Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy 2011, Take 2

Ah long weekends, I wish every weekend could be a long weekend. Bonus if it happens to fall 2 days after a snow day during which I get a lot of my work done. I actually had time to read this weekend, wahoo. Although like Amber says, we always have time for these things, I just choose to do my work instead (and post on my blog, and read blogs, etc). But this weekend I had time to do all that and read, which makes it a good weekend. Plus I got to hang out with Caroline and Katie as we celebrated fake New Years.

I'm not sure about you guys and New Years, but I was never a massive fan of the holiday. In high school I had so many great, amazing friends, but they were all sort of from different "groups" so I always found it hard to figure out what to do on New Years when my friends were so spread out. College only made it more crazy. I always did something, but it was very built up. Finally, when I met Eric we started coming down to the Cape and that's when our tradition of spending New Years with Caroline, Chris, Katie and Adam began. This year we were in Florida for New Years so we did a fake New Years on Friday night.

Eric was in charge of fancy drinks...



Katie provided the New Years masks... that we later named the "truth masks."


Twas another good New Years. Even if it was a bit late.

Saturday was spent on my favorite winter sport which I do not do nearly enough any more (though more than any other winter sport it seems)...



I love ice skating and I'm going to do it more often this year if it kills me. (I say this every year.)

You know when you are talking to someone and they bring up something that is completely random (happens in Kindergarten every day)? I'm about to do that.

The Kindle. What are your thoughts? For some odd reason I see this going into the Kelly history books as one of those things that I hated with a passion and then loved with an even great passion along with Vera Bradley bags and Ugg boots. But I'm not to the love stage yet, or even the like.

The overwhelming con I can see with the Kindle (or any variation) is the lack of books. I love books, especially the feel and smell of a brand new book. It's almost too amazing to read. I don't buy new books too often, as I am a bit of a slave to the library, but when I do buy a new book I enjoy every second of it's newness. But speaking of the library, I don't want to have to pay for my books! The only reason I'm even considering a Kindle is because I've noticed lately that the newer books in the library have e-book downloads you can do, which I'm assuming are free? But what if I want to read an older book, I have to seriously pay for it? Wah!

My other con is the electronic aspect. Is it really more convenient if I have yet another CORD to charge it? Eric makes fun of me traveling because I have more chargers and cords than I have electronics; the camera cord to plug into the computer, the camera charger, the phone charger, the ipod charger, the ipod cord to the computer (though I do admit you can do both on the ipod with 1, thank goodness!), the garmin charger, my computer plug, the list could probably go on. I realize another charger would probably take up less space than a book, but I don't even forget a book on my trips and yet- how many times have Eric and I made an emergency trip to Best Buy because I forgot and/or lost a camera cord or phone charger? You don't want to know how many, trust me.

But then again, the convenience of being able to access basically book at any time... may someday sell me. Someday.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a Kindle or something similar? Tell me something good about it (or bad!).


  1. I was totally anti-Kindle until I got my dad one for Christmas. Suddenly, I see the benefit of having all of your books in one place and able to take them anywhere. I still love my paper books, though.

  2. I'm still on the fence about the Kindle. On the one hand, I can totally see the convenience of it. And it's pretty gorgeous to look at and transportable. (Plus, nobody knows what you're reading! Bahaha! ;))

    But then I'm a slave to the library, as well. I read too much to buy all the books I read! I know libraries are jumping on the e-book bandwagon but their selection is still very slim. For me, right now, it's just not something that would be useful. Plus, I don't have the money to dish out on a Kindle! ;)

  3. The best part about the kindle is not having to plan when you will need a book. If you go on dont have to pack FOUR books. You just read at your own pace and by one when you need one. And it is smaller than a real book so it fits easier in my purse (which is good considering I have my camera, phone, wallet, etc in there!)

    Books arent too expensive--5-10 dollars usually! And, some are free!

    I too was anti-kindle, (coincidentally, I was also anti-Uggs, now I own a pair) but when my books started taking over the house I knew I couldnt buy anymore-I had no where to store them! My husband bought it for me for my birthday and now I LOVE it!

  4. They may have this and I just dont know but I wish the Kindle/Amazon would have a library where you could check books out. I just got the Kindle for Christmas and I havent quite seen all the features yet, but whenever I go book hunting I find myself looking at the free books.

    It really is great! The books for Kindle arent as much as they are in the store

  5. I love ice skating! The hubs has been bugging me to go and we really should.

    I don't have a Kindle and I'm sort of with you on that. When I read a book I like to turn the pages. I also love the feel and smell of a new book. :-)

  6. I was totally against the kindle at first. I too love to hold a real book when I read and oftentimes like to buy the books I read, especially if I know I am going to like them. But, I did get a Kindle for my 30th birthday in December and love it. My sister and dad have one, and we share an account. so if one person buys a book, the others can download that same book to their kindle. Luckily, we do enjoy many of the same kinds of books.

  7. I have a Nook (the Barnes and Noble e-reader) and I love it!! The reason I chose the Nook over the Kindle is because (at least at the time I bought it) the Kindle wouldn't let you load books that you downloaded from your library and the Nook would. That is what sold me because I don't want to have to pay for all of the books. Also B&N gives away a free book every friday, plus there are all the old classics that are free because their copyrights have expired. Also, if you do get either one, I don't think it's worth it to pay the extra to get the 3G one. The wi-fi is all you need. The 3G lets you purchase books from anywhere there isn't a wi-fi connection, but I feel that I will hardly every be in a place where I can't get to wi-fi and am dying to buy a book. (Plus with nook and kindle apps for your phone, you can use that app and your phone's internet to buy the book and it will appear on your kindle/nook). Plus as a teacher, I always got BN gift cards and saved them and was able to buy the nook for free. Kel, if you are really thinking about buying one let me know and I can answer any more questions that you have. (Plus if you come an visit me I'll let you play with my nook---yes, ploy for you to come to NY)

  8. I don't have an e-reader (yet!) but after traveling home for Christmas with THREE hardcover books I can definitely see the advantages of one! I think I would use mine more for traveling than anything and I would still read REAL books too!

    Also, I love that you did a fake New Years! That looks so fun! And I haven't ice skated in SO LONG, Eric and I should try to get out there sometime this winter!

  9. I looooove ice skating! We have the cutest outdoor skating rink that I beg my friends to go to with me! Everyone hates it but me! lol!
    I agree with the Vera Bradley, Uggs, and e-reader love/hate relationship. I still dislike Vera Bradley, I'm okay with Uggs now but mine didn't last this year AT ALL annnd the e-reader... I bought the Nook and now I really wish I had bought a Kindle. I do so much more shopping at Amazon vs Barnes and Noble so I'm a little angry at myself for that. Plus there are so many more free books on Amazon. Other than that, I haven't made it through my first book. I've been busy and very easily distracted lately so that could be why, but I don't think it's making me read any faster. I hate that I cannot see how much I have left to read. I like "seeing" it, not just reading I'm on page 216/462.
    Enjoy the rest of your day off!

  10. I really want to go ice skating! I love it, but I will admit that I am a little afraid!

  11. Ahh ice skating looked fun! As did your new years celebration. Nothing wrong with celebrating it "late" -- you are just welcoming in 2011!

    I do have a Kindle -- I got one for Christmas. I never knew exactly how I felt about them until I got one... and now that I have it I love it. I am just one for loving very compact things. I an bring my kindle which has a large array of books and magazines inside of it -- and it all fits in my purse!

    And it is nice that the books are at least cheaper to buy in the kindle usually than they are in store! But I definitely see your point in enjoying having a real book in your hands to place on bookshelves!

  12. My mom LOVES her kindle - she is on her second one!

    She loves that it is light, easy to hold and easy to read. Also, she can download a bunch of books at a time and take it with her when she travels. I love it because I just get her a amazon gift card for mother's day, her birthday, etc and she is a happy camper!

  13. I am a book nerd to the end. I've used my friends nooks and kindle's and it is too much of a strain on my eyes. If I were ever to get an e-reader itwill be many moons away.

  14. i've never been ice skating! i think i'm going this weekend though. i'm excited. and slightly ashamed because i was born and raised in the northeast!

  15. I think they are dumb, I won't lie. Like you, I like the smell and feel of a real BOOK in my hands! I think they are special. Plus, don't you think we are all looking at a screen enough these days?? The one time we DON'T look at a screen is when we are reading a book, newspaper, or magazine, but with the Kindle it's more screen time! Ugh.

    Nice work on the "girly" drinks, Eric :) Looks delicious!!!

  16. I think the Kindle is right for some people: frequent traveler/rail commuter, gym-goer. I think maybe some day I might consider getting one, but I don't think it could ever REPLACE books. Something about curling up with a Kindle isn't quite the same as curling up with a good book.

  17. Thanks for the amazing weekend! I have decided my goal for this year is to get a label on the side of your blog of all my own :)

  18. I was pretty anti kindle before I got one for Christmas. Now I LOVE it. Of course, I travel a LOT and I read a LOT and it's SO nice to not have to carry eleven thousand books with me all the time. As far as the charger thing goes, it holds a charge ridiculously well. I haven't charged it since Christmas and I use it a lot!

  19. Those drinks look awesome!

    I have a nook and I love it. I have been meaning to blog about it for awhile but haven't gotten around to it. I love physical books as well but I have seriously outgrown my condo. I have no more room for books and it's dumb for me to buy them just to box them up and put them in storage... When i live in a bigger place, I will go back to buying books. It took a bit to get used to the e-reader but now I love it. I like that it's so light and portable.

    I am not sure if this is the case for all libraries, but the format my library uses for the free books is not something you can download on kindle... So you might want to look into that if you plan on borrowing e-books from the library. My library's site lists the compatible devices...