Thursday, February 3, 2011

Move to Hawaii?

Yesterday brought my 4th snow day in 4 weeks. Maybe some teachers like snow days but I do not. It's like stealing a nice, sunny vacation day from my summer and making it miserable outside so that I have to spend the whole day shoveling (or watch Eric shovel as it is in my case, I love him) and stuck in my house. Oh and did I mention that I always seem to have some kind of meeting that has to be rescheduled to a much more annoying time? Yeah... and also:



Even my darling kindergarten students, who said that they LOVED snow have started casually making pictures like this during choice time...


Yup even the 5 year olds are dreaming of the beach.

This winter Eric and I have mostly been joking about moving to Arizona, but then it occurred to us... Arizona is nice in the winter, but in the summer it will be misery, why not enjoy a little of this instead?



Yup Hawaii. So I did a little research on teachers in Hawaii. The average salary, while less than MA, is not terrible. But then I noticed that Hawaii is rated 50th friendliest state to teachers (yes, out of 50, in case that wasn't obvious). This number was calculated when comparing teacher salary to the cost of living...

Well crap.

When I told Eric the unfortunate news, he was unfazed. He said he planned to leave teaching for professional ukulele playing. Can't you just picture it?




A match made in Hawaiian heaven.

What should my new career be in Hawaii? Ideas needed!


  1. oh man, we're definitely planning our move to somewhere tripical! :)

  2. I too looked into moving to Hawaii. Weve been there the last two Octobers, and I loved it. However, after living in MA--the downside to me was that there is nothing to do! Its all small towns and I felt claustrophobic of the island once we were there for a week!

  3. Wow, that is alot of snow! I am ready for winter to be over, too!

    I think you should be a hula girl if Eric is going to play the Ukelele! ;)

  4. You guys have had such a horrrrible winter! Gross!

    Just so you know....In Tucson right now...

    People are FREAKING OUT. Because it got to 17 last night. This is a big, life-changing event. Coldest it's been since like 1899?!

    So....yes, AZ is not bad if this is what we're freaking out so much about.

    Did I mention it's going to be 52 for a high tomorrow? Yeah, not so bad.

    I vote for Hawaii though. I need the beach!

  5. Hahahaha I totally think you guys should move to Hawaii :P

    That is A LOT OF SNOW THOUGH! Holy crap!! I would be annoyed with that much snow too!

  6. I'm plotting my move to Hawaii too. This is crazy!

  7. Become a surfer teacher!! A surfer teacher who also plays in a ukulele band with her hubby, ha!!
    Yeah, it would be lovely living in HAwaii, but....I love having seasons. We haven't had as bad of a winter as you have, but it's been pretty rough, but it only makes me enjoy the spring and summer more :)

  8. Yeah I am also totally over the snow days...and my kids are pretty done with them too!

    I saw an ad on Wednesday for a speech therapist in the Virgin Islands and seriously considered I got snowed in...again.

  9. After this winter, I would love to move somewhere warm as well.

    I have only had 2 snow days - they make us come to work even when it is snowing - it has to be REALLY bad to consider cancelling!