Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Day #2

Hello from snowy Massachusetts where I am enjoying yet another Snow Day... the second in 2 weeks. Not sure I've ever had 2 in a year since I've started working.


See the snow reaching the top of my fence? A few more inches and we will be officially out of space :)

Anyway, "enjoying" is the wrong way to describe both snow days so far since they are basically work at home days that I will have to work AGAIN in June... so yeah. Work has been literally a crazy place for me lately as I seem to be getting more and more on my plate every day. I even said the dreaded "no" a couple of times this week and it still didn't seem to help the situation much. I actually did want to have school today because I had a lot I needed to get done and 2 meetings that will now need to be rescheduled. But, what's the use of dwelling on it? Plus I have a cold so it's nice to get a little extra rest time. Speaking colds, has anyone ever used a Neti Pot? Seriously try it, it's pretty hilarious. Though I don't recommend laughing while doing it like I did... seriously I don't recommend it.

In the spirit of happy laughter, let's talk about things that DID make me happy this week, since so many things did not.

#1- My new giant bag :)


It's hard to see the exact color in the picture but it's that beautiful pinkish purple and it's nice a big so it can hold all my ridiculous work, while making me happier about it. The best part? I bought this with one of my Christmas gift cards from Eric's parents so it didn't cost me a cent, in fact I still had money left over. The best.

2. Turkey Tacos.


Eric made turkey tacos on Monday night and they were fantastic. I had ground turkey, salsa, carrots and cilantro in mine. I'm excited to explore future possibilities with these babies.

3. Conversation Hearts.


Who doesn't love these? Seriously. What is better than a heart of sugar with some ridiculous statement on them... what the heck does "head heels" mean?

What is making you happy this week? What are you up to this weekend?


  1. I love the Head Heels one! It is...Head OVER Heels. Super original!

    I had a snow day today too, my third one in 2 weeks. Ready for sping...I do not want to be teaching in JULY!

  2. I did not have a snow day today - the roads were not that good either. I was not happy!

    Love the new bag!

    I'm getting a cookie at lunch today - that is what is making me happy!

  3. Crazy about the weather lately! Yay for snow days? Maybe not for you if you have to make them up...But YES to conversation hearts. They're so bad they're amazing :)

  4. This snow is crazy! I hope you get some rest on your day off and can knock out that cold. I am enjoying watching the snow fall with a cuddly baby in my arms :)

    I love your new bag!

  5. GRRR. Your blog ate my comment Kelly :-/

    OK, what I said was something along the lines of this:

    1. That is A LOT of snow, even to this Northern Canadian who is used to A LOT of snow!

    2. Love your bag. I need a big bag because I'm constantly hauling around at least 2 or 3 bags. I really need to find one bag that holds EVERYTHING. Where did you get it?

    3. Things making me happy this week = yoga, sleep, coffee!

    And now I am copying this comment in case it gets eaten again!

  6. We had turkey tacos this week too! So yummy!
    And I'm over the snow. We have a snow day today too, which means I'm stuck at home. Yuck!

  7. I love conversation hearts! I have successfully avoided them at the grocery store, but I know giving in is inevitable! It's gonna happen!

  8. I'm happy about the fact that our wedding photographers blogged about our big day - and the pics are GORGEOUS! :o)

  9. head OVER heels. I think the line designates the over? ohhh conversation hearts. i love your messages but dont really enjoy the chalky candy taste.

  10. I love Vera Bradley! I am slowly accumulating enough stuff to become certified Vera Bradley crazy. ;)

    Conversation Hearts are my favorite! Probably the only reason to like V-Day. ;) The "Head Heels" stands for "Head Over Heels". My 5th grade teacher used to do play-on words like that all the time! The only one I can remember is her writing "CHAIR" in a box at the top, standing for "High Chair." ;)

  11. You know, that does really suck that you have to make these days up when the weather will actually be nice... I never really thought about that! Ick.

    Let's see, this week I am happy about my new job, riding the bus (so nice to read on the commute), and the book I am reading (Saving CeeCee Honeycutt).

  12. it's head OVER heals. which is brilliant actually. i love those heart candies too. need to pick some up. :-)

  13. It was so funny, yesterday morning EVERY SINGLE school district was off in Columbus, accept for ours!! So, my brother had school, ha!! We didn't get as much as you guys did though, my goodness!

    Love the new bag. I need to get a Vera Bradley wallet, as mine is nasty and I love those things.

    As for a neti pot, nope, never tried it. I am getting over a cold myself and I'm afraid of those things! They are popular at the store though, people always ask for them.