Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Week in the Life: Wednesday

Well, made it through Hump Day. Most importantly, this means a new Serial will be released tomorrow. Seriously, I'm crazy. 

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Morning Routine. Drive to work and stress about my milk and how it's not with Max and it's probably going to stay in Eric's car all day and have to be thrown out (spoiler alert: that is what happened, sigh). Tackle "to do" list. Morning Meeting. More and Less lesson in Math. Snack aka Pumping Session #1. Star of the Week writing activity. Recess. Dismissal- early release for conferences, but I don't have any so YAY. Eat lunch at my desk and continue to tackle "to do" list. Clean my desk. Pump #2. Back to the list. Go home and change. Drive to my parents house. Nurse Max and steal a few minutes with him. Go to class about teaching math. Get home and eat dinner while feeding Max his second dinner (don't ask, he eats 2 dinners every night). Storytime. Bathtime. Bedtime for Max. This post and episode of "The Goldbergs" (hilarious show, you should watch). 

Random reflection on documenting a whole week: It's definitely a better glimpse into my life than a day. Yesterday I saw Max all day and went on 3 walks. Today, I barely saw Max and I basically sat on my bum the vast majority of the day. I guess this = balance? I love my life but it's pretty boring. Thank goodness for cute pictures of Max to make it more entertaining. 


  1. Waking up to your email, "WWB" made my morning. I've never heard of the Goldbergs, I'll have to check it out.

  2. My week has been pretty boring too but I am actually loving that because I feel like the last 2 months I had so many evening commitments. Last night I rearranged my storage space and found a lamp in there and a photo of Phil and I that I had been looking for so it was a successful night! I hadn't really been in my storage area since I moved in so I was long overdue on going in there and getting things organized (and I was forced to do this so I could make room for the Christmas stuff my parents brought me).

    Max is so cute, love all the photos of him! But what a bummer about your milk having to get tossed out. :(

  3. My week in the life next week is going to be BORING. Doesn't help that it's cold, dark by the time I get home and oh yeah, we had snow flurries today. Dislike button.

    I think the Max pictures are awesome. So are you!

  4. I totally forgot I was going to do this this week! haha. I will start tomorrow with a post about today :) and yes I'd say your vastly different days in terms of movement and Max time = life balance!