Thursday, January 13, 2011

Passport to Parsnips

I haven't posted in awhile, lots to catch you guys up on...

On Monday night I made parsnip fries and they were DELICIOUS. I had actually bought the parsnips about a week earlier and I was afraid they were going to go bad, but they didn't- I love long lasting vegetables! Eric wanted to try out the "fry-making" feature on his mandolin so he went to town on my parsnips after I peeled them. He had to put some serious muscle into it when it go to the middle of the fries, and I ended cutting the middle of the last few because I was afraid he was going to chop off one of his fingers. It was pretty awesome to get them SO little though. After Eric exercised all his slicing skills I put all the pieces into a big bag with some olive oil and shook away. Then I put my fries on a baking sheet and threw them in the oven at 400 degrees. I flipped them over about halfway through and they took less than 20 minutes to cook.



Amazing. Make these. Seriously.

Other interesting news this week? We had a massive blizzard in Boston. Last year we didn't have a ton of snow in the winter so I was definitely starting to get cocky about my ability to manage snow. School got canceled for Wednesday early Tuesday night. I immediately started plotting the yoga class I was going to attend the next morning. Um... no, there was at least a foot of snow on the ground when I woke up in the morning and no sign of stopping. Whoops, forgot I live in Massachusetts for a sec.

It was okay to stay home all day though, I got a ton of work done for the language acquisition class that I'm taking, so at least that's good. A lot of schools around were canceled today too, but my district does not participate in this sort of codling... we are tough suburb-of-Bostonians.

In final news, I discovered this REALLY awesome thing called Passport to Prana. It has a ton of different locations in both the US and Canada. Basically, you purchase a Passport for $30 and you can go to any yoga studio on their list for FREE until the expiration date. Considering most yoga classes are $15-$20, this is an amazing deal, especially if you like to try out new places. I'm not going to buy a Boston one this year because I already have a pass that expires at the end of January for my studio and the Boston pass expires at the end of January, but some of the locations have much later expiration dates. I'll definitely be taking advantage of this when they offer the next one! I think it even mentioned somewhere that most places will honor their "it's free the first time" promotion for you even if you have used a Passport to Prana before which means 2 free classes at some places. Anyone else love free stuff?

I'm off to the Cape this weekend to celebrate fake-New Years with Caroline, Katie and the boys! What is everyone up to?


  1. parsnip fries? sounds lovely! enjoy the cape. i'm jealous. my sis is coming to visit me and my friends in provi so i'm pretty pumped

  2. Parsnip fries....not something you hear about everyday. They look really good. What do they taste like? I cant say I have ever had a parsnip

  3. I haven't had parsnip fries in FOREVER! I need to fix that ASAP

  4. Hmmm I've been wanting to try parsnip fries for a while! Those look good! Also? How good is Eric at slicing - those look like fries you'd get in a restaurant! Lol

  5. Those fries seriously look real! Nick bought me a new mandolin for Christmas so I might just have to try these "fries" sometime soon. I may try serving them without telling Nick what they are....muahaha

    Hope the snow isn't too bad over there (although according to Al is!). Enjoy it while you can, I guess, because before you know it it will be 90 degrees!

  6. Wow, I agree w/ Amber - those look like fries you'd get in a restaurant! Well done, Eric! Those sound yummy. I am all about fries. :) Mmm... Kind of makes me want to buy a mandolin!

    Have fun at the cape!! I am heading to Tucson!! Can't wait!

  7. Those fries look very professoinal! And delicoius!

    I never thought of using parsnips like that! Good idea -- you are such a creative chef!

    I have been hearing about your crazy blizzards out east! Insane! I can't believe we live on the same continent -- when it's blizzarding in one region, and it's 73 and sunny here....

    Enjoy your fantastic weekend in cape! :)

  8. i've never made parsnip fries...i'm kinda afraid to because i've heard parsnips are pretty strong and bitter tasting. maybe the cooking helps mild the flavor?

  9. I looked for parsnips today in the grocery store to make fries - sadly they didn't have any.

    Will have to keep my eyes peeled.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Hey! In reply to the zumba, you can totally just do those you tube videos at home, and no one will know!!! I just put it on, crank it up and dance away. My dog looks at me funny, but that's about all!! :)

    Hope you are doing great!! :)