrills me as much as pure mountain scenery!