Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Goals: Saving and Frozen Yogurt Eating

Just like that, it's February. I did pretty well with my January goals, so I'm going to try again in February. I'm excited about February for Eric's birthday and my third trip to Sedona! I'm also dreading other parts of the month, such as writing 22 report cards. I'm hoping wine will help me through this aspect. Maybe?

February Goals

1. Continue to run outside at least once per week. The weather has been so nice there is just no excuse for me not to continue running outside at least once a week. I already started this today when it was close to 60 degrees outside. February, what?!

2. Read 4 books. Last month I read 5 books, and this month I'll be on vacation so I was tempted to go for 5 this month, but my vacation will be with Eric's family so I'm not sure if I'll get as much reading done as I normally do. So far the only book on my list to read this month is Rebecca for our Blogger book club. Anyone have any other recommendations for me?

3. Buff up Summer 2012 savings fund. I have an ING account which means I can name my accounts. I still had not renamed my "honeymoon fund" so I just last week changed it to "Summer 2012." I don't want to be a slave to tutoring like I was last summer, and I want to be able to go to Amber's wedding in Canada so... I need to start saving more, right now. It's going to be a rough month for it because I am going away AND I will lose tutoring money that week, so I've set a goal and let's hope I can meet it.

4. Blog at least 3 times per week, maybe more. I've been a little inconsistent on the blogging recently, so I'm hoping I can keep up with it a little better this month. I also have to write report cards which is going to take a lot of typing outside of school, so I may need some extra motivation to take a break and type something I want to write about!

5. Make frozen yogurt with my ice cream maker. We all know I will do pretty much anything for frozen yogurt. On the coldest day of January I forced Eric to drive 25 minutes with me to a frozen yogurt place. Yeah, I need help. Since I got my ice cream maker I have only made ice cream ONCE. I need to make some fro yo. Soon. It might involve this recipe.

What do you hope to accomplish this month? Anything you are looking forward to?


  1. I have one goal for the month (that is about all I can handle) to add strength training to my workout.

    I have been really good with running in January (I ran 53 miles!) - I am also LOVING this warm weather. I hope it doesn't leave. I only had to run 2 times on the treadmill.

    You've got some great goals - good luck in accomplishing them!

  2. I need to shape up my savings too. I love using ING. I have multiple accounts: one for emergency, down payment, christmas, etc. Its a cool feature.

  3. My goal post is going up tomorrow! I flopped so bad in January, I NEED to get my butt in gear. I didn't really set any specific goals for January, but that might be my problem.

    In February, I need to work as much as possible (my travel account needs some FUNDS!) and to continue running (hopefully outside as well!) and drink a minimum of 75oz of water per day. All doable! :)

    As for books... Have you read Sarah's Key? It's February's #twookclub book. Or The Bungalow? I've heard that one is really good too!

  4. Those are good goals! Especially the buff up your savings account for the wedding one :P I also need to buff up my savings account for our honeymoon!! We can save together! I've found leaving my mastercard and debit card in a drawer at home really helps because then I cannot make quick little purchases that I don't have enough cash to pay for and I really have to plan out my trips (like to the grocery store) rather than stop on a whim and spend like $60. Ha.

  5. That's a great set of goals! I need to start contributing to my July trip fund as well! I have been focusing on paying off my piano (which will be paid for as of April! Whooppee!) so haven't been able to save as much as I normally would. What needs to change soon as I need to have that trip paid for ahead of time. :)

    In February, I want to build up my mileage base again and be able to run 10 miles by the end of the month. I also want to keep following my study schedule diligently, as I did in January. But I want to make more time for friends. I did not do much socializing in Janaury (partly because of 2 business trips + sinus surgery).

  6. I started rebecca on the treadnill last night. I thinkwe are going to hate it. ;(

  7. Nice goals. Apparently the groundhog saw his shadow today so that means 6 more weeks of "winter" - but I'm totally fine with 6 more weeks of the winter we've been having. I'm impressed by your running outside once a week. I've run outside once since the marathon haha fail.

  8. Ohhhh yum, ginger honey fro yo?! LAst year Nick and I made fro yo just about every week, this year we've given our ice cream maker a nice vacation. We've switched to easy fudge pops as our late-night snack (turning 30, or at least close to it, will do that to you! haha).
    Running outside is my goal too, at least once or twice a week.