Sunday, February 20, 2011

Back in the Southwest

Greetings from Kelly and Eric take on Arizona, Take 2. Last year Eric and I decided to go to Arizona for February vacation kind of randomly. We had wanted to go for awhile, and the airfare was cheaper than any other warm climate so we thought, why not? Turned out we loved it and booked it again for this year.

Last year we took US Air to get here because it was cheapest, but boy do I hate that airline. We both stuffed all of our clothes into one suitcase because they charge you for every stinking bag and they didn't show a movie or give any free drinks for the entire trip across the country. Terrible. This year the cheapest airline was Jet Blue, wahoo! This means extra leg room and a tv in front of every seat. Life is wonderful. Well that is until we had to wake up at 4:30am to catch our flight and what should've been a 5 1/2-6 hour flight ended up being much closer to 8 hours because of the crazy winds yesterday. Oh well, no point in dwelling on that- we survived it anyway and eventually we arrived in Phoenix.

So you know how Phoenix is a desert? Dry.... warm... etc? Yesterday was rainy and cold... but at least I looked normal in the Uggs I was still wearing from Boston. Eric and I seem to be dragging cold and wet weather around with us this winter. But, fortunately we also seem to drag rainbows around with us...


Last night I obviously had to go to great lengths to find the delicious self serve frozen yogurt of Phoenix. This time we tried a place called Cherry on Top which may be my frozen yogurt place so far. I mixed two amazing flavors: cake batter and red velvet cupcake.


Apparently Cherry on Top is currently looking for people who want to open their own location...


Self serve frozen yogurt sounds a bit more glamorous than 5 year olds, huh?

Eric and I were both in bed early last night and I managed to sleep until 6 am (8 Boston time). I had almost forgot how seriously PITCH black it is in Arizona in the morning, must be the lack of Daylight Savings time.

Before Eric woke up, I hit up the hotel gym to use the elliptical. Since I don't currently belong to a gym and just work out at home/at the yoga studio, it's sorta nice to see a gym while on vacation. Plus they had a sauna so I could pretend I went to a real desert while in Arizona.

It was pouring and cold again this morning so we went to the Heard Museum. Last time we were in Phoenix, Eric and I did a lot of the outdoor tourist attractions- the zoo, the gardens etc. This time, we found ourselves at a Native American Art Museum, a famous one though and it ended up being really cool. I took about a zillion pictures, so here are a few:








We took a lunch break in the middle of touring it, and overall it was an awesome way to spend a rainy day. I love cool museums and I find Native American history fascinating. I think part of it is that while I was in Australia, I took a class on the aboriginal people, so for awhile I knew more about Native Australians than Native Americans, maybe even still do. The scariest thing is how much their history mirrors what happened here... how can two groups of Europeans, on opposite sides of the world both have decided that they would pull Native Americans/Australians out of their homes and slowly try to eliminate their culture entirely? What is WRONG with people? Fascinating I tell you.

Anyway, that's enough serious stuff for today. There is a hint of sun coming out and it's time to head into downtown Scottsdale for some dinner. And probably some frozen yogurt after because I seem to remember a serious lack of good ice cream in Sedona area. Uncool.

How was everyone's weekend? Tell me one fun thing you did :)


  1. We went bowling. That was fun! Although, now I'm wishing I was in Arizona! :-)

  2. I hope it gets warm on your trip!!

  3. We are supposed to get snow tonight/tomorrow so I am very jealous of your trip.

    We had friends over for dinner last night - that was fun!

  4. How awesome that you are on vacation!!!

    As for me - nothing fun. I'm injured all over. Boo!!!!

  5. Yay looks so fun! I LOVE museums and learning more about history. I'm jealous of that frozen yogurt place, I totally think you should open one :P

    You might be able to tell from pictures (then again when we were abroad people thought he was Greek and Italian. lol) but my Eric is 1/2 Native Canadian (his mom is full native canadian and still speaks fluently in her native tongue!)

    They have SUCH a violent/sad history. I took a Native studies class in my second year of college and it was fascinating. Really interesting to see how the effects of what happened to Native Canadians/Americans back then carried through into their lives (and a lot of stereotypes that people have against them) today. I have seen first-hand how their culture works and it is definitely different than the typical "middle-class Canadian or American" culture.

    I did a paper once comparing the way that Europeans treated the Native Americans/Canadians and the Aboriginals in Australia AND the African's in Africa - crazy how much it mirrored each other. Gosh Europeans were jerks.

    Anyways, now that I've left a novel comment, enjoy the rest of your holiday :D Can't wait for the next recap!

  6. I didn't even realize you were going to Arizona this weekend!! Fun! While I used to hate museums, I always try to get a little cultural experience in my trips these days (not that I go on many). I like learning now that I am mature enough to appreciate it.
    I would seriously LOVE to open a soft serve restaurant one day. How fun! But I'd rather open my own ice cream place, really.... one day :)

  7. Oh fun! Glad you guys made it safely! I hope the weather warms up for you guys! I love AZ - such a fun place to visit. I go there every Jan/Feb and it's such a great getaway!

    Let's see, best part of my weekend was reading books in Paris cafes and eating a gallette on Saturday night. Yum.

  8. Wahooo! Kelly posting is back, this makes me happy : ) I'll most likely get back on posting regularly.. one of these days?
    I want to go to Arizona someday it sounds cool, anddd you should definitely open up your own self service frozen yogurt place. For sure. My only request is that they also have vanilla ice cream for me : )
    My weekend was fabulous, nothing really in particular to share though..