Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hiatus = OVER.

So yeah... when was the last time I blogged? I feel like this might have been the longest I've been away since I started blogging almost two years ago. I wish I could say it was because I was doing something awesomely fun...

...but unless endless report cards and other annoying work-related tasks count as awesomely fun, we are out of luck.

Today I left work at a reasonable hour (which I deserved after tutoring, working all day and then teaching an extra curricular after school) and left everything at work. Well that's a lie, I brought stuff home I just simply haven't taken it out. What have I done instead? Worked out, ate dinner, did some laundry, made some phone calls (dinner reservation for Eric's birthday dinner included, wahoo) and did some serious goodreads stalking. I'm looking for a book to read on my trip next week. Eric's mom is lending me her Kindle so that I can try it out. I need a fast read that is also good so I'll be hooked to the Kindle. Any recommendations?

I know it's a little sad that I consider a night of working out and doing laundry as a luxury, but I swear I sometimes do have fun... just not really on Tuesday nights. Wanna see some pictures from Eric's 30th Birthday Party this weekend?!


Oh, so you thought I was not going to get ridiculous 30 glasses? Yeah right... do you guys know me at all?

Eric's mom provided the cake as always, and Josh provided the "You're Old" candles...


My mom provided the sugar cookies (and peanut butter cookies)...


Some of my friends joined in for the fun...



Tiff was there too but I forgot to get a pic (though I do have a picture of us at Eric's birthday/ our housewarming party two years ago, man time freaking flies- never thing I know it's going to be ME who's 30!). Obviously lots of Eric's friends were there but most of my pics are not blog appropriate (random kindergarten teacher paranoia moment). I do have the token picture of Eric and his smallest friend. Every time we hang out with him, I have to get a picture of these two...


I actually wish I got more pictures, but I'm bad at taking pictures at my own parties. Too busy making sure everyone is having fun!

Most notably missing from the party were my brother and sis who were too busy being college students... can't wait til that's done and over with and we can hang out all the time (assuming they don't both leave me for the Connecticut/NYC area forever...wahhhhhhh and marry Yankees fans... double WAHHHHH). Katie = my new brother AND sister until further notice. She's obviously up to the task. Don't worry Katie, even when they do move back to Boston forever, I will still need you as my other sister in order for my children to have cousins around the same age as them. This is why people have best friends, I'm telling you- she solves all my problems. No sorry, she WILL solve all my problems when she lands a job at my work and kicks out all the people who bother me... yes, Katie, get on that.

Wow this post is all OVER the place. This is what happens when I don't blog for a long time, I guess! To sum up: I need a good book recommendation, Eric's party was a success, Katie = slowly working towards solving all my problems.

Let's see if I can blog tomorrow night after attending yoga class (this is my not-so-subtle way of making sure I attend yoga class). What have you guys been up to?


  1. Ooooh LOVE the 30th birthday glasses - the party looks FUN! (though I still think making everyone dress up like Eric would have been HILARIOUS!)

    Yes, do blog more, please?!

    OH, and I'm LOVING Water for Elephants - it's definitely a "can't put it down" type of book!

  2. Welcome back! I celebrated my birthday recently too. Eric and I must have pretty similar birthdays, so happy birthday to him! :-)

  3. haha, I do that sometimes too!! I will mention something on my blog so it motivates me to actually DO IT. Great idea ;)

    Happy 30th to Eric! Love the glasses, and that cake. Awesome.

    Good luck finishing the report cards/grades. I'm sure this is a busy time for you, so it's great that you are sticking with your yoga to help keep you sane! ;)

  4. It's great to see you back! Happy birthday to Eric! Looks like a lot if fun. I hope you have some more low key days to come...I'm sure there is even more to do to make up for all those snow days. They're fun, but leave a lot of work to make up!

  5. I love Katie, HOWEVER, the fact that she is replacing me is NOT cool.

    That's all I have to say.

    Oh, and I love your 30 glasses : )

  6. Happy belated birthday to Eric!!! And I love the dress!

  7. It HAS been a while!!! I'm glad you're back! :)

    As far as what I've been up to . . .

    I have a stress fracture. Boo!!!

    And we just got our wedding trailer. Major YAAAYYYY!!!! You can go check it out on my blog!

  8. aaaah I know how you feel! Work, thesis, wedding, cycling and life are making me crazy! We need a vacay :) Looks like a great b-day! I'm usually terrible at taking pics at my own parties too. hmmm I'm no good at book recs since I never get to read them lol Hope you have a nice weekend!