Monday, February 28, 2011

What I've Been Eating Lately

Thanks for all your fantastic comments on my Kindle review. Lisa brought up another con that I forgot about, but completely agree with: not being able to see how many more pages in the chapter. I definitely stop mid-chapter more often on the Kindle than I normally would. I have also been known to scroll ahead a few pages to check if a chapter will end.

As you can tell, I'm attempting to turn over a new leaf on the blog at the moment. By "new leaf" I mean actually have some time to actually write a post here and there, haha. This week is parent/teacher conferences at work which is insanely busy and tiring. However, I'm also attempting NOT to take work home, so I'm hoping that increases my time for things I love such as blogging and reading. I still have half of One Day to read before I can start our blogger book club selection for this month so I've got my work cut out for me, in a good way.

Since I haven't been the most consistent blogger lately, I have a lot of food pictures I have just not posted at all (apparently I still make the food, take the pictures and just never post them...oops). I figured I could just do one post on what I've been eating lately, and so here it is:

*sorry in advance if I've posted about any of these already, I did a search of the blog to try to avoid it, but still there may be a repeat :)

First of all, Eric and I have adopted Taco Tuesday:



We change it up a bit every week, but we always make it with ground turkey and taco seasoning. If you haven't tried turkey tacos, you should. Just sayin.

I've also been attempting to recreate the spring rolls from Not Your Average Joes. Man they are just SO good. So, attempt #1 involved egg roll wrappers, zucchini, mushrooms, and carrots:



These were okay... but given that Not Your Average Joes uses rice paper, raw veggies and rice noodles, these were um... nothing like them. Plus they were missing the best part, the dipping sauce. Luckily I was able to swipe my leftovers last time I was there so I attempted again tonight...


Okay I admit, my spring roll wrapping skills leave something to be desired (perhaps that is an understatement). However, dipped in that amazing dipping sauce from Not Your Average Joes, it was almost as if I was there. If only I could recreate the amazing bread they have.

My other obsession lately has been avocado. It started with my desire to make Angela's 15 Minute Creamy Avocado Pasta. First of all when anyone who is a good cook tells me something will take 15 minutes, I automatically know it will take me longer and of course it did. But it was still pretty good. Just maybe a little more lemony than I would like...


The avocado obsession did not stop there though. In my ongoing quest to recreate the amazing sandwich at Stephanie's on Newbury Street, I have started to make sweet potato and avocado sandwiches. They don't have nearly all of the stuff that the Stephanie's sandwich has, but they are a bit easier to make. All you have to do is roast some sweet potatoes and mash up some avocado on your sandwich and you are good to go...


For the record, the secret to keeping an avocado fresh in the refrigerator is leaving the pit in (thanks Mom!).

What have you been eating lately? Any great ways you use avocado?


  1. that sandwich looks like something i want to dig my teeth into. lately i've been on a burger kick. i can't get enough!

  2. I've been eyeing Angela's pasta for a while now! I can't wait until some decent avocados show up in my neck of the woods! :)

  3. I used to always make turkey taco's when I ate meat. Now I make black bean ones all the time. Yum! :)

    I LOVE SPRING ROLLS! So much! I should try to recreate them at home one time.

  4. I just don't think I will ever use a Kindle! Nick keeps saying I should get one, but I think I stare at enough screens, and that's why I wouldn't ever get one. Who knows though, things may change...

    Your spring rolls sound amazing (and look it too). I have never tried making my own springs roll, but you make it look easy (other than the wrapping, haha).

    No new food for me, I've been in a rut because I'm so busy! Bad excuse, but I'm using it.

  5. Mmmm...tacos! This makes me want to eat!

  6. I've been experimenting with avocado lately too! Going to try that pasta and a sandwich.

  7. Mmmm, I love avocados. I wish they were less expensive! I could eat one ever day, just diced up with a little salt and pepper on it. Mmm...

    I have not done much cooking lately. I did make taco soup last weekend and that's about it. This weekend I am making that vegan lasagna that Amber raves about which I am looking forward to!