Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday, the new Friday?

So yeah back to the grind over here and nothing fun about it. It might be more fun if I wasn't being yanked from my class all week (aka at the most prime time to be in my classroom) to administer the DIBELs test to my friend's classroom. Obviously we cannot be trusted to administer a test to our own students. Please! I'd rather see her kids do well than mine because I know how much she's kicking her butt to improve the literacy skills of her low group of kiddos. But, obviously teachers are selfish people right? Anyway, it's more fun this way because then I get to say to Eric, "I'm DIBELing Kathy's kids tomorrow" and he gets to laugh at home ridiculous that sounds. Yes DIBEL is a verb people. Anyway, enough about teaching, now that I actually post on my teaching blog you can go there for that :)

But I do have some good kiddo stories (teaching is not the same as kids, kids make great blog material... so I think anyway).

E: Ms. She Wears a Red Sox Cap, did you go anywhere over the vacation?

me: Yup, I went to Florida.

E: Oh, so is that why we had a vacation?

me: so I wish my friend, so I wish

IMAGINE the travel deals i could get if the vacation days revolved around my life :)

And another good one. As I'm DIBELing Kathy's kids today I'm trying to make conversation so I'm not just some mean scary teacher who has no sense of humor once the timer starts (which is actually the truth of me but anyway)...

me: so, your name is Michael, I love that name.

Michael: me too!

me: is your dad's name Michael too?

Michael: no, his name is just "Dad."

Hehe. So good. So good. See why I couldn't teach college? College students do not make such funny comments. Okay fine, I really can't teach college because I don't have and will probably never have a PHD. Oh well.

On an entirely different note, for you Barney Butter fans- you can win a year's supply of Barney Butter just by liking them on facebook! Might as well try, right?

Tell me some fun stories about how to make a Tuesday into a Friday. Now, GO!


  1. well i don't have any fun stories. i thought you were talking about going out drinking tonight and that's why it was a friday. i could support that ;)

  2. Love the way you 'turn into a mean scary teacher' when the timer starts. I am the same way during DRA2s. There is no humor allowed in that type of assessment!
    My kid story from the day is as follows:
    M: Mrs. M, what are we doing in reading today?
    Me: Oh, I think we're going to be predicting again.
    M: YES! (pumps her fist like she's just won a race)
    Gotta love that enthusiasm!

  3. Hahaha I love your kid stories. And now I am off to "like" Barney Butter. Thanks for the tip!

  4. I am so glad that someone else knows DIBELS is a verb! I usually get all sorts of weird looks! :)

  5. Cute kid stories! It is almost Wednesday, and then it is downhill from there!

  6. Does taking a nap count? Because that's about the most exciting thing I did yesterday. Hahaha...

  7. That is amazing. My friend Cindy is also a kindergarten teacher and she gets called "mom" at least once a day.

  8. I love your classroom stories! Kids are so fun!

  9. I love the stories about your kids! Too funny!

    The dad one is awesome. I love how young kids don't understand that you can be called different things. My 2 year old nephew was Batman for Halloween, so I said, - 'So you are batman?' He looked at me like I was crazy and said, "No, I'm Matthew". I tried explaining he could be Batman AND Matthew at the same time. Totally unsuccessful. I went through this with my other nephews, too. I would tell the oldest, "You are such a sweetheart" and he'd say, "No, Lisa, I'm James." Love it. Kids are awesome!

  10. HA! Awesome! :oP

    My funny stories all involve people in the criminal system. Probably not good for a blog.

  11. I love these!! Tell us more!! The things kids say...there could be a tv show right right from your classroom! I'd watch it.

    Right now I am in PA learning how to teach kids about nutrition. We are learning the differences between how the younger kids (6-8) and older kids (9-11) act and how they need to be taught. It's interesting, really!