Sunday, January 23, 2011

Parties and Inner Zen

So you know how Eric and have a 30th birthday party practically every weekend? Last night we went to a Surprise 30th, 40th and 50th birthday and graduation party for Eric's aunt Nancy. Does that count as a 30th birthday? I think she would say yes. Apparently, she has never had a party thrown for her- so Eric's mom and cousins (her sons) decided to throw one to celebrate everything :)

Eric's mom was obviously in charge of the cake...


Yes, it tasted as good as it looks. I checked, just for you guys.

The surprise itself went beautifully. She had literally no idea about the party at all. I think part of the brilliance of it was that it was a really random birthday and it happened a few weeks ago, so she had no reason to think there was a party for her. Eric's mom told her she had to stop by and visit a friend from party at a party. Nancy was thinking, oh god I hate going to parties where I don't know anyone... hahaha. My picture of her arrival is terrible (and this is the edited version, but I tried!)


Trust me, she was surprised.

During the night I got a lot of good pictures...

Eric + his brothers, cousins and Nana:


Eric's brother Josh + Nana (they had just taught her the "rock on" symbol):


Nancy's sons + nephews + grandson:


The Girls:


I know I joke about the insanity that is 30th birthdays and weddings, but I actually do love parties for people. Especially ones that start at 5 and I'm home by 10:15. I'm not tired today at all and I ran this morning. Wahoo, why can't everyone get on this time schedule?

On another note, work has been massively stressful lately. I mentioned that right? Also we've had 2 snow days in 2 weeks, and there is a serious possibility we are getting another blizzard this week. I've had meetings scheduled and rescheduled up the wazoo and I'm seriously concerned that when I have to write report cards in a few weeks I'm going to be writing, "your child would've made some improvement if we ever had school...." This added to a million IEP meetings, an aide "swap", this terrible class I'm taking...etc, etc. = I am stressed.

But even so, I am going to channel my inner-zen-yogi-self (hmm haven't seen her in about 10 years?) and I'm just going to be zen. Seriously. It's not going to make any 20 page long checklists disappear if I complain about it. It's not going to make meetings quicker if I get stressed... right? So I'm not going to. Just this week, which is only 4 days because I am taking Friday off to go to Newport with Eric's fam (delayed Christmas present from us). Taking days off when you are a teacher is actually more stress than being there, so I need this challenge this week. 4 days of no-stress. There may be some deep breathing and a lot of laughing involved... I'll let you know how it goes. Ready, set, GO!

How do you channel your inner-zen?


  1. So for Indian parties people don't even start getting ready till 8pm!!!!!

    I would kill to be home by ten!

  2. I told Patrick that if he ever throws me a surprise party, he should do it on a random birthday so I have no idea. Hahaha...
    Glad that the surprise worked!

  3. Yum. That cake looks AMAZING!

    I always ask myself "is this something within your control" if it IS I try to figure out how I can make it LESS stressful (like canceling plans so I have more downtime or something) but if it ISN'T (which 95% of the time the things that stress me out are totally out of my control) I just remind myself there's nothing I can do about it and to go with it.

    I've also been trying really hard lately to 100% focus on the task I'm doing and quit thinking about upcoming things that have to be done or are going to happen. This is really hard for my multitasking brain but even if I can achieve doing this for 30 minutes some days it helps!

    Also: BREATHE!

    Good luck being zen :)

  4. i don't channel my inner zen. at least not on my own. i've been relying on friends to calm me down...usually by making me popcorn and watching funny movies

    fun party. surprise parties are always a blast.

  5. I wish I could steal your snow storm! I shouldn't complain because I didn't work a full week last week or the week before due to other stuff, but every chance to I have to gain extra time to get homework done I'll take it!

    I just spent three hours at the library observing and reading and I saved one doc over the other therefore losing an HOUR'S worth of observation notes. UGH!

  6. It sounds like everyone is getting stressed at work lately! I've had many convos with friends and family about this same topic....must be the crazy time of year!

    The surprise party looked like a hit. Great idea to make it a "Generations party", I love that! And yum, the cake looks deeeelicious!

  7. I am wishing you good luck finding your inner zen. I try all the time but it's hard to not stress about something! It does help to remind myself that there's nothing I can do to control it and stressing out or worrying isn't going to help one bit.

  8. Looks like a fun party! So cool that it was a total surprise! That is hard to pull off!

    I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately, too. I just keep reminding myself that I will feel better once this finance exam is behind me in June. So that's only 4 more months of stress/feeling overwhelmed. ;)

    Hang in there - hope calmer waters are ahead!