Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pink Girly Drinks

Happy Weekend everyone J Of course for me the weekend means the end of a vacation, but I’ll let the slide for now and be happy for all of you who (hopefully) don’t have to work!

Since I’m sad to be home in the cold weather, I might as well reminicise about our last day in Sedona. Eric and I had contemplated all sorts of different challenging hikes we could attempt to take on for our last day “go out with a bang.” But, a terrible night sleep left both of us more excited for a day of relaxing. Luckily, we found just the place… Redrock Crossing.


Red Rock Crossing is yet another gorgeous area of Sedona by Oak Creek.




Eric and I walked down the creek a bit, had a picnic, read for a little while and then explored some more. After a cold, snowy and dark winter in Boston, we had to sort of drag ourselves back inside and out of the sun. Luckily, we had made a reservation at our favorite Sedona restaurant, Cucina Rustica- shockingly good Italian food.

While at the yummy Italian restaurant, Eric got a Prickley Pear Maragarita (special Arizona speciality). I enjoy when he gets these drinks because I like to take pictures of Eric with pink drinks… (thought you would enjoy this Gina)


While Eric had sipped his girly pink drink, I had to wear the pants in this relationship...


(Notice I was drinking a beer... haha).

This was all on Thursday. Yesterday was the travel day home. Luckily all went well on the travel front, but that didn't stop us from having some lost keys and police adventures.

Oh, you want to hear more about the police adventures? Well, let's just say that our brilliant rental car company decided to put the license plate of our car on the back window instead of the holder. This might have been okay except the car had absurdly tinted windows, so even we had a hard time actually finding our license plate. When the cop pulled us over he said that he couldn't see it at all and then when he ran the plates, the number wasn't coming back. Awesome. When we brought the car back, we told them what had happened and they said, "oh unfortunately that's a cop problem." Um, no... in fact, it's a YOU problem because cops need to be able to SEE the license plate, and it should also come up in the system. Duh.

The good news is, the ridiculous wind that made our flight out to Arizona take 8 hours, was in our favor on the way back- 3 hours and 50 minutes and we were home in Boston. We knew we landed in the right city because it was snowing, obviously!

I'm pretty happy to be home, minus the nasty weather and looming parent/teacher conferences next week. I'm also exhausted and contemplating if a nice hot yoga session is going to help or hurt me right now. Hope everyone has a great Saturday! What are you up to this weekend?


  1. Your last day sounds SO NICE and relaxing!! I love that you walked along that cool stream - and having a picnic + reading sounds heavenly. I miss summer. Sigh.

    I have a picture of Eric drinking a really girly drink that comes up whenever he calls me on my phone. Hehe!

    Today is really busy for me but hopefully tomorrow will be a more relaxing day!

  2. Sounds like a great last day - I think it's good to listen to your bodies and take it easy when you are tired! My last day in Paris didn't end up like I had planned as I pretty much sat in cafes all day, but I am so glad I did that. :)

    Sounds like an awesome vacation - and I love the pic of Eric w/ his pink drink!

    Welcome back home, though. I am glad you got home w/ no travel hassles (well, besides the rental car thing!)

    I don't have much planned this weekend. Just having dinner w/ some friends tonight and then doing a whole lot of CFA studying... Speaking of which, the CFA books are calling my name... off to study!

  3. Haha, love that E got the pink girly drink while you had beer!

  4. Glad you got home safe and faster this time! I am so sick of winter too, it snowed a bunch more yesterday and I'm hoping it's the last snowfall of the winter. Fingers crossed.
    This weekend a friend of mine is in town to visit and we're going out to out and then bowling. Other than that it is just study, study, study. Oh, and I'm really looking forward to the Oscars :)

  5. sounds like a great trip! glad you got back safety. ummm this weekend... friday i babysat the nephews, 5 and 7 yo, hilarious kiddoes. and today am relaxing and catching up on my naps :)

  6. Oh yes, I loved that picture! Eric drinking wine is one thing, but a pink beverage?? Classic! Did you know that prickly pears help lower blood sugar?? Yep, I remember reading research about that (good for diabetics).

    Glad oyu made it home safely, and ticket free. Yeah, that rental car place needs to open there eyes and realize their customers should NOT be getting pulled over!! Weirdos.

    This weekend, like all weekends, I work, but tomorrow I'm off, yeah! I'll be getting a hair cut and doing some shopping.

  7. Booo I just wrote a whole comment and it got deleted.
    Round 2:
    I love the picture of your initials sketched into the rock! Very cute. And photographically pleasing : )

    I also love (the other comment flowed way better) that feeling when you actually are happy to come home.

  8. i was up to drinking this weekend. and no girlie drinks here for me either. i was drinking jack ;)

  9. Welcome back! I traveled home to NH this weekend for spring break. We had to drive through the nasty weather - yuck! Glad you made it back safely.